Dispatches from the Hintertux Glacier [With Slideshow]

Leah DeFilippo ‘22 (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge)

Staff writer Leah DeFilippo ‘22 is an alpine ski racer who is currently at a training camp in Hintertux, Austria organized by NYSEF. Each day she logs a diary entry that she shares occasionally with the readers of The Mirror. 

Monday, September 27th, 2021. It is currently 11:56 pm EST. time, I am currently flying over the Atlantic Ocean. It’s been a long day, but a good travel day. We efficiently loaded our ski bags, boots bags, and duffels into two Northwood buses and two NYSEF vans. Obviously Ikuo Toishi’s van took the dub [win], Jimbo Johnson’s van in second, Tommy Biesemeyer’s bus in third, and Thomas Vonn’s bus in dead last on the NYSEF/Northwood race to the Newark airport. I personally hit a record low for baggage fees, and everyone else did fairly well too. I had around 40 pounds of bindings in my carryon bag, and the TSA agent was suspicious of them to say the least. Let’s pray all of our ski bags made it to Munich, Germany. 

Song of the day: HIGHEST IN THE ROM by Travis Scott 


Tuesday, September 28th, 2021. I’m tired today because I didn’t sleep at all on the plane. But all our baggage arrived on time and in one piece which was a win. We drove from Munich, Germany to Finkenburg, Austria after our flight. Then we unpacked our gear, and I took a trip to the grocery store with Liz Creigton ‘24, Hillary Larsen ‘22, Dominick Deguardia ‘24, Norah Dempsey ‘21, and Joey Galperin. Fun fact: gummy bears are better in Europe. They’re simply built differently. 

Song of the day: Horizon by Malz Monday 


Wednesday, September 29th, 2021. Today was our first day on snow! It was raining down by our hotel, but on the glacier it was snowing lightly. There was a bit of discontent with the conditions, but I thought it was fine. Any skiing (that is not flat out dangerous) is better than no skiing. A lot of people’s ski boots were causing them foot pain, so shells were taken off on the glacier. We are all currently grinding our homework at study hall. 

Song of the day: Life Goes On by Lil Baby (feat. Gunna & Lil Uzi Vert) 


Thursday, September 30th, 2021. We had a flip day today. There was study hall from 8 am-10 am, and we skied from 11:30 am to 4:30 pm. Today I hit a rock on my skis and got a gauge right along the edge. Rest In Peace to the 773 SL skis. They were on their last legs anyway, but they were my favorite pair of skis. Besides that, it was a good day. It was sunny and bluebird skies on the glacier today. I am excited for the weekend so that I can catch up on my schoolwork. Peace. 

Song of the day: Moonwalking in Calabasas (feat. Blueface) [Remix] 


Friday, October 1st, 2021. On our way to the glacier this morning, we had to stop because there were cows that needed to get across the road. It was the FIS girls’ first day on GS skis today and we spent the day free skiing. The FIS boys slapped some plastic and ripped some slalom turns. I went on a run after skiing and met some friendly goats and sheep, I did not touch them because you must declare that when you go through customs. There is a dog at the hotel we are staying at, but it does not like people. I put my hand out so that it could smell and it snapped at me. It also snapped at Dominick, and Lincoln, so it’s just not a “people person”. 

Song of the day: People Watching by Conan Gray 


Saturday, October 2nd, 2021. Today was a long day. I got around 10-13 runs in our GS course, and 6 free runs. Coach Jeremy “Worm” Transue’s van got stuck in some mud and had to get pulled out by an Austrian homie. My van stopped at a ski shop and got back to the hotel around 5:20 pm. After dinner I hit the tuning room and waxed some skis. 

Song of the day: Hurricane by Kanye West 


Sunday, October 3rd, 2021. Today is our fifth consecutive day skiing (day five in the trenches), which isn’t a lot back home, but at the elevation we’re at it’s a lot. I am definitely feeling it this morning. The FIS boys took today off, but the U16s and FIS girls chose to go the extra day because we’re supposed to get three feet of snow tomorrow. I know what someone ready this maybe be thinking, “Three feet of snow? That sounds awesome!” Wrong. When it snows three feet, trams, gondolas, and lifts do not run. But our training day was pretty good! Clouds would go in and out making it hard to see, but still a productive day. Because of the fog, I got a bit lost with Jeremy “Worm” Transue coming down to the gondola. Pro tip: if you’re ever by a bunch of parked snow cats on a mountain, you’re lost. Go back the way you came. 

Song of the day: DNA by Kendrick Lamar 


Monday, October 4th, 2021. Day one out the trenches, today is a rest day. We started our day off with a productive two-hour study hall. We headed into the “Main Street” of Finkenberg and had lunch. After that, we made a quick run to the grocery store to stock up on some snacks for the week. Overall an uneventful day but fun and relaxing.  

Song of the day: Kings Dead from the Black Panther Sound Track 


Tuesday, October 5th, 2021. I’m currently in study hall, and I’m having Wi-Fi issues. I can’t even load my assignments on Teams let alone do my assignments. I’m typing this in the notes app because I can’t even load Microsoft Word. Looking at the web cam of the glacier, it’s just gray. I can’t see anything. According to Mrs. Fagan, “It’s like water skiing up there.” So we will not be skiing. This will be the boys third rest day and the girls second. We went into Innsbruck and walked around the city. It was cool to see the architecture. It was hard to tell the difference between residential buildings and stores. 

Song of the day: NDA by Billie Eilish  

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Artificial Turf Field Nearing Completion

A new artificial turf facility is currently being constructed at Northwood School is expected to have a transformative effect on the school’s soccer program, but construction delays have stalled the field’s opening. Initially, the soccer team hoped to do most of their fall training and have their fall games on the new field. Now they hope to get in one game before the field is covered with snow.  

Bette & Cring Construction Group from Albany is the general contractor on the project and began construction this past summer with the hopes of having it finished by early September. However, upon renovating the site they discovered traces of asbestos in the old tennis courts. Abatement of the small amounts of hazardous asbestos set the project back several weeks as a separate company had to come in and remove the asbestos from the site.  

Artist renderings of the completed turf field. Note: these drawings include the former tennis courts and basketball court, which have since been removed.

The construction site has been busy the last couple of weeks. (Photo: Colter Cheney-Seymour ’22) 

According to Associate Head of School Mr. Tom Broderick, who updated the school community on the project at a recent school meeting, construction is expected to be finished in late October.  

The field will primarily be used by the Northwood U17 and U19 soccer teams that are associated with Black Rock FC. Since the start of the year-round soccer program at Northwood, the team has been training on campus and at a variety of grass fields off campus.  

This new facility is seen as a major upgrade by Program director and U19 head coach Jon Moody. “The addition of the new turf field at Northwood School is an exciting next step for the development of the soccer program,” Moodey stated. “This will provide the team with a high-quality surface for regular training while also enabling us the team to extend the fall season and start the spring season earlier,” Moodey added.  

Weather plays a large role in soccer training in the Adirondacks. And the turf field, which can be cleared of early- and late-season snow, will allow the squad to maximize the team’s training opportunities.  

The field is also expected to benefit the surrounding community. “This new field can become a great resource for the surrounding communities in the Adirondacks,” said Moodey, making it evident how the turf may be used for local activities or sports in the future.  

Ski Racers Off to Austria for Pre-Season Camp

For the first time in two years, the Northwood Ski Team will be traveling to Europe. Seventeen Northwood ski racers will join other athletes from NYSEF for an early season camp on the Hintertux Glacier.  

The team flew out of Newark on Monday morning and landed in Munich Germany, then took a bus to Finkenburg, Austria. For two weeks they will train in the Zillertaler Alps.  

Because the delta variant has caused a spike in COVID cases across the Europe and the US, staff attending this trip have been examining COVID protocols for months. NYSEF/Northwood head U16 coach Patrick Purcell said “COVID wise, we have researched all the necessary guardrails, restrictions, and guidelines that are required for travel. We have met all the requirements. It’s been exhaustive. We have put every safety precaution for our athletes and staff possible, but there’s always that risk. We feel confident that we’ve taken every precaution to continue our athletic training.”  

The skiers are excited to resume training, “I am very excited to go to Austria, to get back on snow, and to see how much I can improve from last year,” said Lincoln Norfolk ‘24.  Senior Hillary Larsen said, “I’m really excited to be returning to Europe. I missed the early season training that’s pretty rare in the US.” 

A ski camp in September may seem excessively early to those unfamiliar with ski racing, but the pre-season training is crucial to have a successful ski season. “We can’t sit back and wait for the snow to fly. By doing competitive athletic training camps like this, we’re expanding on what we do year round. Our sport is on the snow and we need to travel,” said Purcell.  

Coach Jeremy “Worm” Transue added that “The trip to Hintertux will provide the athletes with the opportunity to strengthen their fundamental skill set through varying events and terrain while gaining valuable lessons in the European cultural experience.”  

Soccer Splits with So. Kent in Philly

Northwood Boys’ Soccer continued their regular season play by traveling to Philidelphia to play prep rivals South Kent. The U17 team pulled off a 3-1 comeback win with the first goal coming from Lokaoh Paye ‘24 and two goals Cedric Lemaire ‘24. The U19 team fell 2-0 to the Cardinals in a highly anticipated matchup. The older boys had a goal called back due to offsides and several opportunities to score throughout the match.  

Artiste Gry, a postgraduate student and goalkeeper for the U19 team, explained how he thought there were positives to be taken away. “The result doesn’t fully reflect the effort and quality produced on gameday by the team,” said Gry. 

The soccer team watched two college matches in Philadelphia (Photo provided).

In addition to the games, the team was able to attend two division one college matches in Philidelphia. On September 17th, the boys arrived in the city and watched a match between the University of Pennsylvania and Mount Saint Mary’s College. The next morning, the team fit in a light training along with a short scrimmage against Western Reserve Academy from Ohio. Later that day, the boys saw an exciting game between Southern Methodist University and Temple University which was seen by the team as a great showcase of top division 1 talent and athleticism.  

Kendin Basden ‘22 said “It was important to see the level of play that we all aspire to be at one day.” While in the city, the team was able to appreciate some local tourist attractions as they went to The Reading Terminal Market and ran up the world famous “Rocky Steps.”  The Huskies will travel to Albany this weekend as each team plays two games in the NXT LVL invitational. 

2021 Senior Athletic Awards

Normally reserved for the Senior Awards ceremony at the annual senior banquet held the night before commencement, the 2021 Senior Athletic Awards were announced during the Co-Curricular Coach’s Awards ceremony today in a virtual ceremony.

The following are the awards and recipients.


This plaque is presented in recognition of outstanding achievements in academics and in women’s sports.  The recipients are chosen for their accomplishments and enthusiasm in developing both their intellectual and physical beings.


Norah Dempsey ’21


Kathryn (Kate) Hagness ’21


This is an award given each year by Mr. & Mrs. F. Stillman Hyde and his family, in loving memory of Tim Hyde, who graduated from Northwood in 1962.  It is given to the hockey player who, in the opinion of the coaches, best exemplifies Tim Hyde’s love of the game and his “never quit” attitude, no matter how stiff the opposition.

Marina Alvarez ’21


Charlie Holt served as a teacher and coach at Northwood School from 1955 to 1962. After Northwood, Charlie was hockey coach at Colby College and the University of New Hampshire.  Considered one of the “true gentlemen” of the game, Charlie Holt embodied the best qualities the game has to offer.  A plaque is awarded annually by Northwood School to the members of the boys and girls hockey squads who have shown the best sportsmanship in practice and in games.

Ashlyn McGrath

Michael Leone ’21


The permanent trophy was given by the late Herbert L. Malcolm, former Headmaster of the Lake Placid School now Northwood School, and the individual plaque is awarded each year to the male and female students who, in the opinion of the faculty Athletic Committee, have shown the best sportsmanship in athletics throughout the year.  The award recognizes qualities of character that enhance the excellence of the teams on which the individuals participate and that reflect positively on Northwood as an institution during athletic competition.

Gabrielle-Catherine Cote ’21

Calil Neme Filho ’21


Mark Driscoll, Class of 1970, was the complete skier, competing in cross-country, jumping, and alpine events.  His legacy is one of extraordinary enthusiasm and dedication.  As an athlete, a student, and a student leader, Dill was one of the school’s most positively influential characters.  The school named the premier ski team award in his honor.

Benjamin (Ben) DeGirolamo ’21


This award is given to the student-athlete of the North Country who best displays Tim Smythe’s leadership and courage and who inspires their teammates to rise to any challenge.

Madison (Maddie) Kostoss ’21


The Warren Witherell Award is the top award given to a member of the soccer program. Like Mr. Witherell, the recipient of this award has consistently represented Northwood and the program in the finest manner possible as an athlete, student, community member, and leader. This player embodies the full spirit of the Northwood community and the soccer program and has consistently endeavored to improve himself while always setting the highest standard possible for his teammates and classmates to follow.

Tomas Restrepo Gaviria ’21


(All photos by Mr. Michael Aldridge)

Twenty Students Take Home Co-Curricular Awards

Twenty students received 21 awards at the annual co-curricular awards ceremony on May 19, which was held online for the second year in a row. For Northwood’s co-curricular activities and sports, the “Coach’s Award” is given to the student who characterizes the notion that there is no “I” in “team.”  Both on and off the field, rink, hill, etc., they lead by example. They are a consummate team player who goes above and beyond to make a difference for their team. Their leadership, ability to communicate with teammates and coaches are critical to the team’s success. The award is given to the student that best demonstrates the true spirit of activity throughout their season. It is provided for hard work and personal improvement and for a willingness to understand and learn to achieve one’s potential. The following students are the 2020-2021 recipients:

Rock Climbing
Haley Donatello ’21


CARE Service Award
Haley Donatello ’21


Chase Ormiston ‘21

Ellie Colby ‘21


U18 Soccer
Sebastian Green ‘22


U19 Soccer
Andrew Mazza ‘21


Boys Alpine Skiing
Wyatt Wardlaw ‘24


Girls Alpine Skiing
Audrey Higgins-Lopez ‘21


Freestyle Skiing
Maximilian Oechsner ‘21


David Phelps/Kimbal Award/ Ski Awards
Caroline Purcell ‘24


Ski Jumping
Adeleine Swanson ‘24


David Garvey ‘22


Prep Hockey (formerly Juniors)
Mark Monaco ‘21


Lars Kroes ‘21


Varsity Hockey (formerly Prep)
Ryan Cielo ‘21


Lars Kroes ‘21



Girls Hockey
Olivia McLean ‘21


Mountain Biking
Macie Eisenhart ‘23


Zach Zientko ‘21


Anja Martin ‘22


Kaiya Belisle ‘21


Rec Skiing
Eli Jean-Francois ‘21

Hillary Larsen ‘22



Congratulations to these recipients!

Girls’ Lacrosse Games Postponed

Adria Tebo ’23 at a recent girls’ lacrosse practice. (Photo: Facebook/Northwood School)

The Girls’ Lacrosse team was supposed to travel to Potsdam last Wednesday and Massena on Saturday, but the games were postponed due to an outbreak of coronavirus at school. The Girls’ Lacrosse team is usually outside everyday practicing and having fun, getting prepared to play a few scrimmages. However, now with them being postponed, players and coaches don’t know when they’ll be able to practice or play games againWhile in quarantine, the girls can’t practice as a team, but are still having fun passing within their cohorts. Coach Broderick, Coach Weaver and all the girls are hopeful that we can reschedule these scrimmages to have a fun season amid this quarantine. 

Soccer Team Mixes Business and Pleasure in Arizona

After a hard-fought week of non-stop soccer in Texas at the Dallas Cup, Black Rock FC | Northwood Boys Soccer arrived in Phoenix, Arizona. The rest of Northwood School had just been released for Spring Break, so the boys of the soccer team were looking forward to the chance for some relaxation.’ Many believed this meant sleeping in, time by the pool, and no additional strenuous exercise. Head Coach Jon Moodey had other plans.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Day 1 consisted of an early morning wake up for a hike of Dixie Mountain in the Phoenix Sonoran Preserve. Hiking in the desert around Phoenix is only safe in the morning and evening because of the extreme mid-day temperatures (soaring to 100F, even in April). The desert landscape is stark and lifeless to the untrained eye, but wildlife and plant life flourish there. Owls, rattlesnakes, scorpions, and towering cactuses were all on display.  

The next week saw a mix of fun and work. The team trained and toured at NAIA Ottawa AZ, a 4-year-old University that focuses purely on athletics. The college coaching staff welcomed Black Rock into their weight room, locker room, and allowed the team to practice on their home turf. The U19 and U18 teams also got the chance to play 80minute friendly matches against Del Sol FC and Real Salt Lake FC. This totaled 4 games in Arizona.  

The highlight of Arizona for the team was a road trip to the Grand Canyon. The group broke up and hiked the Southern Rim. They then descended the canyon on the South Kaibab Trail passing Ooh Aah Point before eating lunch at Cedar Ridge. Views were panoramic as it was truly a day to remember.  

A final memory for many of the boys was the Fossil Creek Waterfall. Cliff jumping and swimming in the crystal-clear water proved to be a fulfilling reward for the long trek.  

Arizona was a great second leg to the month-long journey. It provided great balance during a soccer specific trip. 

Huskies Fare Well at Dallas Cup 

The Dallas Cup proved to be quite the experience for the Boys’ Soccer teams. The Cup lived up to its reputation as the best soccer tournament in North America through difficult competition, talented players, and quality games across the board. Here is a recap of the Northwood’s performance in the 2021 Dallas Cup.   

The U19 team featured the traditional Black Rock- Northwood squad, with a few guest players (Jai Bean/ South Kent ’21/ Duke ’25, Mohammed Seidu/ South Kent ’21/Marshall ’25, Ethan Prescott/ South Kent ’22, Aidan Marroquin/IHC ‘22, and Abdul Shakur/Millbrook ’21/Duke ’25) each bringing their own set of talents to the group. Guest players also posed the challenge of quick integration into the team, something the squad took on very well.   

Game 1 for the U19s was against highly-touted FC Dallas. Class soccer was played on both sides and the match was tied at halftime. Northwood struck the post twice early in the second half, but gave up a goal with only minutes to go, losing the match 0-1.   

The U19 squad at the 2021 Dallas Cup (Photo provided)

The loss to Dallas FC was painful, but it ultimately sparked the fire that would give the team a fantastic 4-1 victory over defending national champions, Solar 02 boys on goals goals by Luke Smith ’21, Alvaro Garcia Pascul ’21, Slater Loffredo ’21, and Abdul Shakur.   

The team used this momentum to defeat Texas powerhouse, Capital City 6-0 in the final group match. Unfortunately, FC Dallas would go on to win their next two games as well, winning the group by accumulation of points. Black Rock showed character and a lot should be taken from the team’s gritty performance.   

The U18 squad at the 2021 Dallas Cup.

The U18s similarly featured the same Black Rock- Northwood soccer team, with guest players, (Stefano Faillace, Andres Gordillo, Konrad Kyrsztoforski, Julian Vivas (all from IHC) and Mikey Hofstetter) joining the squad. The team started strong with a massive 3-0 win vs nationally-ranked Capital City on goals from Jeremy Tsang ‘22, Mikey Hofstetter, and Ben Guglielmetti ’22.   

The next day the team unfortunately fell 3-1 to Manitou FC of Minnesota. The lone Northwood goal came from Liam Doyle ’22.   

In the U18s final day of competition, the boys pulled out a 1-0 win against Falls Town FC from North Texas.   

This left 3 of the 4 teams in Bracket F deadlocked at 6 points. Unfortunately, the tiebreak was goal differential, and Falls Town edged the Huskies by just one goal to advance. All of the U18s will get an opportunity to return the Dallas Cup next year and have the chance to seek redemption. 

Spring Sports and Activities Bring Normalcy

(Image: Northwood Athletics)

A year ago, campus was empty, everyone was taking classes from home, and most of the country was locked down. Spring at Northwood was canceled. This school year students are again participating in spring sports and co-curriculars.

There are many options this year, including intramural sports. The list of sports includes girls’ and boys’ lacrosse, co-ed crew, rock climbing, mountain biking, white water kayaking, golf, tennis, drama, track, yoga/hot HIIT, and dance.

Spring sports at Northwood give students a chance to be active while still having fun at the same time. While we are unsure of a possibility of games, we are hopeful and excited to have fun. Coaches Mr. Tom Broderick and Mr. Tim Weaver have been working hard with the girls’ lacrosse team while having fun and playing speed lacrosse. The girls’ lacrosse team has scheduled a scrimmage against Massena, which will be a fun opportunity for the team to play and bond.

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