Phone-a-Thon Connects Students, Alumni

Liz Creighton ’24 on the phone with Amelia Brady ’21 during the recent Ring the Bell alumni phone-a-thon. (Photo: Maisie Crane ’23)

Ring the Bell is one of the most significant events held annually at Northwood school, as it serves as a fundraiser for the annual fund. This fund helps pay for various experiences and activities that benefit Northwood students. By donating to the annual fund, individuals can provide Northwood students with more experiences and memories they will cherish forever.

In the weeks leading up to Ring the Bell, the advancement team, students, and faculty prepare for this important day of giving. The social media pages of Northwood are flooded with videos of students and faculty, reminding everyone about the upcoming event. Moreover, alums and people with connections to the school receive letters reminding them to contribute.

Jackson Smith ’23 (left) and Turner Jackson ’23 speak to alumni during the recent Ring the Bell alumni phone-a-thon. (Photo: Maisie Crane ’23)

On February 15th, the head of the annual fund, Thomas Broderick, or Brody, hosted a phone-a-thon at the Innovation Hub on Main Street. Five Northwood students from different cohorts, grades, and places came together to make calls, leave voicemails, and write emails to alumni, reminding them to donate to the annual fund on March 2nd.

Current ski racers were able to speak to graduated students. Liz Creighton ’24, a Northwood alpine skier, had the opportunity to call Amelia Brady ’21, an alpine skier currently attending the University of Virginia. Amelia stated that it was great to hear from a current student. She remembers her days at Northwood on Ring the Bell, working on the advancement council, connecting with alumni, and building connections. All student volunteers returned from the call-a-thon laughing about the funny conversations that lasted up to an hour with people who had graduated from Northwood many years ago. Thus, Ring the Bell raises money for the fund and brings back fond memories of Northwood school to people who may have forgotten the small things they experienced.

Izzy Boehm ’26 connects with alumni during the recent Ring the Bell alumni phone-a-thon. (Photo: Maisie Crane ’23)

On the day of Ring the Bell, all students during their English classes will bus to the hub and call and write an alum. Brody believes that bringing students into the school’s philanthropy process gives them access to connections and new life experiences for their future lives. This approach encourages students to realize the value of giving back to the community and building long-lasting relationships.

In summary, Ring the Bell is a day that represents the essence of Northwood School’s community. It brings students, faculty, and alumni together to support the annual fund, which helps students create memorable experiences that will last a lifetime. Additionally, it allows students to develop a sense of philanthropy, fostering their ability to make a difference in the world.

Click here to Ring the Bell for Northwood and show your support for the school’s continued success.


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