Humans of Northwood: Elise Loescher ‘21 

I am a fouryear survivor here at Northwood. I lived in Germany and was exposed to Ski jumping. I am now on the Junior National Ski Jumping team because of the training I can do here at Northwood. As graduation is getting closer, I am looking to my future. I am planning of deferring from UVM and for this upcoming year I will be living in Utah to train with the rest of the JN Team. I am looking forward to the new experiences and goals that the future holds, but I will always cherish my friends and the memories that I have made at Northwood. 

As told to Rachel Hinkley ’21 (Photo provided)

Girls’ Lacrosse Games Postponed

Adria Tebo ’23 at a recent girls’ lacrosse practice. (Photo: Facebook/Northwood School)

The Girls’ Lacrosse team was supposed to travel to Potsdam last Wednesday and Massena on Saturday, but the games were postponed due to an outbreak of coronavirus at school. The Girls’ Lacrosse team is usually outside everyday practicing and having fun, getting prepared to play a few scrimmages. However, now with them being postponed, players and coaches don’t know when they’ll be able to practice or play games againWhile in quarantine, the girls can’t practice as a team, but are still having fun passing within their cohorts. Coach Broderick, Coach Weaver and all the girls are hopeful that we can reschedule these scrimmages to have a fun season amid this quarantine. 

Humans of Northwood: Sierra Butler ‘21 

I am from Burlington, VT. I played for Rice Prep for three years before deciding to finish out my high school career at Northwood. I was drawn to Northwood because of the elite hockey program with great coaches as well as the rigorous academics. When I arrived in the fall, I was welcomed by my teammates and students here as well as the faculty members. Coming to a new school for my senior year was a big change for me, but the culture here made me feel at home right away. Surrounded supportive friends, coaches, and teachers, I have felt myself grow in confidence. I have found the courage to step out of my comfort zone and use my voice to engage with others. I have met some amazing people here from all over the world and have made friendships and memories that I know will last a lifetime. My experience at Northwood has taught me many valuable lessons that will stick with me forever. I am excited to attend Northeastern University next year where I will be furthering my education and finding my career path! 

As told to Rachel Hinkley ‘21 (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge) 

Spring Sports and Activities Bring Normalcy

(Image: Northwood Athletics)

A year ago, campus was empty, everyone was taking classes from home, and most of the country was locked down. Spring at Northwood was canceled. This school year students are again participating in spring sports and co-curriculars.

There are many options this year, including intramural sports. The list of sports includes girls’ and boys’ lacrosse, co-ed crew, rock climbing, mountain biking, white water kayaking, golf, tennis, drama, track, yoga/hot HIIT, and dance.

Spring sports at Northwood give students a chance to be active while still having fun at the same time. While we are unsure of a possibility of games, we are hopeful and excited to have fun. Coaches Mr. Tom Broderick and Mr. Tim Weaver have been working hard with the girls’ lacrosse team while having fun and playing speed lacrosse. The girls’ lacrosse team has scheduled a scrimmage against Massena, which will be a fun opportunity for the team to play and bond.

Humans of Northwood: Amelia Brady ‘21 

“I am a four-year survivor from Lake Placid. Northwood has changed a lot during my time here, but it has remained a tight-knight family. It is such a unique place and I’ve loved all the traditions that come with the school. I came to Northwood to ski, and I am grateful to say that I started and ended my ski career at Whiteface. Having the opportunity to both train and learn at such a high level is so special. When I reflect on my time at Northwood, I will always remember hanging out in the living room with the girls, traveling to Austria to train, and walks to town.” 

As told to Rachel Hinkley ‘21. (Photo by Mr. Michael Aldridge) 

Humans of Northwood: Mackenzie Hull ‘21

I live in Watertown, NY, but am originally from the Midwest. This is my third year at Northwood and I’m a senior forward on the girl’s hockey team. Northwood has truly been an experience I will never forget and will forever be grateful for. It has given me great friendships, strong academics, and competitive athletics. The teachers and coaching staff are amazing and are part of the reason for where I am today. The experience here has changed me as a person and has taught me many things I will be keeping with me forever. Next year I plan to attend SUNY Oswego where I will major in wellness management while playing highly competitive hockey.  

As told to Rachel Hinkley ’21. Photo provided.


Girls’ Hockey Takes Three at Nichols

Members of the Girls’ Hockey Team celebrates a goal in the 2019-20 season. (Photo provided)

The girl’s hockey team traveled to Nichols School in Buffalo this past weekend to play a threegame series against in-state prep rival Nichols. In the first game, the girls had a 2-1 win with goals scored by Ella Fesette ‘22, and Madison Lawrence ‘23.  

For the second game of the weekend, the girls won 3-0, with goals scored by Mackenzie Hull ‘21, Meggan Cramer ‘21, and Kennedy Wilson ‘22. For the last game of the weekend, the girls ended strong with another 3-0 win, with goals scored by Fesette, Kennedy Wilson ‘22, and Ashlyn McGrath ‘21.  

The girls had a strong and competitive weekend that gave them energy to be ready to play four more games next weekend in Rochester, New York, where we will be playing Selects Academy, Syracuse Valley Eagles, and Niagra Purple Eagles. While in Rochester, we will also be having our Senior Night to honor this year’s seniors.  

Humans of Northwood: Ryan Cielo ‘21 

I am from Vernon, New Jersey, and attended a small Catholic school before discovering Northwood. This is my second year at Northwood, and I absolutely love it here. This school has given me the opportunity to play great hockey with some great teammates and fantastic coaching. This school has taught me that hockey is more than just a sport, it is a family.  

Northwood has also given me the ability to thrive academically with lots of resources and understanding teachers that are willing to do anything to help someone succeed. This school has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and find my voice because I’m forced to speak up for myself and communicate with others if I need something to get done. This school has taught me so many valuable life lessons that I will carry for years to come. Northwood has helped prepare me for the future to attend a college majoring in biology and play club hockey on the side.  

As told to Rachel Hinkley ’21. Photo provided.

Humans of Northwood: Johnny Cielo ‘21 

I’m from Vernon New Jersey and I’m a senior here at Northwood. From the dorms, going to town, student activities, and sports, I’ve had so much fun. This is my second year here and I’ve created so many memories.   

Northwood has given me the opportunity to play hockey at a competitive level while getting a great hands-on education. My teachers and coaches have given me all the resources I need to do my best both on the ice and in the classroom. When I’m not playing hockey, I like hanging with everyone at the turf and in the dorms.  

Northwood had taught me many lessons and I’ve created so many great friendships. Next year I will be playing junior hockey and taking online classes. I’m excited to see my future that Northwood has prepared me for. 

As told to Rachel Hinkley ‘21. Photo provided. 

Soccer Teams Compete in NYC

The U19 soccer team in action last weekend. (Photo provided)

After a long drought of not playing games, the Black Rock/ Northwood boys soccer teams traveled to Manhattan this past weekend to play a series of games against NYC-area opponents. The U19 team played against Barcelona Academy (NY), Westchester Flames, and Manhattan SC. The U18 team was scheduled to play three games but only ended up playing two against World Class FC and Real Jersey. 

The U19 over their course of three games finished the weekend 1-1-1. Their first game was against Barcelona Academy (NY) and tied 1-1. The goal scorer was Alvaro Garcia Pascual ‘21. The next game was against the Westchester Flames with a final of 7-1. The goal scorers of the game were Garcia Pascual (3), Slater Loffredo ‘22, Gian Franco Rodriguez Straccia ‘21, Eduardo Guerra Alonso ‘21, and Arnezha Astwood ‘21Their last game of the weekend was against Manhattan FC and was a 1-2 loss. The single goal was scored by Titouan Desveaux ‘21 

For the U18’s, their first game that was supposed to be played was a win by forfeit. Their second game of the weekend was against World Class FC and was a 1-4 loss. The goal was scored by Liam Doyle ‘22. Their last game of the weekend was played against Real Jersey with a 0-4 loss.  

The soccer team had been working hard on the indoor turf field and in the fitness center longing for games. This was a great opportunity for the team to travel and get some games in for their Black Rock season. The boys and their coaches are looking forward scheduling more games in the coming weeks and through spring break 

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