Student Wins Grant to Install Solar Charging Stations on Campus

JJ and TE

Mr. Tyler Eaton presents Su Hae Jang ’20 with the $1,000 grant award to help build solar-powered charging stations on campus.

Junior Jessica (Su Hae) Jang applied for and received a mini-grant from The Wild Center’s Adirondack Youth Climate Summit towards her solar-powered charging stations project for phones and laptops. Her effort is part of Northwood’s Sustainability Committee.

Last February, Jessica Jang, Braelyn Tebo, and Imani Rodriguez went to the Adirondack Youth Climate Summit in Tupper Lake. Back then, they discussed how they could apply what they learned to their community at Northwood School, and that’s where their idea came: charging station powered with solar energy.

The Sustainability Committee got the support for the project from Head of School Mr. Michael Maher in February. After drawing a sketch and deciding the location, the committee submitted it for a second approval from Maher who was totally impressed and proposed to build two instead of only one. Environmental science teacher Mr. Tyler Eaton is going to assist the students with this project as well as the robotic program.

The Sustainability Committee is trying to involve as many students as they can to help with this project. It is a very expensive project; the cost total would be around $1,200, including the 300-watt solar panels. Fortunately, the Wild Center in Tupper Lake is supporting this idea and made a donation of $1,000 to help the school fund the project.

The solar panels are going to be provided by a local company, called Crust Solar, who is going to help to install the panels because it is very complicated. The two phone charger stations will be located in both of the academic building, right under the stairs. Students will be able to charge their phone while they are in class. Thirty phones can be charged at the same time, fifteen phones per station. These stations will be set up for the beginning of next year.

If this project is successful, the committee is thinking about installing one in Northwood on Main and also in the main building.

Northwood Seniors Make Their College Decisions


Some of the class of 2019 on “College T-Shirt Day, an annual tradition at Northwood (photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge).

May 1st has come and passed, which means only one thing for Northwood’s seniors: they finally know where they will be attending college! For those who are not aware, May 1st was the deadline for all seniors to declare their college choices. Now, some of our senior hockey players at Northwood will be taking a gap year, meaning that instead of going to college next year, they will be playing U20 hockey at a high level. But for many of the seniors here at Northwood, this is it. They’re almost done with high school.

To celebrate the fast-approaching end of the four–or five–years of high school, I interviewed a few of our seniors.


Kevin Quinn ’19

Kevin Quinn ‘19 has decided to attend Oswego State University. Quinn said, “I chose Oswego because of the affordability. Not being in debt for the rest of my life is important to me. Also, the school have a really good communications program, which is what I want to study in College.” Quinn plans to get a masters degree in Broadcasting and Business Administration in five years. “Overall, I feel like I did a good job of executing what I wanted to achieve here at Northwood. And now, I’m off to the next stage of my life,” he added.


Grey Pfefferkorn ‘19

Grey Pfefferkorn ‘19 is attending Clarkson University. “Clarkson has a strong business program, and I got a $50,000 scholarship,” said Pfefferkorn. “I plan on getting my majors in Accounting there. Although I’m still on the fence, I might choose to play club hockey there as well.”


Chris Athanasiadis ‘19

Senior Chris Athanasiadis is excited to go to Saint Mary’s College of California. “I’m not sure yet what I’m going to study at Saint Mary’s, but it will probably be either Business or Marketing. And though I’m still waiting to hear back, I think that I’ll also be able to play Division I soccer there,” commented Athanasiadis. The best part about going to college for him is that he will be in California, which means “beautiful weather, lots of trees, and pretty girls!”


Josh Waters ’19

Senior Joshua Waters ‘19 is heading off to Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. Water said, “I’m not quite sure what I am going to study there yet, but I think that I’m going for Economics.” The reason why he chose Dartmouth was not only because of the strong academics the school offers. “When I toured there, all of the faculty were really nice, and the Division I hockey coaches were very interested in me, which altogether made the school feel like the right fit for me,” said Waters.

All in all, it appears that the Senior Class of Northwood has a pretty firm grasp on where they will be attending in the fall. As the Northwood community prepares to say goodbye to these dear friends of ours and watch them take their next big step in this world, we wish them all the best of luck in both their college ambitions and in their lives thereafter.

Students Prepare For AP Exams and Finals


It is coming down to the final few weeks of the academic calendar here at Northwood, and for the students, that means finals. Sure, the weather is finally nice outside, and the end-of-year festivities are starting to kick in, but these aren’t stopping students from finishing off their academics of this year on a high note. Now, I’m a senior myself, and I know how hard I’ve been working for the past few weeks to prepare for my AP exams and course finals. But to see how other students around campus are preparing, I interviewed a few of my fellow students about how they are coming down the home stretch of this school year. [Read more…]

Renovations Begin at Northwood on Main

For more than three years, Northwood on Main has been somewhat of a mystery to Northwood students. The empty building in the center of town, purchased by Northwood in late 2015 and vacant since long before that, finally has some activity in it. Renovations began earlier this spring on the old building formerly known as With Pipe and Book.


Photo: Adirondack Daily Enterprise (Chris Knight)

According to Assistant Head of School Mr. Tom Broderick, “Northwood School on Main is an extension of the school’s campus and educational philosophy to engage students in the active pursuit of knowledge through exploration and inquiry. Our extraordinary location rooted in the Adirondacks combined with the school’s highly talented faculty and diverse academic programming enhances our goal to provide experiences that create confident, globally-minded students ready to innovate and adapt to our ever-changing world.”

Broderick added, “Programs like Entrepreneurial Studies, Innovation + Design, Robotics, Aviation Science, and Olympic Physics will expand with the addition of this new facility allowing Northwood School to offer an interdisciplinary approach to education that emphasizes active learning and creating, challenging students to become resilient, independent thinkers.”

The facilities are set to open during the first trimester of the 2019-20 school year. Local newspapers have reported on the story, including The Lake Placid News and Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

The “Promposal” Tradition at Northwood

As Prom rolled around the corner, some students prepared small, private “Promposals” where as others planned bigger, showier ones. In the past, some Northwood students have done big promposals in front of the entire school. In recent years, Sam DiBitetto ‘18 and Sean Bunting ‘18 have jumped up with flowers in school meeting for the two girls they wanted ask.


(Photo: Northwood School’s Facebook page)

This year, the first public promposal came from senior Prince Loney Bailey, who asked senior Aimee Headland to Prom. Right after the Prom ticket announcement was made, five of Prince’s friends spelled out “Prom?” and laid a path to Aimee. Prince later said, “I wanted it to be somewhat public, and that’s why I used big letters on the sign. I wanted it to be cute.”


Prince Loney-Bailey (left) and Aimee Headland, both seniors (photo provided).

Many students still planned promposals as a sweet gesture even if they already knew who they were going to Prom with.

Will Arquiett ‘19 shares a common passion for hockey with his girlfriend Marina Alvarez ‘21. They often go out to the tennis courts to shoot pucks, so when Will invited Marina to the courts, she had no idea what her boyfriend had in mind. When she got there, Will had laid out the pucks to spell “Prom.” Marina, of course, said yes.

Senior Mark Kieffer had a more crafty approach to his promposal for his girlfriend Ana Spencer ‘20. Mark made a bracelet just for Ana that said “Prom?” and also picked up Ana’s favorite drink, Kombucha, with some flowers.

Ella Fessette ‘21 and Jared Lambright ‘19 often do their homework or watch a movie together in the Freshman Lounge. Since Ella’s favorite snack is popcorn, Jared asked her, “I know it’s kind of corny that we always hang out here, but want to pop over to the golf house for Prom with me?” But Jared wasn’t the only one who used a pun.

Junior Trent Seger got help from his friends to ask his girlfriend Maggie Macneil, also a junior, out to Prom. He wrote up a pun that referenced Maggie’s homeland, Canada, that he and his friends came up with. His poster read, “I know you’re from up North, but would you like to get down at Prom with me?”

Recently, smoothies were added to Northwood’s vending machines, and Trevor Souza ‘19, my boyfriend, offered to buy me one. When I agreed, he put the smoothie down on a counter with a stack of notecards. The card on the top said, “I hope this is smooth(ie) enough,” with the following cards saying “PROM?” Hard to say no to such a smooth pun.


Trevor Souza ’19 used a smoothie as a prop in his “promposal,” (photo provided).

Small Dorm Room Fire Quickly Extinguished

Less than halfway through first period on Thursday, students heard the familiar sound of the school’s fire alarm. Considering there was a false alarm the day before, and numerous others this year, many students thought nothing of it and some were happy to get out of their first-period class.


Photo: Jack LaDuke (Plattsburgh Press-Republican)

As students assembled in their appointed location to be counted, it became clear that this wasn’t a normal false alarm. As fire trucks arrived, they laid thick, heavy hoses on the school’s driveway. One of the firefighters donned an air pack and ran into the building with a fire extinguisher. As faculty and firefighters scrambled around the first truck to arrive on the scene, it became clear that this was a real emergency. A dorm room on Third East was on fire and smoke was in the hallway.

Kyle Bavis ‘19 is one of the two students who resides in the room affected by the fire. Bavis was in class at the time, but his roommate was sound asleep in the room and was woken up by the alarm. “I came out of class thinking nothing was wrong and it was a regular fire drill, but my roommate came out and said our room was on fire I was both shocked and worried.”

Bavis’s roommate was treated for a minor burn on his foot. Both roommates have been moved to other dorm rooms while the affected room is cleaned and repaired.

First period was rescheduled to the end of the day. Second-period classes normally held in the main building were canceled, but otherwise, the academic day went on normally.

Head of School Mr. Michael Maher sent this announcement to the community later in the morning:

To the Northwood School Community:

I am writing to inform you of an incident at Northwood School this morning. During first period, the school’s fire detection and alarm system was activated, and the school was evacuated according to our usual procedures. All Students, faculty, and staff were quickly accounted for and safe.

Faculty and maintenance staff found smoke and a small fire in the affected dormitory room and extinguished the fire.

The Lake Placid Fire Department arrived shortly thereafter, and by third period, all classes resumed normally. One student suffered minor burns and was treated at the scene and is back in class. Parents of the students in the affected dorm room were immediately notified.

The Northwood School community is grateful for the fast response and professional service of the Lake Placid Fire Department and other emergency services that responded.

Should you have any questions, please contact John Spear, the newly-appointed Assistant Head of School Life ( and 518-302-5123).

Michael Maher
Head of School

What I Did During My Spring Break: Northwood Edition

At Northwood School, teachers aren’t likely to assign the classic essay, “What I Did Over Vacation,” so The Mirror asked Wyatt Friedlander to channel his inner elementary school student to write this report:


Lars Kroes ’21 in Vieux-Fort, St. Lucia (Photo: Facebook).

I went kite surfing and normal surfing with my family. I played golf with my mom and dad. I also hiked the Pitons, which was awesome! I got a concussion over break too which isn’t awesome.

– Lars Kroes ’21


Over the break, I went home to Chicago. I played hockey for a couple of different teams. I relaxed a lot over the break and hung out with some friends. I also worked out a lot.

– Trent Seger ‘20



Charlie Purcell ’21 in Squaw Valley (Photo: Instagram).

My break was Fantastic! I stayed home for a bit, worked, and went on a vacation with my dad. We went to California to ski. I got really sunburnt then came home.

– Charlie Purcell ‘21


I went to Tokyo over the break and saw some really cool stuff. They have interesting toilets. I went to Hawaii and caught some really big fish. I also got the tan on.

– Rowen Norfolk ‘22


Over break, I went to Germany to visit my friends and family since I had lived there for a year. It was super cool. I got to see my little cousins that I haven’t been able to see in a while and hang out with friends I haven’t talked to in a couple of years. I worked on my German too!

– Cisco Delliquadri ‘20


Over break, I played hockey in the Senior World Championships. We came in 2nd. I got DB Sports Club Player of the Tournament. We played Mexico, Australia, Spain, North Korea, and Slovenia. I also got to spend time with family. I went to Canada with my sister and hung out with friends.

– Aimee Headland ‘19

David McCauley Named Director of College Counseling

McCauley Replaces Spear, who Takes on New Role


F. David McCauley, Jr. (Photo: Berkshire School)

Head of School Michael J. Maher has announced the appointment of F. David McCauley, Jr. to the position of Director of College Counseling for Northwood School, effective in early July. David will bring years of experience in college counseling and admissions to his new responsibilities.

McCauley replaces John Spear ’88, who has served as Director of College Counseling since 2011 and will take on a new position, beginning in July, as Assistant Head for School Life. In that role, Spear will be focused on managing the internal life of the school, including student affairs and overseeing the execution of critical projects and initiatives.

Currently, McCauley is the Director of College Counseling at Berkshire School in Sheffield, MA. While there, he has provided college-related guidance and support for students and their parents, transitioned professional relationships with college admission officers to best serve students in the college admission process and originated visit programs for college admission deans and vice presidents to showcase academic programs and overseen office staff. A member of the residential faculty, he also has been an advisor and assisted with residential program duties.

Prior to his work at Berkshire School, McCauley spent four years as Director of College Counselling and Assistant Registrar at Beijing High School No. 4 and Beijing National Day School in China. He has also worked as an admissions officer at Hamilton College, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Creighton University and Siena College.

David has served as a source of secondary school and college admission information and has been quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Lawlor Review.  McCauley has consulted the undergraduate admission offices of nearly 100 colleges and universities including: Brown, Boston College, Bowdoin, Colby, Colgate, Johns Hopkins, and UPenn.

A graduate of Colby College with a bachelor’s degree in Spanish, and St. Lawrence University with an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership, McCauley is active in numerous professional associations.

David and his wife Marleny and their son Sean, will be joining the Northwood community this summer.

“I am thrilled to welcome David McCauley and his family to the Northwood School community,” said Headmaster Michael J. Maher. “David’s extensive experience on both sides of the college admission desk and his student-centered approach will serve Northwood students and their families well as they navigate the college search and make the best matches for their lives after Northwood School.”

Northwood to Adopt Block Schedule Next School Year

Most colleges students have classes that last about an hour and meet fewer than five times per week. Next year, so will Northwood School students.

Beginning in the 2019-2020 academic school year, the class schedule will shift from every class meeting every day for forty minutes with five minutes of passing time between periods to five of seven classes meeting each day, for fifty-five minutes and with fifteen minutes of passing time between periods. The longer passing time in the new schedule will allow for shuttles to transport students between the classroom buildings on campus and Northwood on Main, which will open in the fall.



The New Block Schedule of Classes will begin next school year. Underclass students will try out the new schedule later this spring.


The academic day will start at 7:55 and end at 2:50 and will include a dedicated time at 10:40 am for “Community Meetings,” which on some days will be school meeting and other days would include advisory, class, and club meetings at 10:40. Additionally, there will be designated shuttle runs to the classes that will be taught at Northwood School on Main and two flex periods.

keep-calm-new-schedule-coming-soonThe new schedule was announced by Mr. Jamie Welsh at a recent school meeting. Welsh is part of a faculty committee that worked on the new schedule. Welsh also explained that between December and April, classes will continue to be held in the afternoon. During the winter months. athletics will still meet in the mornings and classes in the evenings.

Underclass students will have an opportunity to give the new schedule a try. The school will run a trial of the new block schedule after LEAP and before final exams. Students will have many opportunities to offer feedback and suggestions on the new schedule during the trial.

More information about the trial will be shared by Dr. Laura Finnerty Paul in the coming weeks.

Soccer Players Try Skiing

As the winter came to a close, Black Rock FC had an exciting time skiing at the top of Whiteface. Many of the international students who had never seen snow before enjoyed learning how to ski or snowboard with help from their teammates. Here are what some our soccer players thought about their experience:

Kelvin and Jamie

Mr. Kelvin Martinez (right) with Mr. Jamie Welsh on Excelsior in the winter of 2018-19 (Photo: Ms. Marcy Fagan).

Pedro Paggi ‘19, who skied for the first time, said, “It was unbelievable how one experience can change your life. I had such a great time doing another sport other than football, and I loved it. In my first minute, I almost had a really awful crash when I couldn’t break. I almost stopped in a tree. It was unforgettable.’’

Alex van Schalkwyk ‘19, a first-time snowboarder, commented,  “[Learning how to snowboard] was an amazing experience. It was difficult at the beginning, but as time went on, it started becoming easier. By the end of the day, we all went down from the summit, which was crazy. I ate a lot of snow, but it was worth it. I’d definitely do it again.”

Mateo Rodriguez ‘20, an experienced skier, said, “We had a great time skiing. At first, it was quite challenging for those of us who already knew how to ski well. Although at first, some of the first-time guys struggled, they soon started to gather up confidence in themselves and began going down the hill more comfortably! Not only was it a truly fun activity in which we got to spend time with our close friends in a very different environment, but it was also a great team-building exercise for the group as a whole.”

Anton Johansson ‘20, who had skied before, was also surprised at the progress his teammates made throughout the day. He said, “We all had a great time at the mountain. The first couple of hours, a lot of the guys had a hard time. But after a while, they started going down the slopes without a problem. We ended up having a wonderful day with a lot of laughs.”

Kelvin Martinez, the soccer coach, was proud to see his team trying a new sport. “When we first announced the trip, there was a lot of hesitation. Many players preferred holding our usual soccer training, but in the end, their first question was, ‘When can we go again?’ It was great to see our players doing something outside of their usual routine, something many of them have never done in the past. I think that twenty years from now, this will be one of the experiences these young men will talk about: the time their soccer team, comprised of players from nineteen countries, went to take on Whiteface Mountain,” Martinez said. He added, “Many of them have committed to keep improving their skiing abilities on their own. Overall, it was a great day for the soccer team at Northwood. The boys truly enjoyed spending the entire day at the mountain.”

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