Humans of Northwood: Ryan Cielo ‘21 

I am from Vernon, New Jersey, and attended a small Catholic school before discovering Northwood. This is my second year at Northwood, and I absolutely love it here. This school has given me the opportunity to play great hockey with some great teammates and fantastic coaching. This school has taught me that hockey is more than just a sport, it is a family.  

Northwood has also given me the ability to thrive academically with lots of resources and understanding teachers that are willing to do anything to help someone succeed. This school has allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and find my voice because I’m forced to speak up for myself and communicate with others if I need something to get done. This school has taught me so many valuable life lessons that I will carry for years to come. Northwood has helped prepare me for the future to attend a college majoring in biology and play club hockey on the side.  

As told to Rachel Hinkley ’21. Photo provided.


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