Mixed Reactions about Headmaster’s Holiday

Coming off a big weekend of home hockey for all three teams and a heavy weekend of races for skiers, last Monday night was time to settle back into a regular routine. As study hall was coming to an end, celebrations suddenly began all around the dorms. It was the email most were wanting. Tuesday wasn’t going to be the normal day.

After a long tiring, hard-working weekend for all involved, Head of School Mr. Mike Maher decided that everyone deserved some rest. With the help of Jack Duggan ‘17, Mr. Maher declared Tuesday, January 21st, 2020 a Headmaster’s Holiday. In an email to the school community:

SUBJECT: Important Announcement from Mr. Maher

Dear Northwood Community:

I have officially declared tomorrow, January 21, 2020, a Headmaster’s Holiday! Jack Dugan ’17, a sophomore at Providence College, a Hobey Baker Award candidate and currently the leading scorer in NCAA Division I hockey, has agreed to help me with my announcement:

Our hockey teams and their coaches worked so hard this past weekend, and they deserve some downtime after our hockey tournament. I’ve been impressed with the work of all of our students and faculty this school year and take this occasion to acknowledge their collective commitment. Go Huskies and enjoy the day off!

– Mr. Maher

Tuesday’s Schedule

7:40 AM: Hot HIIT with Mr. Jeon
Extended breakfast from 7 – 10:30 AM
Bus to Whiteface at 11:00 AM
Lunch from 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM. Students are required to check-in at lunch
Jitney bus at 12:30 PM and 1:00 PM
Fitness Center from 2:30 – 4:30 PM
Tuesday evening will be a regular dinner and study hall.

As imagined, all students were ecstatic and so were most faculty. Emily Cairo ‘20 said, “ I felt relieved when I got the email about the Headmaster’s Holiday because I felt like I needed a quick break.” Many students and faculty took the day to relax before going straight back into sports and academics.

Some faculty disagreed with the Headmaster’s Holiday. Mavis Agnew, Director of Residential Life and Chair of the Art Department said, “The timing of the headmaster’s holiday was difficult for academics.  With our schedule this year, a missed day can have a much larger impact than it did in previous years. Many of our athletes were also missing Friday classes that week.  It was just a lot to miss and be able to keep momentum and continuity. I appreciate wanting to take a break after a busy athletic weekend, but I think a break from athletics, but not academics on Tuesday might have been another option.”

Senior Master Mr. Stephen Reed reportedly said “What the #@%&?” when he learned classes were canceled.

The schedule for the day changed, and different activities were offered but many students took the day to relax and hang out with friends.“Throughout the day I hung out with all of my friends and later on walked into town for some food,” said Cairo.  On the other hand, senior Cisco DelliQuadri’s day was more active. “I went ice climbing with Mr. Mellor and Kip Morgan ‘20,” he said. We went to Chapel Pond Canyon where I led hard ice, which is an accomplishment within ice climbing” said DelliQuadri.

It was definitely a day needed at Northwood school and many thanks to Mr. Maher and Dugan. This upcoming weekend is a travel weekend for both boys’ hockey teams as well as the girls’ team. The soccer team is heading for a day trip on Sunday, while many of the skiers will have their first weekend off since the beginning of the season.


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