Mr. Mellor Speaks of the Power of Pessimism

At school meeting on Wednesday, October 3, Mr. Don Mellor ’71, talked about pessimism. Mellor’s talk was part of “Ask Me Anything,” Northwood’s weekly speaker series for students and faculty, presented Mr. Martinez and the Office of Multicultural Affairs each Wednesday. This year’s theme is “Gaining Perspective. The Mirror staff writer Sarah Bennett ‘19 sat down with Mellor to discuss his talk and how it came about.


Mr. Don Mellor at his school meeting talk. (Photo: Ms. Christine Ashe)

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10 Things You Might Not Know About Mr. Maher


Mr. Mike Maher (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge)

Mr. Mike Maher is Northwood’s Head of School. He may be the most recognizable member of our community, but how much do you know about him? Here are 10 things about Mr. Maher you may not know. [Read more…]

The Fortnite Frenzy – Is It Bad For Northwood?

It’s sweeping the school. Many parents, teachers, and administrators are concerned about its effect on the academic and athletic performance of students. And yet many Northwood students do it because it’s “cool” and “something fun to do.” No, this article is not about juuling, drugs or alcohol. It’s about Fortnite. [Read more…]

Northwood’s Take: The Brett Kavanaugh Story

A big discussion among people today is the issue of sexism, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. Opinions vary depending on the state you visit and the people you ask, but it is undeniable that the “#metoo movement” has shaped a national conversation.


Kavanaugh and Ford testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee (Photo: NBC News).

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Arts Are Thriving, but Students Want More

The arts at Northwood are thriving. The school offers more art options than ever, including music recording and a new drama class that will start the second trimester. However, some students feel that Northwood has lost the progress the art department has made over the past year. [Read more…]

Twins Speak About Finding Own Identity

During school meeting on October 26, Adelia and Angelia Castillo took part in the year-long series of speeches organized by Mr. Kelvin Martinez, the Dean of Multicultural Affairs, and Ms. Mavis Agnew, the Director of Residence Life. [Read more…]

Bennett returns to Northwood Following Training with Team Quebec

Have you ever wondered how it feels to come to school late with everything already established? Sarah Bennett ‘19 knows. She spent the first three weeks of school in Chile training with Team Quebec. A staff of The Mirror sat down with Bennett and Northwood Ski Coach Terry DelliQuadri to hear out her experience. [Read more…]

Is Northwood going Boy Crazy?

If you’re a returning student, you’ve probably noticed that something seems off about the student body this year. Northwood is now mostly boys, even more so than usual. Many girls report being one of one or two girls in a class, and some boys have classes with no girls. [Read more…]

42nd Mountain Day a Success [Photo Album]

Mountain day, in its forty-second year at Northwood, is one of the school’s oldest traditions. On this day, celebrated in the first weeks of the school year, students and faculty take a break from classes, are grouped together and assigned to climb one of the hundreds of mountains in the Adirondacks. [Read more…]

Bed Bugs Greet Students on Opening Day

Students were greeted on opening day with an unwelcome surprise. As they were unpacking and settling into their new rooms, they discovered surprise bunkmates: bed bugs. Three dorm rooms were discovered to have the pests. Those rooms, along with the surrounding rooms and hallways, were promptly disinfected by professional exterminators. Even though eradicating bed bugs can sometimes take weeks or months, depending on the extent of the infestation, there is no evidence at this point that bed bugs are in any other spaces at school.


Mr. Tom Broderick in protective clothing during the bed bug outbreak in September 2018. (Photo: Mr. Joey Burnah)

The bed bug outbreak displaced a total of four students from their rooms in Bergamini for less than a day. Two of the displaced students had beds infested with bed bugs, while the other two were hall RAs who helped move the infested bedding. The RAs rooms were treated to ensure the outbreak didn’t spread.

Assistant Head of School Mr. Tom Broderick supervised the cleanup. “The insects were found in the wood frames of the affected beds, somewhere that the school had missed to check in the run-up to school,” explained Broderick. “As soon as we became aware of the situation, we sprayed a plant-based toxin, which only harms bed bugs and not humans, in common areas around the campus including hallways and the student center as a precautionary measure,” he said.

Northwood had a similar incident about ten years ago when a student found bed bugs in her bed after returning to school from vacation. Since then, the school has purchased bed bug-proof mattresses to prevent the infestation of beds in dorms, but they are not 100% effective. However, with as many as 1,500 people using the beds on campus every summer and students who travel extensively, it is difficult to conclude from where the bugs originated.

“Bed bugs are a reality in modern world. We have students from 24 countries and 21 states who have been traveling. It wasn’t really surprising that the outbreak happened. I think what’s more surprising is that this didn’t happen sooner,” commented Mr. Broderick.

“We’re fortunate that we have experts here in our town that deal with bed bugs on a regular basis, like local hotels. Though these bugs are resilient and hard to eradicate, we’re fairly confident that we’ve got the situation covered,” Mr. Broderick said. As a preventative measure, the school has been installing bed bug monitors that use heat and CO2 to attract, trap, and kill bed bugs under beds. The school is also looking into the possibility of treating all student rooms with intense heat during the next school break. The procedure raises ambient room temperature to 130℉, a lethal temperature for bed bugs.

Since most humans do not react to bed bug bites, it is not uncommon for people to have bed bugs and not know. Therefore, it is important to educate our students on how to spot bed bugs to allow timely intervention. See more about bed bugs here.

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