Family Weekend to Feature Student-Led Conferences

Next weekend, beginning October 7th, Northwood will have its annual family weekend. Family weekend allows families from all over the world to come and experience Northwood life. Parents will get to experience classroom life as well as co-curricular activities. For many students, this will be the first time they have seen their families since the start of the year. There are several events over the weekend that will easily welcome and entertain families from all over the world. The soccer and hockey teams will display their talent on family weekend with home games. 

A major addition to this year’s family weekend is student-led conferences. Student-led conferences were trialed with last year’s ninth-grade class. Ms. Noel Carmichael, humanities teacher and academic dean, played a significant role in the success of the student-led conferences last year. “I am really looking forward to the student-led conferences this year,” Carmichael said. “The student-led conferences are an opportunity for students to be in the driver seat for their educational journey. Students will have the opportunity to present a PowerPoint discussing their highlights, success, and challenges so far this year.”  

The student-led conferences are a terrific way to let students take charge of their conference rather than them being disengaged in a normal parent-teacher conference. Ms. Carmichael is aware that not all families will be able to attend family weekend. She expressed, “We are aware many families can’t make it which will mean several students will have to do their student led conferences virtually.” 

Ms. Wright is a teacher and a parent here at Northwood who attended the student-led conferences last year, and she believes that “The student-led conference was a wonderful way to learn about my child’s Northwood experience, from his perspective. The self-reflection was honest, and the goals were well thought out. Overall, it was a vast experience as a parent, and I enjoyed having my child guide his own conference.” It is safe to say the student-led conferences are a fantastic addition to this year’s family weekend.  

The student-led conferences, one of the many major events of family weekend. There will be several events that will portray the exquisite Northwood experience to families. Many families are coming to Northwood next weekend and the students cannot wait. Students are looking forward to the much-needed break after a hectic start to the year and they cannot wait to share their experience here at Northwood with their families. 

A full schedule of Family Weekend activities can be found here.


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