Humans of Northwood: Aimee Headland ’19


Aimee Headland ’19 celebrates a goal in the 2018 Northwood Invitational (Photo: Mr. Aldridge).

I am Aimee Headland and I’m a senior hockey and football player from Nottingham, England. Recently I represented Great Britain in the U18 Women’s Ice Hockey World Championships for my second year. This year we won bronze and I got to do it alongside my sister. My favorite thing about Northwood is meeting new people as well as Lake Placid. It can be stressful, but I love living and doing everything with my friends. My favorite thing to do with my friends is to go into town and eat. Mrs. Walker is my favorite teacher because she supports me in and outside of the classroom on both the educational and personal sides. She’s someone I trust who is easy to talk to and who helps me adapt. I think winter schedule is tiring and a long day, but I do like it because it means that it’s hockey season.

As told to Morgan Broderick ’19

Humans of Northwood: Kate Broderick ’22


Kate Broderick ’22 (Photo provided)

My name is Kate Broderick. I’m a freshman and I ski race. During July and August, I spent three weeks in Zermatt, Switzerland training on the mountain behind the Matterhorn, which was a really cool experience. During the fall, I spent two weeks in Milders, Austria, which was also really cool and we trained on sheer ice. I like the freedom of Northwood and how laid back it is compared to public schools and especially the ones I’ve been to in the past. I don’t really have a favorite teacher, I’ve never really been able to say who my favorite teacher is in any school. My favorite thing to do at Northwood is probably to hang out with friends and watch hockey games because sometimes I wish I played. The hardest part about adjusting to Northwood was leaving my friends at my old school. At first, it was hard to be in school without my old friends but I’ve made new ones.

As told to Morgan Broderick ’19

Humans of Northwood: Lando Egan ‘20


Lando Egan ‘20 (Photo: Owen Pierce)

My name is Lando Egan. I’m sixteen years old. I currently live in Elmhurst, Massachusetts. I used to live in San Jose, California, and I love it there. My parents moved to Massachusetts because of jobs, and they like the cold.

I like skiing, cross country (running), and climbing. I’ve liked to ski since I was young. I enjoy freestyle skiing because it helps me relieve my stress. I like Northwood because I can play lots of sports and the people here are chill.

As told to Owen Pierce ’21

Humans of Northwood: Calder Pierce


Calder Pierce (Photo: Ms. Aerie Treska)

My name is Calder, and I’m eight. I go to Lake Placid Elementary School. I really like it because I can hang out with my friends. I like the projects at school because we have a few days to turn them in.

My favorite thing to do is drawing. I like to draw monsters and comics that are graphics and information comics. I like to collect trading cards and listen to audiobooks. I really like to play soccer and golf, which I do in the summer at camp. I love skiing because of the “agility rush” and the really cool hills where you get to go up and down, up and down, up and down. That’s why I go to Whiteface a lot. I also like the 46ers, which are books that you have to read, and then you get a limo ride, popcorn, and movies.

The things that matter to me are my family, Halloween, and Christmas because I get free stuff. I drink water in my spare time. My dog Seamus is important to me, but my cat Poe [he makes a weird noise that is hard to describe], I don’t know. I’m just kidding. Poe is really nice and soft.

As told to Owen Pierce ‘21 (Calder’s older brother)

What Northwood Students Did on Their Vacation

The Mirror sent senior Wyatt Friedlander to the living room to interview students about what they did during the recent vacation. Here’s what he learned.


Senior Francisco Castillo (back right) spent the break with Junior Devon Jolley (at the steering wheel). The spent some of their vacation in Florida.

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Humans of Northwood: Paige Melicant ’22

Paige Melicant

Paige Melicant ’22 (Photo: Miranda Bookman ’20)

I’m a freshman on the girls’ hockey team, and I’m from West Salem, Ohio. This past summer I went to Venice, Verona, and Bolzano, Italy for hockey and got third place in the World Selects Invitational. One of my favorite things about Northwood is living alongside my best friends. My favorite teacher is Ms. Getz because she understands me both on and off the ice. One of my favorite things to do at Northwood is to go with my friends to watch the boys’ hockey teams play. The adjustment to the winter schedule has been ok. I actually don’t mind it. Having hockey done in the morning is easier than having it after school.

As told to Miranda Bookman ’20

Humans of Northwood: Lexi Hooper ’20


Lexi Hooper ’20 (Photo: Karli Lafferty ’19)

I am Lexi, and I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina. This is my third year at Northwood. I am known for eating applesauce between periods of my hockey games. Before coming to Northwood, I played on the Pittsburgh Penguins Elite, and I billeted with a teammate in Pennsylvania for the year. Even though I am the only person in my family to play ice hockey, my siblings and parents have been really supportive. One of my older sisters was born with no eyes or a nose, and my other sister is a preacher. I guess you could say my family is far from normal. After Northwood, I hope to attend college for pre-medicine and then go to medical school to become a surgeon, but my plans may change.

As told to Miranda Bookman

Ms. Carmichael Reunites with Family

Girls who lived in Bergamini last year are used to seeing Taika on their hall, wearing a smile and a colorful dress, every day. Ms. Noël Carmichael, English and Drama teacher, and her younger daughter Taika, who are U.S. citizens, moved to the States from Tanzania in the summer of 2017, hoping Chisondi, Ms. Carmichael’s husband, and Monica, the older daughter, would be able to follow shortly thereafter. However, the visas for the other half of the family were held up for days, then for weeks and months, and eventually for well over a year. [Read more…]

Humans Of Northwood: John Biechler ‘19

John Biechler

John Biechler ’19 (Photo provided)

“I’m from Hershey Pennsylvania. I started playing hockey when I was 4 years old, and I’ve been skating since I was 2. That’s how I ended up at Northwood. This school gave me the ability to play a sport I love while being at school at the same time. This is my 4th year at Northwood. I’m a senior and will be graduating in the spring. I’ve had an unbelievable experience here. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I don’t think a lot of places would have given me the same experiences that I had here. I’ve made friendships that I’ll have way past my graduation, and I’m thankful for that. For next year, I’m hoping to attend the University of Rhode Island and play Division I club hockey.”

As told to Elias Fleischman ’20

10 Things You Might Not Know About Mr. Dingle

His first name is James but he goes by Jim. Actually, most people at Northwood call him “Dingle.

He has been a coach and teacher at independent schools for over 38 years.

He has taught across the country at prep schools in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Colorado.

He earned “High School Hockey Coach of the Year” in 1992 while teaching at the Kent Denver School in Englewood, Colorado.

He spent one month hiking Mount McKinley (Alaska) in 1994.

He helped re-establish a diving site in Honduras.

Has volunteered in Africa and Nepal. He took care of kids whose parents had AIDS in South Africa and served as a volunteer teacher in Nepal.

In his free time, he likes backpacking, paddle boarding, photography, mountain biking, cooking, traveling, backcountry skiing, and reading.

He normally spends his summers SCUBA diving Mirror Lake, removing debris.

He used to live on a sailboat in the Caribbean called “Mi Casa.”

“My favorite part of this job is being able to learn from the students and interact with them. I also enjoy taking the student to beautiful parts of the world and seeing their reaction to new things,” said Mr. Dingle.


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