Top College Soccer Coaches Coming to Northwood for Winter Showcase

Soccer coaches from Notre Dame, Yale, Syracuse, Dartmouth, and many more top collegiate soccer programs will be evaluating U17 and U19 soccer talent at Northwood School this weekend. On Saturday and Sunday (December 15-16), Northwood School will be hosting the Black Rock FC Winter Tournament & Showcase at Northwood School’s Indoor Turf Facility. [Read more…]

Ms. Carmichael Reunites with Family

Girls who lived in Bergamini last year are used to seeing Taika on their hall, wearing a smile and a colorful dress, every day. Ms. Noël Carmichael, English and Drama teacher, and her younger daughter Taika, who are U.S. citizens, moved to the States from Tanzania in the summer of 2017, hoping Chisondi, Ms. Carmichael’s husband, and Monica, the older daughter, would be able to follow shortly thereafter. However, the visas for the other half of the family were held up for days, then for weeks and months, and eventually for well over a year. [Read more…]

Opinion: A Plan to Throw Hockey Pucks at Shooter is Better Than No Plan

On March 2, 2018, The Mirror published an editorial on gun violence and its effects on our nation. The article called for Northwood School to create a school safety plan in the event of an active shooter. It has been nearly 300 days, and there is still no plan. There have been no emergency drills — other than basic fire drills — in at least 5 years. In the drill more than five years ago, students ran into the surrounding woods upon hearing the victory bell ring. No current students have had an active shooter drill. [Read more…]

First Trimester Honor Rolls Released

December 10, 2018 — Dr. Laura Finnerty Paul, Northwood School’s Dean of Academic Affairs, today announced the Honor Rolls for the first trimester of the 2018-19 school year.

Upperclassmen (Gr. 11 & 12):  Minimum weighted GPA of 4.00 with no grade below B+
Underclassmen (Gr. 9 & 10):  Minimum weighted GPA of 3.70 with no grade below B+

Rintaro Akasaka ‘20 Beth Fisher ‘19 Barrett Ott ‘19
Kyle Bavis ‘19 Kate Hagness ‘21 Owen Pierce ‘21
Brian Bette ‘22 Lexi Hooper ‘20 Joanna Rosenbluth ‘19
Amelia Brady ‘21 Jessica Jang ‘20 Rachel Rosner ‘20
Kate Broderick ‘22 Jaden Klebba ‘21 Aleksei Rutkovskii ‘19
Ellie Colby ‘21 Lukas Klemm ‘22 Aiden Smith ‘19
Gabby Cote ‘21 Sean Kgwakgwa ‘21 Chelsea Smith ‘19
Ava Day ‘21 Madison Kostoss ‘21 Johann Tremblay-Kau ‘22
Peppi DelliQuadri ‘22 Jared Lambright ‘20 Alex van Schalkwyk ‘19
Haley Donatello ‘21 Jessica Lin ‘19 Emilie Venne ‘20
Zachary Ellsworth ‘20 Isaac Newcomb ‘19 Kara Wentzel ‘22
Courtney Fairchild ‘20 Rowen Norfolk ‘22 Zachary Zientko ‘21


Upperclassmen (Gr. 11 & 12):  Minimum weighted GPA of 3.70 with no grade below B
Underclassmen (Gr. 9 & 10):  Minimum weighted GPA of 3.30 with no grade below B

Lucca Baldassarini ‘19 Carson Hall ‘22 Mateo Cortina Rodriquez ‘20
Jane Baumer ‘19 Paul Han ‘19 Drew Rose ‘19
Sarah Bennett ‘19 Nickolas Kazmouz ‘19 Bernardo Simoes ‘19
Matthew Brady ‘22 Michael Leone ‘20 Ana Spencer ‘20
Angie Castillo ‘21 Yoshi Levey ‘19 Lily Spiegel ‘22
Herschel Conard ‘21 Elise Loescher ‘21 Braelyn Tebo ‘20
Sarah Coombs ‘19 Madison Novotny ‘21 Andrew Van Slyke ‘20
Ben DeGirolamo ‘21 Imani Rodriquez ‘20 Joshua Waters ‘19
Ella Fessette ‘21 Lucas Cortina Rodriquez ‘20


Upperclassmen (Gr. 11 & 12):  Minimum GPA of 3.30 with no grade below B-
Underclassmen (Gr. 9 & 10):  Minimum GPA of 3.00 with no grade below B-

Will Arquiett ‘19 Karli Lafferty ‘19 Connor Reid ‘19
Christos Athanasiadis ‘19 Cole Leal ‘19 Jake Reynolds ‘19
John Biechler ‘19 Maggie MacNeil ‘20 Matthew Shanklin ‘19
Cory Booth ‘19 Paige Melicant ‘22 Iliana Smith ‘22
Tommy Boulais ‘19 Brendan Merriman ‘21 Marcelo Suarez Rojas ‘19
Vicente Castro Rojas ‘19 Jack Mitchell ‘19 Finlay Ulrick ‘19
Hugh Dempsey ‘19 Kip Morgan ‘20 Johannes Wallberg ‘20
Christophe Garon ‘20 Anneliese Munter ‘22 Aiden Williams-McCracken ‘22
Mackenzie Hull ‘20 Gabriel Munter ‘20 Chloe Zhang ‘21
Mark Keiffer ‘19 Keith Mutunga ‘21 Jason Ziegler ‘19
Charlie Purcell ‘21

Attained at least three “excellent” grades, with no effort grades below “good.”

Rintaro Akasaka ‘20 Lucas Farias Villasenor ‘20 Owen Pierce ‘21
Owen Allard ‘22 Courtney Fairchild ‘20 Jake Reynolds ‘19
Will Arquiett ‘19 Ella Fesette ‘21 Imani Rodriquez ‘20
John Bai ‘21 Beth Fisher ‘19 Lucas Rodriquez Cortina ‘20
Lucca Baldassarini ‘19 Carson Hall ‘22 Mateo Rodriquez Cortina ‘20
Weston Batt ‘19 Paul Han ‘19 Margot Roquette ‘20
Jane Baumer ‘19 Kate Hagness ‘21 Drew Rose ‘19
Kyle Bavis ‘19 Lexi Hooper ‘20 Joanna Rosenbluth ‘19
Brian Bette ‘22 Jessica Jang ‘20 Rachel Rosner ‘20
Tommy Boulais ‘19 Anton Johansson ‘20 Aleksei Rutkovskii ‘19
Amelia Brady ‘21 Nickolas Kazmouz ‘19 Abdou Samb ‘21
Kate Broderick ‘22 Sean Kgwakgwa ‘21 Matthew Shanklin ‘19
Morgan Broderick ‘19 Jaden Klebba ‘21 Sarah Sheridan ‘21
Angie Castillo ‘21 Madison Kostoss ‘21 Bernardo Simoes ‘19
Francisco Castillo ‘19 Lars Kroes ‘21 Aiden Smith ‘19
Vicente Castro ‘19 Jared Lambright ‘20 Chelsea Smith ‘19
Ellie Colby ‘21 Michael Leone ‘20 Trevor Souza ‘19
Herschel Conard ‘21 Yoshi Levey ‘19 Marcelo Suarez Rojas ‘19
Sarah Coombs ‘19 Jessica Lin ‘19 Johann Tremblay-Kau ‘22
Gabby Cote ‘21 Julia Liu ‘19 Alex van Schalkwyk ‘19
Ava Day ‘21 Elis Loescher ‘21 Emilie Venne ‘20
Cisco DelliQuadri ‘20 Maggie MacNeil ‘20 Johannes Wallberg ‘20
Peppi DelliQuadri ‘22 Jack Mitchell ‘19 Kara Wentzel ‘22
Ben DeGirolamo ‘21 Gabriel Munter ‘20 Chloe Zhang ‘21
Haley Donatello ‘21 Isaac Newcomb ‘19 Zachary Zientko ‘21
Zachary Ellsworth ‘20

Note: Updated on 10 December 2018 at 1:25 PM.

How To Calculate Your GPA

CalculateGPAWith the first trimester ending, students are all excited for (or dreading) their grades. With this comes the question of GPAs. The GPA is an important tool to determine how well a student is doing academically. Many students, however, have no idea what a GPA is or how it is calculated.

“GPA” is an acronym for “Grade Point Average,” a tool to measure your average grade throughout all classes. The method Northwood uses is very simple, and it’s easy for students to find on their own. It takes the total points from the letter grades and averages them to find what is essentially the average grade. The letter/point correspondence works as seen below: [Read more…]

Six Northwood Students Will Compete in Children’s Olympic Games


This winter, Lake Placid will again be an Olympic Village. In January the tiny village that hosted the 1980 and 1932 Winter Olympic Games will host the 2019 International Children’s Olympic Games. With more than forty cities from sixteen countries, these games will welcome young winter sports athletes from all over the globe, including six student-athletes from Northwood School. [Read more…]

2nd Avenue in Blue Hill in Cape Town

canneryrowThe “Cannery Row Assignment” is a legendary writing exercise in Mr. Reed’s Advanced Composition and World Literature (Senior English) class. Here’s the prompt:

“After a careful examination of the opening pages of Cannery Row, choose a place you know well and describe it using the opening of the novel as a model. You should try for a sentence-by-sentence parallel to Steinbeck’s style. For example, when he writes, “Cannery Row in Monterey in California” you could write “Northwood School in Lake Placid in New York.” The idea is to carefully mimic Steinbeck. Find similar characters in your place to those Steinbeck mentions in Cannery Row.”

Every year he gets some outstanding work and one of the best pieces is published in The Mirror. This year, we loved senior Alex van Schalkwyk’s response, an intimate look at his hometown of Cape Town, South Africa.

2nd Avenue in Blue Hill in Cape Town is a novel, a war, a wreck, a stench, a prison, a playground, a reflection, a home. Lavender Hill is the old and dirty, glass and tin and plastic and broken concrete, cracked road and bottle caps and soggy cigarettes, crates of beer bottles with chipped edges, corner stores, game shops, and drug labs, and small busy markets, and burger stands and portable toilets. Its people are, as the boy exclaims, “gangsters, rapists, thieves and bastards,” for whom he meant everyone. Had the boy looked through a different lens he might have said “Mothers and fathers and teachers and honest people,” and would have meant the same thing.

lavender hill

Lavender Hill in Cape Town, South Africa.

In the afternoon when the merchants give their orders, the drug dealers expand rapidly to street corners while whistling. Dirty hands drop off bags 10 meters away from where regular customers secretly pick them up. The process is strategically chosen, for if they were passed from hand to hand the bags, at least the ones sold to regular customers, would appear more obviously. Then gangsters’ whistles screech and all over town teenagers and children run home to safety. Then the brave make the corrupt thieves weary: police officers, vigilante, neighborhood watch who come disperse into the streets.

Then from town pour prostitutes and tramps and drug addicts, men, and women in ragged t-shirts and torn pants. They come running to steal and buy and sell the drugs. The whole street cries and grumbles and coughs and shakes while the bullets of their guns race out of chambers and the chambers empty as more bullets are released. The guns cry and grumble and cough until the last enemy is grazed and wounded and shattered and killed and then the whistles screech again and the dirty, vile, putrid prostitutes and tramps and drug addicts, men and women, stumble out and drag over the bridge into the town and 2nd Avenue becomes itself again – peaceful and safe. Its normal life returns. The young who hid away in fear in their small homes come out to play in the polluted playground in the common park. The boys from Cozy Corner come out for a bit of sun if there is any. The professor walks from the state university and crosses the street to Blue Bottles Pub for a few drinks. Chris the handyman scans like an eagle through his chaotic garage for a screw or a nail that he can use to put up a window. Then the sun starts to disappear and the street-lights turn on in front of Cozy Corner – the bulb which makes beams of luminous light in 2nd Avenue. Students arrive at the state university to see Professor, and he walks across the street for a few more drinks.

How can the novel and war and the wreck – the stench, the prison, the playground, and the reflection – be set down alive? When you catch insects there are certain spiders that are so alert that they are almost impossible to catch, for they scatter and spring at the sight of movement. You must let them creep and crawl of their own into your trap. And maybe that could be the way to write this novel – to open each passage by letting words crawl in by themselves.

Spelling Bee Musical a Huge Success [Photo Album]

Music and laughter filled the Flinner Auditorium on November 3rd and 4th as the Northwood School drama club put on a production of “The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.” Most of the school attended an open dress rehearsal on November 1st in preparation for the Saturday evening performance and Sunday matinee that were open to the public. The performance marked the return of Northwood’s drama program and the first musical at the school in decades, according to longtime Northwood theatre-goers. (Story continues below slideshow) [Read more…]

Northwood to Offer Aviation Science Course Leading to Pilot License

Northwood School will offer an Aviation Science program beginning the second trimester. Students enrolled will learn to fly single-engine airplanes. The course will prepare students for the Ground School Certification and Private Pilot’s License Exam.


Students will learn to fly single-engine planes like this one (Photo: Adirondack Flying Service)

[Read more…]

Mirror Poll: The Northwood Community Leans Left

On this election day in the United States, President Donald Trump and the Republicans have the support of less than twenty-five percent of the Northwood School community, while more than forty percent prefers Democrats and former President Barack Obama. Support for Trump and the Republicans equaled those who say they “Don’t know and/or don’t care.” [Read more…]

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