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The Mirror is Northwood School’s student-run newspaper. In its earliest form, when the School was affiliated with the Lake Placid Club, it was known as The Migrator. The paper transitioned to its current name in 1927 and won numerous Columbia Scholastic Press Association awards for excellence in scholastic journalism. For many years, The Mirror was advised by Mrs. Linda Friedlander and then Mr. Jeff Edwards. In 2008, Northwood’s advancement staff took over publishing The Mirror until the paper went dark a year later and was shuttered for six years. In 2015, as part of an independent study project, Nikita Tafazoli ’16 recruited a staff of student writers and brought back The Mirror as a student-led publication. Her goal was to give Northwood students a platform to showcase their writing and to bring the Northwood School community to the larger world and to bring the larger world to Northwood. Today, The Mirror is staffed by a journalism class taught by The Mirror‘s adviser, Mr. Spear, as well as occasional contributing writers, photographers, and illustrators.  The Mirror‘s 90th co-editors-in-chief are Mitchell Baker ’25 and Hung Nguyen ’25.

The Mirror is funded by gifts to the Northwood Fund. Thank you.

The 90th Staff of The Mirror
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Mitchell Baker ’25
Hung Nguyen ’25
A.J. Anayo ’25
Staff Writer
Maegan Byrne ’24
Staff Writer
Gus Garvey ’25
Staff Writer
Aidan Lasky ’23
Staff Writer
Jackson Smith ’23
Staff Writer
Maisie Crane ’23
Staff Writer

Colton Cushman ’25
Contributing Photographer


Julia Turner ’23
Contributing Illustrator

The Mirror’s faculty adviser for 2020-21 is Mr. John Spear ’88.

The Mirror is a member of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association, the Journalism Education Association, and Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society for High School Journalists.

All staff photos, and the photo on the site header, are by Mr. Michael Aldridge.

The Mirror was established in 1927
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The Mirror's Policy Manual and Style Guide.
The Mirror is funded by gifts to the Northwood Fund. Thank you.

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