New Investment Club Generating Interest 

Clubs are an important part of life at Northwood School. They help students diversify from their commitment to sports and academics. A popular new club this year is the Investment Club founded by two seniors and advised by Mr. Kelvin Martinez.  

The idea for the investment club came from Slater Loffredo ‘22 and Berhanu Stevens ‘22. Club advisor Mr. Martinez wears many hats at school: in addition to advising student investors, he is also the boys U17 soccer coach, Spanish instructor, and Dean of Multicultural Affairs.  

“Berhanu and I are really interested in trading and stocks,” Loffredo said. “We found out that Mr. Martinez knows a lot about the topic, so we asked if he would be willing to share some investment and stock tips with students.” 

Now over a year later, the investment club has a regular attendance of around 12 students at each meeting.  

“During the meetings we all get our computers out and login to our TD Ameritrade paper trading accounts,” Loffredo continued. “These accounts are set up so we are not using actual money and we can practice the basics of investing without any risk of financial loss.”  

Mr. Aaron Garvey P’25 speaking to the investment club at the Innovation Hub in February 2022 (photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge).

The accounts use real time data and act as any other account funded with real money would. This allows the students and Mr. Martinez to have open discussions on different investing strategies as well as spotting investing trends.  

Last month, the club welcomed guest speaker Mr. Aaron Garvey P’25 to the Innovation Hub. Mr. Garvey, a parent of a current student, has had a long and successful career in finance. Garvey mentored students on the psychology of a successful investor. Each attendee had an opportunity to create an individualized investing plan and receive feedback. 

Students interested in the Investment Club should reach out to Mr. Martinez, Slater Loffredo or Berhanu Stevens. 


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