Humans of Northwood: Johnny Cielo ‘21 

I’m from Vernon New Jersey and I’m a senior here at Northwood. From the dorms, going to town, student activities, and sports, I’ve had so much fun. This is my second year here and I’ve created so many memories.   

Northwood has given me the opportunity to play hockey at a competitive level while getting a great hands-on education. My teachers and coaches have given me all the resources I need to do my best both on the ice and in the classroom. When I’m not playing hockey, I like hanging with everyone at the turf and in the dorms.  

Northwood had taught me many lessons and I’ve created so many great friendships. Next year I will be playing junior hockey and taking online classes. I’m excited to see my future that Northwood has prepared me for. 

As told to Rachel Hinkley ‘21. Photo provided. 


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