Meet the Five New Students Who Started in the Second Semester 

Northwood School welcomed five new students for the second semester, including three ninth graders, one junior, and one senior. The Mirror had the opportunity to interview each of these students to get to know them better and share their stories. 

Ivan Favreau ’25 (Photo Provided).

First, we have Ivan Favreau, a local North Country resident from Tupper Lake who enjoys fishing. A ninth grader, Ivan has two dogs at home, and he shared that he is enjoying his time at Northwood, even though it’s been a bit harder than he anticipated. Nonetheless, he finds the community to be welcoming. 

Kenneth Guchinskiy ’26 (Photo provided).

The second ninth grader is Kenneth Guchinskiy, also known as Kenny. He is from Goshen, New York. He came to Northwood to join the freestyle ski team and spends his free time skating and skiing with friends. Kenny has a younger brother and is adjusting well to life at Northwood. 

Jacob Slagel ’26 (Photo provided).

Jacob Slagel, the final ninth grader, is originally from Seattle, Washington. A member of the Varsity Hockey team, he has a passion for hockey, especially playing goaltender. Jacob is drawn to this position as it’s the backbone of the team, and he enjoys the pressure that comes with it. Despite the challenge, he strives for perfection and maintains a positive outlook on the game. 

Samantha McHale ’24 (Photo provided).

Northwood also welcomed Samantha McHale, a junior from suburban Chicago, Illinois, who is a figure skater. Samantha has an older sister, and she used to play hockey before pursuing figure skating. She hopes to help grow the figure skating program at Northwood. 

Jordan Shullenberger ’23 (Photo provided).

Finally, Jordan Shullenberger, a senior from Waterbury, Vermont, joined the Northwood soccer program and plans to spend a postgraduate year at Northwood. He has an older brother and appreciates the structure that Northwood provides. 

Northwood is excited to welcome these five new students, each bringing unique talents and passions to the school community. 


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