Humans Of Northwood: Ruby Lewin ‘22 

I am originally from Blue Mountain Lake. It is about an hour and a half south of here and has a total of 150 year-round residents.

I first attended Northwood in the fall of 2020, the start of my junior year. I came to Northwood for the first year of the dance program, in collaboration with The Dance Sanctuary, and for an enhanced academic experience. I was excited when I first heard about this new program. I had never heard of this school until the head of admissions came to our dance studio and told us about this collaboration.

Including dance into my academic schedule was an intriguing idea, and I am glad to have this opportunity.  My favorite part about the dance program is meeting people from a variety of places and diverse backgrounds, and we can come together and share the same passion. This studio has such a sense of community and welcomes everyone with open arms. I have loved having a “second family” and creating amazing pieces with some wonderful people.

Northwood does a respectable job of supporting the dancer students. I am hoping that as the program grows and progresses, there can be a formal practice space on campus. The dance students have dance classes at night, typically starting around 6:30/6:45 and lasting for two hours. For dancers next year (and years after), I would love to see better communication with the kitchen to confirm full meals for all the dancers rushing to catch transport to dance.

As told to Angelica Gonzalez ’22. Photo by Mr. Michael Aldridge


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