Humans of Northwood: Profé Jose Coss

Mr. Jose Coss. Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge.

Profé Jose Coss is the new Head Coach of the U17 soccer team and an instructor in Northwood’s language lab. Coss was Born in San Juan, the capital city of Puerto Rico. Before coming to Northwood, he lived in Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico. He lived in Puerto Rico all his life except for one year when he studied abroad.

Coss worked as a lawyer in Caguas, located south of Trujillo Alto. He worked as a public notary. A public notary is the signature of a notary who approves and confirms that any legal document is real. His day job was going around the island and signing mortgages for people who wanted to buy houses. At night, he was a soccer coach, managing Academia Quintana’s first team.

‘’It was a really good experience, the closest thing I have done to managing pro football,” Coss explained. His main interest is football, but he also enjoys bird watching and being out in nature. He feels ‘’balance” in nature. Other than that, football is life for Coach Coss. On the pitch is where he is happiest. He grew up playing the sport in Puerto Rico, and is now a fantastic manager for Northwood’s U17 squad.

About a year ago, Profé brought a team from Puerto Rico to play in a showcase hosted by Black Rock Football Club. At the showcase, he met Coach Jon Moodey, who kept in contact with Profé. Moodey told Coss that he really liked his coaching style and the way he leads. Profé jumped on this opportunity immediately, asking, ‘’What do I need to do to be in a place like this?”

Coss says it wasn’t difficult to leave everything behind in Puerto Rico. ‘’It was the easiest decision of my life. I love Football. I love being on the field, and I love being with the players. I think that I can give them a lot and support them in their journey to become better human beings. It’s an easy decision to come and coach. I feel that where I am most in peace is in the field.”

Coss is optimistic about Northwood’s U17 squad. ‘’I think it’s exciting to have a group of players that can train day in and day out. [The team] is looking good. Once the year finalizes, I think that we will have done a lot.”

He wants the Northwood community to know that he is “a pretty open-minded guy, I like to be of help and of service. My door is always open to deal with any aspect, not only in sports but in school as well.”

Humans of Northwood: Ms. Hanna Rose 

“My name is Hanna Rose, but you can also call me “Rosie.” I am from Three Mile Bay, NY, and I am the coach of the Girls’ Hockey team at Northwood School. An interesting fact about my past is that I had a full-blown hip replacement at 22 years old.  

“I am a Northwood alum, and Northwood taught me to value and appreciate my time as well as being a hard-working person. I valued all the students and faculty during my two years here, and I wanted to return to this environment to experience it not just from the student side. Being an alum and coaching is a whirlwind for me. Stepping back into the living room and seeing the famous fireplace brought back memories of so many pictures and belly-laughing moments. I loved it here as a student, and I’m continuing to love it even more now as a coach and teacher.  

“Being a teacher and a coach has shown me countless opportunities to teach about math, hockey, and life. I’ve had my own path through life and some things have worked and some haven’t. I’m happy to offer my advice to students, especially when I was so recently in their position. 

“The hockey season is off to a great start and the team is bonding and creating a culture that you want to be a part of. I’m looking forward to growing as a teacher through my amazing mentors as well as continuing to learn and develop alongside Gilly [Coach Trevor Gilligan]. All I can say is I’ve been waiting for this school year since the start of summer. It’s finally here and I couldn’t be happier!”

As told to Hamish Riddell ’26. Photo by Mr. Michael Aldridge.

Students Say Goodbye to Kevin in the Kitchen

Kevin’s last day in the kitchen was Friday, September 15. (Photo: Ahmed Elganainy ’24)

This weekend, we saw a truly kind individual depart the Northwood Community. Kevin was part of the kitchen staff for 10 and a half years, and Friday, September 15 was his last day at Northwood. His new position is chef at a new hotel, which will open soon in Lake Placid.

Before coming to Northwood in 2013, Kevin was the chef at Saranac Village at Will Rogers. Kevin is also a military veteran, which is highly appreciated by everyone. “It has its moments,” said Kevin when asked how it feels to be recognized as a military veteran.

“I will miss his energy and kindness in the kitchen. He always greeted me well, so it is a shame to see him go,” said Leo Doyle ’25.

Everyone can see how hard Kevin and the entire kitchen staff work and how much effort they put in every day.

“I don’t think there was a time when I ate a meal in the dining hall and thought to myself that the quality of the food had decreased. I’ve always felt like it gets better every time I eat it and I’d like to thank the entire kitchen staff for their constant hard work,” said Liam Burk ’24.

“I’ve only been here for about 3 weeks, and I’m going to miss the energy that Kevin spreads in the dining hall. It was a short time, but I really liked him,” said Li Feng ’24.

This is a fantastic opportunity to thank Kevin for his constant hard work. But the students also appreciate the entire kitchen staff for always making sure we are eating the correct food and helping us reach our goals.

Humans of Northwood: Christie-Ann Nelson ‘23

“I am from the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia.

“I came to Northwood because of the chance to receive a world-class education and the opportunity to do activities unique to the school, such as LEAP. I enjoy using the many opportunities presented to me, like taking on a STEM research project and presenting it at a symposium, flying to Vietnam, or even sharing my home with my peers for LEAP and doing dance and musical performances.

“This year, I will start college as a freshman at Northwestern University. I am a prospective biology student and would like to go into medicine or research.

“Here at Northwood, I was fortunate to be a part of the crew team, row in a double scull with my sister, and be part of the Dance Sanctuary, which gave me an empowering environment and allowed me to pursue a longtime interest of mine.

“I enjoy doing karaoke and having dance parties with my friends on weekends. In the winter, we do a lot of ice skating on the oval, skiing, and sledding.”

As told to Ahmed Elganainy ’24. Photo by Mr. Michael Aldridge.

Humans of Northwood: Joey Winthrop ‘23 

“I am from Lake Placid, NY. I moved from Los Angeles roughly four years ago. The atmosphere in Los Angeles is a lot different there than it is here in Lake Placid.

“I enjoy playing hockey, woodworking, fishing, and spending time outdoors.

“Not many people know that I rebuild outboard engines and reupholster boats to make a bit of cash.” 

As told to Cedric Lemaire ‘24. Photo by Mr. Michael Aldridge.  

Baker Tallies More Than 50, Breaks Scoring Record

Mitchell Baker ’25 attacking the goal in a game this season at Northwood. Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge.

Scoring 50+ goals in one soccer season isn’t something we see players do regularly here at Northwood, but one man decided to break all the records he could during his sophomore year at Northwood, and that’s the U17 Soccer team Captain, Mitch Baker ’25. “Mitch is one of the best strikers I’ve seen in my footballing career at our age, and if he continues on the right track he will become one of the best strikers in the world,” said U19 player Aly el Mofty ’23.

“Mitch has been integral to our team’s success this season,” Coach Kelvin Martinez said. “His talent and hard work on the field have helped the team secure critical wins and reach new heights. He consistently leads by example, pushing himself and his teammates to perform at their best. His contributions to the team go beyond his impressive scoring record; his positive attitude and team-first mentality have been instrumental in fostering a strong and cohesive team culture,” added Martinez.

Mitchell Baker ’25. Photo by Mr. Michael Aldridge.

“It feels very good scoring over 50 goals this season because, as a striker, you obviously want to score goals, and I love scoring, so I’m very proud of myself for hitting this milestone. I remember at the start of the year, Profe Martinez told me to put a goal for myself to hit 50 goals, and I did it. I couldn’t have done this without my teammates. They’re the ones that play and create the chances for me, and I just finish them, so this wouldn’t be possible without them. I also want to thank Coach Martinez and Coach Komar because they motivate me and help me become better, and hopefully, one day I will fulfill all my dreams and become one of the best strikers in the world,” Baker added.

“We always knew that Mitch had the potential to be a prolific scorer, but his performance this season has exceeded our expectations. His dedication to training and his natural ability to find the back of the net have resulted in an impressive number of goals. We are thrilled with his success and proud of his achievements,” said Martinez.

Baker struggled to name his favorite goal this season. “I’ve scored more than 50, so choosing just one goal as my favorite is hard, but if I had to choose one, I’d choose the goal against the New England Revolution because they’re one of the best teams in the country and playing against them was very good, and we could’ve won the game.”

“The most important goal I’d say that helped the team, I think, was the goal I scored in the Northwood Invitational Semifinal because, without that goal, we wouldn’t have reached the final.”

“My Favorite hat trick has to be vs. the U19 team. To score a hat trick against the older lads isn’t easy, especially when we almost won that game. It’s very special and very important.”

Mitch is a leader for the U17s on and off the field. He constantly shows that he’s a top student-athlete whether it’s on the field or in the classroom. He always knows how to get the job done. Mitch recently got his first U19 call-up to play with them in a friendly match recently, and Mitch did what Mitch does best and proved that it doesn’t matter whether it’s U17 he’s playing against or U19 or even collegiate players. He will find his way to score.

“I can’t wait to continue to play with Mitch next year. I played with him this weekend and realized how good he is, and I can’t wait for next season,” Sam Knauf ’24 said.

“Mitch’s experience and expertise make him a valuable asset to our team, and his positive attitude and work ethic set a great example for his teammates. He leads by example, always putting in the effort and commitment required to succeed. As a captain, he plays a key role in inspiring and motivating his teammates to perform at their best,” added Coach Martinez.

Humans of Northwood: Hudson DiNapoli ’23

“I am from Syracuse, NY. I am a first-year senior here at Northwood. I heard about Northwood through a current member of the Prep Hockey team and hockey recruitment. After hearing more about it and connecting with the coaches, I thought it was a good fit for me and decided to start this new journey.

“After graduation, I plan to play Junior Hockey and then hopefully play Division 1 hockey. I hope to become a professional hockey player in the future, but if that does not happen, I would like to pursue a business career.

“In my free time here at Northwood, I normally just spend time with my friends, work in the gym, and play the guitar. When I’m at home, I pretty much do the same and spend time with friends and family. I also like to sing, which not many people know about, but I don’t like singing in public.

“I’ve had a great year here at Northwood and couldn’t be happier with my decision to come here, and I’m excited for what the future holds for me.”

As told to Aly El Mofty ’23. Photo by Mr. Michael Aldridge.

Students Share Summer Plans

With the school year coming to a close, Northwood students are getting excited about summer. Northwood students have a variety of plans for summer this year.

Aidan Laskey ‘23 plans to work for his dad’s roofing company this summer. He is also going to see Luke Combs in July.

Trey Zeren ’25 is going on a cruise this summer to Bermuda and the Bahamas. After that, he plans to play hockey and work.


Caroline Purcell ‘24 is spending her summer working at the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery. She is also going to Seattle in July to visit family.

Wolfgang Lux ’25 plans on going to gym, doing luge, and hanging out with friends this summer. He will also work with his dad.

Nora Fitzsimmons ‘24 is going to spend her summer working at the Cottage in Lake Placid and touring colleges.

Cecilia Keller ’25 is going to Norway this summer, as well as lifeguarding. She also plans to see Pitbull in New Jersey.

Brian Brady ’24 is working at Origin Coffee this summer and interning with an environmental non-profit. He is also going to Rhode Island and hopes to travel more.

Jack Kroll ’25 is going to mow lawns before going to Norway to ski jump in August.

Pedro Gonzalo ’23 is going back home to Spain to hang with friends. He also plans to go to Italy to visit a Northwood alum and friend, Dado.

Sebastian La Roche ’23 is going to do an internship at a dentist’s office as well as skateboard and hang out with friends.


Humans of Northwood: Tam Nguyen ‘23

“I’m like 2 cm taller than George.

“There are benefits and disadvantages of having a twin. The thing I do is known to more people due to association if I do something and my brother does the same. If I do a good thing, many more people will know it; but if it’s a bad thing, then both he and I will be associated. Whenever I do bad things, he will also take the blame for them and vice versa. As far as benefits go, when I do something that I like, art, for instance, I always have someone to do it with me, and when I want to improve on said thing, I always have competition close to me to push myself to improve.

“My favorite piece of art that I have made might be this one (above). It’s a water drop from the sky. As you can see, I drew the background and a flipped reflection with a five-point perspective of the background on the drop. My inspiration behind it was reading a manga that had a concept about infinite megastructures (BLAME!!, by Tsutomu Nihei).

“My other contender for my favorite piece of art is this one (below). It took me around three days to complete. The work was me putting everything I knew on the canvas.

“I enjoy playing the flute, although mainly for fun. I’ve been playing for like six years, but the first two years, I didn’t play much. I was part of my middle school’s band program, which forced me to play an instrument, so I was just there doing the bare minimum. I got more serious coming into Year 10.

“I liked shrimp sushi, but I can’t eat it anymore. For some reason, I get a terrible stomach ache when I eat raw food. Now, my favorite food is probably pasta or a burger. I forgot about Vietnamese food, which is pretty good. I like all the classics: phở, bún, and bánh cuốn. I like bánh chưng rán as well.

“I have a birthmark on my right bicep—it looks like a bruise. It was bluish, but it has faded now. I can also play the flute better than George. I play Hanzo (from Overwatch). I want to be an animator in the future.”

As told to Hung Nguyen ’25. Photo by Mr. Michael Aldridge. Art by Tam Nguyen ’23.

Humans of Northwood: Hung (George) Nguyen ‘23

“I’m like 2 cm shorter than Tam.

“Imagine your hands. You’re the right hand and your twin is the left. Suddenly, your left hand starts moving away from your right and becomes better than it. That’s how I feel about being a twin. On a serious note, having a twin means there is always a sense of competition; but at the same time, I always have someone to do things with me. Having a twin also means I always have someone to share my experiences and hardships with.

“My favorite piece of art is one of the more recent ones I made. It’s a digital piece. I think it was the best one in terms of what I wanted to achieve and the style I wanted. It is a scenery background with a lot of buildings with a character, a fishman, in the center. This piece took me about a week.

(Art: George Nguyen)

“I like gaming: Genshin [Impact], Overwatch, Apex [Legends], Elden Ring. I also watch a bunch of anime. My favorite anime is probably Steins; Gate. My favorite manga is probably Fullmetal Alchemist. I heard the animation [of Fullmetal Alchemist] is good as well, but I haven’t watched it yet.

“Generally, I think Asian dishes are better than European dishes. I remember this one time my brother and I ate a rare fish that my aunt bought from the black market. It tasted like pork. It didn’t have the smell of pork, but the skin especially tasted like pork skin.

“In the future, I’d like to be an animator, but graphic designer is fine as well.”

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