Get to Know Mr. Tony Miller

Tony Miller joins Northwood as an instructor in the English Department. He will also be working with Noel Carmichael on the school’s drama productions. Tony is a Lake Placid native who graduated from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs with a degree in English and a minor in Political Science. He worked at the Bookstore Plus on and off for eight years and has also participated in a number of community theater productions over the past ten years. Tony recently worked as an adjunct professor at Paul Smith’s College, teaching English 101 – Effective College Writing for freshman students. Mr. Miller also loves theater, the Adirondacks and has an 8-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog.

That was the brief description of new teacher Mr. Tony Miller on Northwood’s home page. The Mirror staff writer Olivia Paul ’21 tried to get to know him a little better and filed this report.


Mr. Tony Miller (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge)

How did you first learn about Northwood? Why did you decide to come here?

I grew up in Lake Placid, and some of my friends went to Northwood, so I always knew of Northwood.

When I heard of the opportunity to possibly work here, I was very excited because I didn’t know much about Northwood life or [what it would be like] working at Northwood. I wanted to learn more about the school.

When you first got here, what was your first impression of Northwood? Has it changed?

My first major impression was how the sense of community was even stronger than I’d expected. An example of this is the relationship between the students and the faculty.

That impression has changed only for the better. Northwood has also surprised me quite a bit with how much everybody works together for the common good. It’s really wonderful to see that.

How is Northwood similar or different from the schools you attended?

Northwood is very different from my high school for a lot of reasons. But it’s also similar in the sense of comradery and support amongst the students. It’s a lot like where I went for college because that’s where I was able to surround myself with so many people from all around the world and from all walks of life. At Lake Placid, I didn’t necessarily get that.

What was your favorite day at Northwood so far? What challenges have you faced at Northwood so far?

My favorite memory at Northwood so far was the musical [The Good Old Days]. Not that other days weren’t good, but to feel the energy and to hear people enjoying the show meant so much. Just to hear the buzz about it was what made it the most fun.

A challenge I’ve faced was just getting into the routine of Northwood life. But I adapted pretty quickly, and it’s not too much of a challenge now.


Humans of Northwood: Ryan Combe ‘20


I’m from York, Maine, I’m 19 years old, and I am a postgraduate. My favorite thing about Northwood is the people. I feel like I’ve fit in from the start — like I’ve been here for years, even though I’ve only been here a couple months. My favorite thing about Lake Placid is downtown: being able to leave the school and hang out with everybody. It’s a cool environment to go out to get food and hang out around the lake. Next year, I will be going to college at the University of Akron where I will be playing soccer, which I’m excited about, and then hopefully from there play professionally someplace.

As told to Miranda Bookman ‘20


Humans of Northwood: Aiden LaValley ‘20


Snowboarding in the winter and being out on the lake in the summer are my favorite hobbies outside of hockey.  I’m from Champlain, New York. I made the decision to attend Northwood for my final year of high school because I loved the hockey program and the location of the school. I love the Adirondacks. Although I’m not too far away from home, I miss my friends and my family. I miss all the nights of eating out. I miss sleeping in my own room even though I’m really happy with my roommate here. And last but not least, I miss my puppy.

My experience at Northwood has been great so far. The students are super welcoming and accepting. The teachers and coaches have made the transition from my old school easy, and they’re willing to help with any aspect of my life. At my old school, there were about 50 students in a class. The average class size here is about 10 students or less. I think this makes Northwood unique and very different. Although my athletic and academic commitments don’t leave a lot of space for free time, I also love the excellent athletic programs here at Northwood.

Northwood is a unique opportunity for me, and here, I learn new things every day. I feel like it’ll be hard to forget just about anything about Northwood even after I graduate. After graduation in May, I hope to pursue my hockey career by playing junior hockey.

As told to Aimee Headland ’20

Humans of Northwood: Olivia McLean ‘22


I am the only girl in the school who snorts when laughing. I’m from South Burlington, Vermont. I decided to come to Northwood because the hockey program at my last school collapsed, and I wanted to continue playing competitively. Outside of hockey, one of my favorite hobbies is kayaking, especially in fast-flowing rivers.

Northwood helps me balance hockey and classes, but I sometimes feel like I get too much work here. I’d much rather have less work that requires more thinking. Especially with all the traveling for hockey, it’s hard to find time to do all the work.

Since I’m living away from home, I miss my mom’s food and hanging out with my dad. I also miss the academic challenges and a lot of the connections I had with the teachers at my old school.

After Northwood, I want to go to college, then law school, then practice criminal defense for a few years, and eventually work my way into the political scene. But I’ll never forget the connections I’ve made here. At Northwood, I’ve learned to love the people around me, like my coaches, teachers, friends, and roommates. They’ve become my second family.

As told to Aimee Headland ’20

Humans of Northwood: Ashlyn McGrath ’21


Ashlyn McGrath ’21 (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge)

I’m seventeen years old and I’m from Albany, NY. I’m a forward on the girls’ hockey team. My pregame routine is waking up early to go to the gym to get a stretch in. Followed by team breakfast, dressing in game-day attire, getting my pre-game coffee and getting in the zone with my music. The highlights of my time so far at Northwood are the bus rides with the girls, specifically when we do karaoke together. When I’m not playing hockey, I enjoy watching Netflix, drinking coffee and hanging out with friends and family. My favorite thing about Lake Placid is the scenery. The mirror image of the views that reflect off the lake amazes me every time I walk by it. In the future, I want to go to college to play hockey and major in nursing, to eventually go to PT school and become a physical therapist.


Humans of Northwood: Miranda Bookman ’20


“My name is Miranda, but my friends call me Bookie. I’m 18 years old, a 4 year senior and I’m from Syracuse, New York. I am on the Girls Hockey Team. Something I really like about Northwood is the town it’s in, Lake Placid. It is really beautiful and I love living in the heart of the Adirondacks. It’s really pretty. The people here have given me such a good experience here because of the connections I have made with people. I wouldn’t normally get that at a high school back home. I have met people from all over the world and people I wouldn’t expect to, so that’s been a really cool experience. After Northwood, I plan on going to college. I am applying to a couple of schools. Hopefully, I’ll go to Syracuse University by my house, but that’s not set in stone. I don’t know what I want to do yet, but I’m into psychology and criminal justice. When I’m not playing hockey I really like to run a lot, in the summer I love running with my dog and I also love biking.”

-As told to Olivia Paul ‘21

[Takeover] Tuesdays are for the Students

Screen Shot 2019-10-17 at 3.10.12 PMEvery Tuesday, Northwood students get to live a day in the life of another student. A student takes over Northwood’s Instagram account and posts stories throughout the day “to show what it is like to be a student here at Northwood,” according to Ms. Darcy Norfolk, Northwood’s Marketing and Communications Director.

I participated in Takeover Tuesday two weeks ago. When I first learned that I would have to publicly share what I do on a typical day, I was a little nervous. However, it was actually easy to find things to post. Starting with a post at breakfast with my friend Patrick Doyle ‘20, I uploaded a short video of myself in Journalism and pre-practice preparations with my teammate Nate Boak ‘20.

Takeover Tuesday not only allows current students to get to know their classmates better, but it also gives prospective students an opportunity to experience Northwood life before visiting campus.

With Takeover Tuesday successfully integrated into the school’s social media program, Northwood Marketing now looks forward to introducing another initiative called Faculty Friday. Also, some of the future participants of Takeover Tuesday will be able to go live on Instagram, which will make the program more engaging for the viewers. “We welcome outside feedback on what else people want to see,” said Ms. Norfolk.

Humans of Northwood: Andres Guerreiro Del Paso ‘23


My name is Andres, and I am from Mexico. I came to Northwood because I wanted to study in a different country, and after speaking with a parent of another student who already went here, I decided Northwood would be a good fit for me.

Since Northwood is a boarding school, my life here has been different from how it was back in Mexico. The only two things that I don’t like about Northwood are some classes that I don’t find so interesting and my room because it’s so small. But I think the location of Northwood makes living here a really good experience! What I miss the most about Mexico is mostly my family and the food. Our meals back home are really different from our meals here.

After Northwood, there is a small chance that I’ll attend a college in the U.S. I’ll probably go back to Mexico at the end of this school year. I’ll never forget some of the activities I have done here such as rock climbing.

As told to Bernardo Simões ’20

Humans of Northwood: Pedro Bacci ‘23


My name is Pedro Bacci, and I am a soccer player from São Paulo, Brazil. I came to Northwood because when I played in Brazil, a coach from Black Rock FC watched one of my games and invited me to play here.

My experience at Northwood has been very good so far. I feel very comfortable here because all the faculty, students, and staff are very welcoming. The major difference between Northwood and my old school is the relationship between faculty and students. Here, students are much closer to the faculty.

After graduating from Northwood, I want to go to a college in the U.S., so I can study and play soccer [at the same time]. Things that I’ll never forget about Northwood are the friends I have made here and the amazing experiences I have had so far. I like almost everything about Northwood. The only thing I don’t like is that this place is very cold, and I am not used to it. Brazil is much warmer!

As told to Bernardo Simões

Get to Know Teacher Jacquie Lopez

Jacquie Lopez joins Northwood as an instructor in Molecular Genetics. Jacquie received both her BS in Biochemistry and her Ph. D. in Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology from Cornell University. She homeschooled her children and taught science courses ranging from the elementary school to college level.  She is also the Academic Coordinator for NYSEF Winter Term student athletes. Jacquie, her husband Craig, live in both Ithaca and Lake Placid. She has three children, Alex, Avery, and her daughter Audrey who is a junior at Northwood. 

That was the brief description of new teacher Ms. Jacquie Lopez on Northwood’s home page. The Mirror staff writer Hadley Swedlund ’20 tried to get to know her a little better and filed this report.


Ms. Jacquie Lopez (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge)

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I’m from East Greenbush, New York, right outside of Albany. I live in Ithaca, New York, in the summers and in Lake Placid during the school year. I teach Molecular Genetics here at Northwood, and until this week, I’ve been teaching AP Biology and Human Biology because Ms. Jill Walker was away.

How did you first learn about Northwood? Why did you decide to come here?

I first heard about Northwood because my kids are skiers for NYSEF. They had friends who go to Northwood, and my daughter [Audrey Higgins-Lopez ‘21] goes to Northwood now.

I decided to work at Northwood because the opportunity came. I love science, and I love teaching. Northwood needed a substitute teacher for one of the teachers that was gone at the beginning of September, so I jumped at it.

When you first got here, what was your first impression of Northwood? Has it changed?

What I really liked when I first came here as a teacher was the support and welcoming environment that teachers have for each other. I also realized how much they care about the kids. These impressions haven’t changed.

How is Northwood similar or different from the schools you attended?

Northwood is different because it is a smaller school. There is also a lot of room for more creativity here.

What was your favorite day at Northwood so far? 

My favorite moment so far was when my class isolated DNA from strawberries.

What are your hopes for the year? What do you want to get out of this year? 

As a teacher, my goal is to inspire some kids to like Biology.

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