Opinion: Women’s Month and the Problematic Circumstances That Follow 

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March 8th marks the day of International Women’s Day to celebrate all that women, both cis and trans, have accomplished. But not only does the 8th of March claim this glorious day, March itself is also titled Women’s History Month.  

With a growing society full of equality and acceptance, you would think that we have moved passed the barrier of women being seen as inferior to men. However, statistics show that Google searches for “International Men’s Day” spike on March 8th; The scary part is that it spikes every year on March 8th. In my own personal experience yesterday on March 8thI’ve seen a lot of sexist comments (more than I’ve seen any other year). I’ve seen ads for companies pop up that have a misogynistic approach, and men of all ages making unnecessary remarks about their counterpart’s sex.  

It’s scary to think that people act like this. It’s the gender equivalent to a spike of racist comments in Black History Month or asking why there isn’t a White History Month. Another take is an increase of homophobic comments in Pride Month and wanting to create a Straight Pride Month.  

The reason there isn’t a men’s month or white or straight is because those have always been considered the “societal norm. Women, POC, and LGBTQ people have had to fight for their right to even be remotely seen as equal. They fought and continue to fight for their rights. The Salem Witch Trials were not an attack on witches; it was an attack on women. Women who were financially independent, having more than one female friend, not having children, showing stubbornness, having a birthmark, being an elder, being left-handed, doing math and even for having a cat you were seen as a witch. There are many other ridiculous reasons a woman would be dubbed a witch. But the Salem Witch Trial wasn’t an attack on witches, it was an attack on women who could do what a man could do. A man wouldn’t be hung or burned for having a birthmark, would he? No, just a woman. Women to this day are discriminated against because of their gender for such small reasons. Examples are if you see a slow or remotely bad driver, crazy how people will say “it must be a woman”? Or how almost every insult that you can call someone is feminine or is a derogatory term for part of a woman’s body?  

The bias and discrimination against women aren’t limited to the United States. In India, a husband can rape his wife without consequences. In Russia, domestic violence is not seen as a crime. In Sudana girl as young as 10 can get married. In Iran, wives need permission from their husband to travel. In Jordan, women can be killed in the name of “honor” and the murderer will have little to no consequences. In Belarus, women cannot be truck drivers. In Saudi Arabia, women are not allowed to drive. Still think we have it good? What about the tradition where if a woman doesn’t bleed on the honeymoon, it means she is not a virgin, and is then mocked and frowned upon or even divorced? Even though not all women bleed when lose their virginity 

The reason for an international women’s day is to celebrate how far we have come and generate the motivation to keep fighting. So, it’s absolutely disgusting that some men behave the way they do on this day, and throughout the month in the year 2021. Men have not had to fight for their own equality because they have always been seen as superior; therefore, they do not have a month dedicated to them. Whites have not ever been oppressed based on their skin color and did not have to fight their way to get rights, therefore they don’t have a month dedicated to them. Heterosexuals have never been frowned upon or sent to therapy for their sexuality, they have never been judged for what sex they were attracted to, so therefore there’s not a month dedicated to them. Sexism, homophobia, and racism are still somehow a part of society in 2021 and it is embarrassing 

So, on that note, happy Women’s History Month to all, and to all a good night. 

Some remarkable moments in women’s history: 

  • July 18th, 1848the first women’s rights convention.
  • January 23rd, 1849Elizabeth Blackwell is the first woman to graduate from medical school.
  • December 10th, 1869Wyoming passes the first Women’s suffrage law which allows women to vote and hold office.May 15th, 1869Susan B. Anthony founds the first Women’s Suffrage Association
  • October 16th, 1916Margret Sanger opens the first birth control clinic.
  • April 2nd, 1917Jeanette Rankin is the first woman to be elected in congress.
  • May 20th, 1962Amelia Earhart is the first woman, and the second person ever to fly across the Atlantic Ocean.
  • December 1st, 1955Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat to a white man, which sparks the Civil Rights Movement.
  • June 10th, 1963President John F. Kennedy signs the first Equal Pay Act, which prohibits the sex-based wage gap when a man and a woman are working the same job in the same workplace.
  • June 30th, 1966Betty Friedan found the National Organization for Women.
  • June 23rd, 1972President Richard Nixon signs Title IX law, which allows anyone of any sex able to participate in activities without being denied or excluded from based on gender.
  • July 7th, 1981Sandra Day O’Conner is the first woman to be sworn into the supreme court.
  • July 18th, 1983Sally Ride becomes the first American woman on a space shuttle to outer space.
  • March 12th, 1993Janet Reno is sworn in as the first female attorney general.
  • September 3rd, 1994Violence Against Women act is signed by President Bill Clinton.
  • January 23rd, 1997Madeleine Albright is sworn in as the first female secretary of state.
  • January 4th, 2007Nancy Pelosi is the first female speaker of the house.
  • January 24th, 2013US Military lifts the ban on women being able to fight in the military.
  • July 26th, 2016Hilary Clinton becomes the first woman to be nominated as a presidential candidate. 
  • January 20th, 2021Kamela Harris is the first woman and Person of Color to become vice president. 


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