The 2022 Soccer World Cup

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Winner’s Trophy (Photo: FIFA).

We’re counting down the days to the start of the 2022 Soccer World Cup which will be held in Qatar from 20 November to 18 December. It will be the first World Cup to be held in the Arab world and Qatar’s selection was marred by allegations of corruption as it beat out Australia, the USA, South Korea, and Japan to win the right to host. Qatar has faced strong criticism due to the treatment of foreign workers involved in the preparation and is seen to have high operational risk. 6 of the 8 stadiums to be used are in the city of Doha which is great for the players but how will the city cope with the influx of people? Given that Qatar is a Muslim nation and hence alcohol is prohibited, World Cup organizers have created “sobering up” zones for intoxicated fans to avoid arrest. Fans are supposed to stay in the zone until they are sober.

The World Cup is the world’s biggest sporting event with an audience of 3.6 billion at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. This World Cup is projected to have 5 billion viewers. That’s 2/3 of the global population!  The World Cup is a soccer tournament held every 4 years. 32 teams compete from all over the world for the prestigious FIFA World Cup trophy. Given that the Northwood soccer team has players from 20 countries, there is a lot of excitement amongst the team. The World Cup is a perfect opportunity for all students from diverse cultures to come together and watch the World’s biggest sporting event.

Leo Doyle a Sophomore at Northwood expressed, “I can’t wait for the World Cup to start. I will personally be going for Japan (because Ireland didn’t qualify). This will be my first experience watching the World Cup away from home, but I am sure that watching it in the living room with people from all over the world will be fantastic.”

For many students, this will be their first time watching the World Cup at Northwood. The Northwood community is going to try its best to make the Northwood World Cup experience one to remember. There will be games streamed in the living room and anyone can go along and watch.

Ahmed Ganainy a junior here at Northwood said, “I am very disappointed Egypt wasn’t able to qualify for the World Cup; however, I will be supporting Argentina. This is Lionel Messi’s last World Cup. He is the greatest soccer player of all time and deserves to win the biggest accolade in soccer for his country.” There are several people at Northwood whose countries haven’t qualified for the 2022 World Cup; nevertheless, everyone will enjoy watching soccer at its best.

Lohkoah Paye is an American Junior at Northwood and is excited to witness arguably the greatest American soccer team of all time. He believes, “This American team is the best I have ever seen. We have an easy group, meaning we can easily get through to the knockout stages. Some of the key players to watch on the American team will be the ‘Lebron James of Soccer,’ Christian Pulisic.” America has a lot of players in the English Premier League and other international leagues.

The favorite to win this tournament is the mighty Brazil, who has the most world cup wins with 5. Brazil has a scary squad, led by the likes of Neymar Jr, Vinicius Jr, and Alisson. France won the last World Cup in 2018 and is another favorite. France, however, must overcome the World Cup curse.  For the last 4 World Cups, the team that has won the previous World Cup has been knocked out of the group stage. The World Cup curse is infamous. Fans think the curse will be lifted after France make it out of its group.  France is in a group with Australia, Denmark, and Tunisia.

Australia, my home country is the true underdog. Australian soccer fans are saying that it is the weakest Socceroo Squad ever. Australia has found it hard to replace the likes of past legends like Mark Viduka, Harry Kewell, and Tim Cahill.

Key players to watch for this tournament are Harry Kane (ENG), Kylian Mbappe (FRA), Kevin De Bruyne (BEL), and Ballon Dor winner Karim Benzema (FRA).

This World Cup will be extremely entertaining, and Northwood encourages everyone to come along and watch the games or else you will have to wait until 2026. The World Cup matches will be at 5 am, 8 am, 11 am, and 2 pm ET. They will be streamed on Fubo TV and Peacock in the living room. So come on down and watch and wear your team colors! This will be a World Cup to remember so make sure you’re part of the action!

On the Road with the Soccer Teams

The 2022-23 soccer players on a recent road trip (photo provided).

The boys’ soccer teams recently traveled to Ohio to play in the Midwest Prep Showcase. On route to the tournament, the teams were privileged enough to train at the Penn State University facilities. After an intense training session, the boys got to experience a top-level, division one soccer game between Penn State and Ohio State University.

After the fantastic stop at Penn State, the team traveled to play in the two-day tournament hosted by Western Reserve Academy in Cleveland, Ohio. Sophomore Noah Moodey expressed, “The road trip was quite boring, but it was a fantastic experience at Penn State.” The team was really grateful for the opportunity to train at such a great school. “The matches we played in were really good for the team,” Modey added. “We got to play in front of top college coaches, which is something we don’t get to do every day.”

Members of the U19 soccer team on a recent road trip (photo provided).

The teams went on to participate in the showcase the following day. The U19 team drew its first game 1-1 against Western Reserve. Sam Knauf ’24 scored a crucial goal in the first half to give the U19 team the lead. After a tough second half, both teams came out as equals. Turner Jackson ‘23 said, “We worked really well as a team, and I think we deserved the win. I think we have improved immensely since the start of the season, which I am really excited about.”

The U17s’ first game was a 5-goal thriller against Scotland High School. The 17s came out with a 3-2 win with Mitchell Baker ’25 scoring 2 goals and Jace Donowa ’25 scoring the game-winner.  After the match, Donowa remarked, “It was a very tight game; both teams were extremely physical. I thought we deserved the win and luckily, we came out on top.”

The second game for the 19s was not as promising. The boys fought hard but lost 2-1 to Kiski School. Thebe Mosehathebe ‘22 scored a beautiful volley toward the end of the game; however, it wasn’t enough to clinch the victory. It was a disappointing loss for the U19 team, but they will certainly be back stronger than ever.

The U17s won its second game 6-1 in triumphant fashion. The goal scorers were Baker (2), Donowa, Tyler Bedortha ’25, Christopher Green ’25, and Anayo Etumnu Jnr ’25.

After the first game on Saturday, the team was lucky enough to watch Kenyon College play Hiram College. Northwood alumni Kendin Basden ’22 played for Kenyon. His former team supported Kendin passionately throughout the game, and they were extremely excited to talk to him afterward. Lohkoah Paye ’24 said, “I really enjoyed seeing Kendin play. It has been a long time since I last saw him, so it was really nice to catch up and talk about how life has been.” The connections you make at Northwood are immortal. Seeing Kendin play motivated many members of the team to keep working hard to achieve their goal of playing college soccer.

The bus ride home was very long and tiring. The boys and coaches worked extremely hard over the weekend, so it was vital for the team to get some rest on the bus ride back. Lots of the players completed homework assignments and got some well-deserved rest. The weekend was fantastic overall, and the team and coaches were really pleased with the results. Both teams learned a lot and are willing to work hard to come back stronger.

Mosehathebe Earns All-American Honor

Thebe Mosehathebe ’22 (photo provided).

Last week Thebe Mosehathebe ‘23 was selected to represent Northwood and play in the All-American High School soccer game. This marks the 5th year in a row that Northwood school has had at least one player selected in the High School All-American team. Northwood has had seven All-American soccer players in its five-year collaboration with Black Rock Football Club.  

Mosehathebe has been at Northwood since his 9th-grade year. He has emerged as a leader on the U19 team and continues to bring a determined, passionate energy to the team. His accomplishments are admirable and inspirational to everyone at Northwood. 

The All-American High School soccer game is an annual event that takes place in December. 45 seniors are chosen to represent their high schools and compete in a high-quality match. The 45 players are divided into two teams based on the location of their schools.  

Mosehathebe is undecided about his university choice, and this match is a fantastic opportunity for uncommitted athletes to display their talent in front of college coaches. The All-American High School game will have scouts from nearly every Division I program in attendance. 

Mosehathebe has influenced many of the players on the younger team. He has been welcoming to new students and is always there to help the younger players. “I am really inspired by Thebe. He is a role model to many of the younger guys here at Northwood,” said Jace Donowa ‘25. “I am enormously proud of him and wish him the best of luck at the game,” Donowa said. 

Diego Green ‘25, a new soccer player at Northwood, agreed. “Thebe was so welcoming to me when I came. I am grateful for the impact he has had on me this year. We play the same position, which is great because he helps me a lot with my game,” Green said. 

Mosehathebe displayed his trademark modesty when reflecting on the achievement. “It is a great honor to have been selected for this team. Having been here for 4 years, I have seen people achieve similar awards before me. I have learned a lot from the seniors in the past couple of years and so I would say that I had amazing role models. To train every day, compete, and sit in the classroom with such driven people from the age of 15 can only have positive effects on someone, which is something I am incredibly grateful for.” 

Thebe Mosehathebe has been outstanding so far this season on and off the field. His actions have inspired many students to be better. He deserves this accomplishment and all of Northwood is supporting him. The students at Northwood are immensely proud and wish him the best of luck at the All-American game on December 10th 

Much Anticipation for Spooky Spirit Week

On Halloween week, Northwood will have its annual Spooky Spirit Week, which allows Northwood students to express themselves in a scary comedic fashion. Students have the opportunity to escape the dress code and instead wear Halloween-themed outfits.

Each day of the week will have a different theme starting with a generic Halloween costume theme. The following day becomes more exciting moving to the new “Adam Sandler Day.” Participants will get to wear extremely baggy clothes just like Sandler. This is a new addition to Spooky Spirit week that students love.

Head’s Council Member Turner Jackson ‘23 is enthusiastic about Adam Sandler Day. “I cannot wait for it. I have some clothes in the locker that I cannot wait to pull out. You will have to wait and see on Tuesday what I wear. I do not want to hype it up too much, but everyone will be amazed,” Jackson enthused.

After the exciting Adam Sandler Day, there will be a “Dress as the Elders Day” which will be interesting to see what students and faculty bring to the table. A perfect way to finish off the week is “Twin Day.” The idea behind Twin Day was to allow students to collaborate with their friends and be creative.

Enthusiasm for Spooky Spirit Week has waned in recent years; however, this year the Head’s Council is dedicated to publicizing the event. “We want a strong community that participates in school activities,” said Head’s Council member Abby Sinclair ’23. “This year we are really determined to make this event more successful. The Heads Council has been working hard to ensure the success of this event by meeting several times a week,” Sinclair said. “They have decided to make theme outfits more accessible for students so more students can take part in the event,” she added. It is important for students to not feel self-conscious when dressing up and instead take the opportunity to be creative and enjoy themselves.

On Monday, after an amusing school day, there will be a party held at the indoor turf led by special guest D.J. Crisp. Jackson said “D.J. Crisp is making a guest appearance. He has appeared at several smaller parties, but this will be his breakout event. I cannot wait to have him work the Halloween party.”

Study hall is canceled on Monday, which will enhance the popularity of the party. Despite the cancelation of study hall, students should still be cautious of their schoolwork and should make sure they stay on top of their work.

The Spooky Spirit Week this year will be epic. Northwood encourages all students to take part in the events hosted because this is a perfect opportunity to express yourself. Students who decide not to take part in the event must wear dress code attire. The week will be a superb week at Northwood, so make sure you attend the party on Monday, and you maintain an optimistic mindset all week.

Humans of Northwood: Junior Happi ‘23

“I can eat a whole loaf of bread and three cups of hot chocolate for breakfast and dinner in one day. My favorite meal is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I am 19 and I grew up in Zimbabwe. Growing up in Zimbabwe was exceptionally good and peaceful. I grew up in a deeply religious and athletic family. My family was very cultural and disciplined, which has helped me at Northwood. My hobbies are playing soccer and socializing. I have a lot of free time this year, so I am looking for a new hobby that will keep me busy. I like to make people laugh so in my free time I love to socialize. I came to Northwood to further my education and to prepare myself for college soccer. Northwood has been vastly different than back home. The diverse personalities and cultures at Northwood make life here extremely interesting. My favorite thing about Northwood is the snow. I had never seen snow before coming here. In the future, I hope I will attend a very good university that will provide me with the opportunity to play professional soccer. In 5 years, I hope I am drafted by an M.L.S. team and I am constantly growing as an individual.”

As told to Mitchell Baker ’25. Photo provided.

Food Service Gets High Marks

Some of the Northwood food service team while they prepared for lunch recently. From left to right: William Mott, Adam Fischer, Adrianne Peck, and Jim Bennett (photo: Mr. John Spear)

The school year is off to a fantastic start. Students from all over the world are adjusting to Northwood life. A major part of life at Northwood is the food. The food here at Northwood is extremely diverse. Several dishes from all over the world give students a taste of different cultural foods. Food in general can be a source of happiness and can unify people. This year, the Northwood chefs have stepped it up a notch. The food has been sublime and there have been several new dishes that have pleasantly surprised returning students.

Cedric Lemaire ‘24 has been impressed with the food. “It has been very pleasing so far. The food has improved, and I am all for it. The chefs have also been hardworking and polite which makes the whole dining system more attractive.” He also noted the chefs are always good at making new students feel welcome. “This year my favorite meal has to be Jerk Chicken and rice. The seasoning on the chicken is unreal. My favorite dessert must be the chocolate pie,” added Lemaire.

An incredibly significant part of the food here at Northwood is the kitchen staff. The Northwood community must appreciate the challenging work the staff put into making meals every day. Leo Doyle ‘25 said, “My experience with the kitchen staff has been excellent. I am happy that the staff is extremely nice and positive. It has been a lot easier settling in because of them.” Leo already has a favorite dish. “The fried chicken and chips is the best. The fries are super crispy and tasty, which complements the crunchy fried chicken. My favorite dessert must be the ice cream sandwiches. Ice cream is such a subtle way to end a meal,” he added. Fried chicken has become a new favorite for many students this year. “The food here is surprisingly better than what I anticipated. I heard negative things about the food at Northwood, but it has turned out much better than what I heard,” Doyle said.

The Northwood food has been great so far, which has pleased numerous students. The staff is working harder than ever, so it is particularly important that we recognize their demanding work. Hopefully, the food at Northwood will keep improving as it is a major part of life at Northwood.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, make sure you contact the kitchen staff. Every week they ask for suggestions in the weekend meal survey.

Family Weekend to Feature Student-Led Conferences

Next weekend, beginning October 7th, Northwood will have its annual family weekend. Family weekend allows families from all over the world to come and experience Northwood life. Parents will get to experience classroom life as well as co-curricular activities. For many students, this will be the first time they have seen their families since the start of the year. There are several events over the weekend that will easily welcome and entertain families from all over the world. The soccer and hockey teams will display their talent on family weekend with home games. 

A major addition to this year’s family weekend is student-led conferences. Student-led conferences were trialed with last year’s ninth-grade class. Ms. Noel Carmichael, humanities teacher and academic dean, played a significant role in the success of the student-led conferences last year. “I am really looking forward to the student-led conferences this year,” Carmichael said. “The student-led conferences are an opportunity for students to be in the driver seat for their educational journey. Students will have the opportunity to present a PowerPoint discussing their highlights, success, and challenges so far this year.”  

The student-led conferences are a terrific way to let students take charge of their conference rather than them being disengaged in a normal parent-teacher conference. Ms. Carmichael is aware that not all families will be able to attend family weekend. She expressed, “We are aware many families can’t make it which will mean several students will have to do their student led conferences virtually.” 

Ms. Wright is a teacher and a parent here at Northwood who attended the student-led conferences last year, and she believes that “The student-led conference was a wonderful way to learn about my child’s Northwood experience, from his perspective. The self-reflection was honest, and the goals were well thought out. Overall, it was a vast experience as a parent, and I enjoyed having my child guide his own conference.” It is safe to say the student-led conferences are a fantastic addition to this year’s family weekend.  

The student-led conferences, one of the many major events of family weekend. There will be several events that will portray the exquisite Northwood experience to families. Many families are coming to Northwood next weekend and the students cannot wait. Students are looking forward to the much-needed break after a hectic start to the year and they cannot wait to share their experience here at Northwood with their families. 

A full schedule of Family Weekend activities can be found here.

Girls’ Hockey Off to a Promising Start 

Postgrad Natalie Zarcone is the captain of the 2022-23 Girls’ Hockey team.

The Northwood girls’ hockey team is off to a slow but encouraging start with a 4-6 record. The team has extreme potential which is exciting for Northwood. The girls are playing in a new league called the Junior Women’s Hockey League, and this will be the first year they participate in this league, which is considered the best pre-college girls’ hockey league in North America. This will be a big challenge for the team, but Coach Gilligan believes that they are up for it.  

“Our hockey team this year has been fantastic. There are 11 new girls, so it will take time for the girls to settle in and understand each other as players and people. I am very encouraged with the amount of progress the girls have made in such a short period of time,” said Head Coach Trevor Gilligan ’03. “This is a very special team that I am really looking forward to work with. This year our leaders in the team are Natalie Zarcone and Georgia Bailey. They have impressed me with their leadership so far this year,” Gilligan added. 

Head Coach Trevor Gilligan ’03

The team has already travelled to Wellesley, Massachusetts, and Stoney Creek, Ontario. This weekend, they are at Harvard University to play 4 showcase games and to tour Harvard. The girls are really looking forward to this fantastic opportunity. Their first home game will be during family weekend, on October 7th. This will be a very big game for them, and Northwood encourages everyone to attend home games.  

This year, the captain of the girl’s hockey team is postgrad Natalie Zarcone. Natalie is a senior here at Northwood who is a leader on and off the ice. “We had 11 new girls that came in this year, and they were a perfect fit,” Zarcone said. “Our whole team is willing to put the work in on and off the ice, whether that’s in the classroom, practice, or fitness center. We have only had two weeks of practice and two weekends of games, but when we step on the ice, we make improvement each time,” she added. “I’m super excited for our team to continue to grow and bond off the ice while on the ice we show teams how good Northwood girls’ hockey is,” Zarcone said. 

Chloe Lewis ‘23 is a new player for the hockey team this year. She describes her experience with the team as “Really fun. The girls are awesome and we’re really coming together as a team on and off the ice. It’s already starting to feel like a family.”  

The girls’ hockey team is very exciting this year. There are several new players who have impressed the coaches and will continue working hard to get better. Coach Gilligan is a fantastic coach who is constantly caring for his players. The team has several leaders this year which will definitely help them achieve big things. Once again, their first home game will be on October 7th, so make sure to show them your support. 

Restaurant Review: Dancing Bears 

Amongst the many restaurants in town, Dancing Bears is my favorite place to eat. Dancing Bears is an American restaurant that is famous for its exquisite burgers. The restaurant has been a go-to spot for students at Northwood for over 40 years. The beautiful view of the lake is a major bonus alongside the spectacular service. Dancing Bears is the perfect place to spend a Friday night after a long week at school. The restaurant offers several different meals: chicken wings, burgers, fries, calamari, salads, and many more.  

The best meal at Dancing Bears, in my opinion, are the dry-rub wings or the classic burger. The wings at Dancing Bears are crisp and flavorful. The ranch sauce is also a fantastic addition to the wings—a nice, tangy taste which complements the sweet dry-rub chicken. The wings are served with a side of celery which is a great pallet cleanser to snack on while demolishing the wings. My other recommendation is the classic burger. The classic burger is a great option because it is quite a filling meal and is served with some tasty fries. It is a basic burger with all the basic burger ingredients which taste extremely natural because none of the ingredients are processed.  

The only issue with Dancing Bears is that it is quite expensive. A classic burger and the dry rub wings are 16 dollars without tip. For a high school student, the food is expensive but manageable. A meal for one person usually costs around 20 dollars. The service at Dancing Bears in very good though. The waiters are always ready to take your order, and they are also very nice people who make the Dancing Bears experience excellent.  

Sophomore Sachiel Ming is a regular diner at Dancing Bears. “It is amazing. The best French fries I’ve had since I’ve been at this school,” said Ming. “The chicken is also out of this world. There is great hospitality at Dancing Bears which always makes me want to come back,” he added. 

Overall, I think Dancing Bears is an excellent place to eat. It is my favorite restaurant in town because of the delicious food and the fantastic view of the lake. Dancing Bears is a great place to go to with your mates on a weekend. It is also the closest restaurant to walk to from school which is a bonus. I think Dancing Bears is a solid 8/10 and I truly recommend it. 

Humans of Northwood: Mr. Brantley Beach

Brantley Beach

I have two bachelor’s degrees and one master’s degree. I was born in Philadelphia but grew up in Fayetteville, New York. I live near campus with my wife and my daughter, Luna. In my free time, I like to ski, mountain bike and play golf. My favorite place to ski is Brighton Mountain in Utah. My favorite thing to eat is a delicious Philly cheesesteak. I also have a dog name Skyward, named after a trail at Whiteface. My favorite place to travel is along the New England coast. I did a road trip there last year which was fun. I previously worked further upstate in Plattsburgh for 12 years.  

I decided to come to Northwood to help the ski program and to move closer to my family. My goal here at Northwood is to help build the ski program and see our athletes succeed. I am super excited to be at Northwood and I am really looking forward to the season. 

As told to Mitchell Baker ’25  

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