School Goes Crazy for Nuggets

What’s crispy and gold on the outside and tender and warm on the inside? Welcome to Chicken Nugget Day — Northwood students’ most anticipated day of the year.

Graduation, Prom, and formals do not matter as long as we have chicken nuggets on our plate. “I’m very excited about Nug Day. It’s my favorite day,” Anneliese Munter ‘22 said.  “Chicken Nugget Day makes me feel whole,” said Miranda Bookman ‘20.

As the line winds into the living room, everyone is in awe of what is to come. No matter what country, continent, or planet you are from, the beautiful nuggets bring the Northwood community together. Whether you top the poultry morsels with barbecue, ranch, buffalo, or ketchup, the combinations are endless as you bite into the hot, crunchy goodness.

“Nug day is the most important day of the school year,” said Cian Murphy ‘22.

In contrast to the students, the kitchen staff dreads the stampede and havoc caused by chicken nuggets in the dining hall.  “They’re wonderful…Lovely,” the kitchen staff said sarcastically when asked about nugget day.

“Oh my god, I’m so excited! I was having a pretty bad day, but then my friends said, ‘Gabby, it’s Nug Day,’ and I was like ‘Yes!’ I started crying. That’s how much Nug Day means to me,” Gabby Cote ‘21 said.

Reminding kids of Christmas day, Chicken Nugget Day is on the way.



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