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First Trimester Honor Rolls Announced

December 15, 2020 — Ms. Noel Carmichael, Northwood School’s Dean of Academic Affairs, today announced the Honor Rolls for the first trimester of the 2020-21 school year, which concluded on Thursday, November 20.


Upperclassmen (Gr. 11 & 12): Minimum weighted GPA of 4.00 with no grade below B+
Underclassmen (Gr. 9 & 10): Minimum weighted GPA of 3.70 with no grade below B+

Amelia Brady ‘21 David Green ‘22 Slater Loffredo ‘22
Brian Brady ‘24 Ashley Guevara ‘24 Anja Martin ‘22
Katherine Broderick ‘22 Kathryn Hagness ‘21 Andrew Mazza ‘21
Sierra Butler ‘21 Carson Hall ‘22 Luc Mikula ‘21
Angelina Castillo ‘21 Caroline Harrison ‘22 Keith Mutunga ‘21
Ryan Cielo ‘21 Turner Jackson ‘23 Cilla Nee ‘22
Ellie Colby ‘21 Jacob Jaslow ‘23 Christie-Ann Nelson ‘23
Gabrielle-Catherine Cote ‘21 Brooke Kelley ‘23 Iva-Amanda Nelson ‘23
William Cruickshank ‘21 Lealani Kidd ‘21 Lincoln Norfolk ‘24
Ava Day ‘21 Colin Kis ‘24 Chase Ormiston ‘21
Leah DeFilippo ‘22 Jadenlin Klebba ‘21 Joaquín Sánchez Kornfeld ‘21
Haley Donatello ‘21 Jan Korec ‘22 Sophia Schupp ‘24
Drew Donatello ‘24 Madison Kostoss ‘21 Evelina Sheridan ‘22
William Donato ‘21 Hillary Larsen ‘22 Adria Tebo ‘23
Liam Doyle ‘22 Aiden Lasky ‘22 Richard Volpe ‘23
Macie Eisenhart ‘23 Madison Lawrence ‘23 Chuer Zhang ‘21


Upperclassmen (Gr. 11 & 12): Minimum weighted GPA of 3.70 with no grade below B
Underclassmen (Gr. 9 & 10): Minimum weighted GPA of 3.30 with no grade below B

Adelia Castillo ‘21 Mackenzie Hull ‘21 Anna Pavlasova ‘23
Andrew Centrella ‘22 Nathan Kirschenbaum ‘21 Robert Renner ‘21
Jillian Clark ‘23 Junyeop Lee ‘23 Adeline Swanson ‘24
Magnus Eisler ‘24 Jazlyn Lluberes ‘23 Kara Wentzel ‘22
Ella Fesette ‘22 Elise Loescher ‘21 Kennedy Wilson ‘22
Tate Frantz ‘23 Seth Moores ‘24 Joey Winthrop ‘23
Jacob Guévin ‘21 Mathis Nolet-Gagne ‘23 Zachary Zientko ‘21
Audrey Higgins-Lopez ‘21 Rowen Norfolk ‘22  


Upperclassmen (Gr. 11 & 12): Minimum GPA of 3.30 with no grade below B-
Underclassmen (Gr. 9 & 10): Minimum GPA of 3.00 with no grade below B-

Suhaib Ali ‘22 Benjamin DeGirolamo ‘21 Mark Monaco ‘21
Marina Alvarez ‘21 Dominick DeGuardia ‘24 Thebe Mosehathebe ‘23
Kendin Basden ‘22 Peppi DelliQuadri ‘22 Quy-An NguyenLe ‘21
Kaiya Belisle ‘21 Ray Fust ‘21 Kami O’Brien ‘23
Matthew Brady ‘22 Alvaro Garcia Pascual ‘21 Maximilian Oechsner ‘21
Daniel Buchbiner ‘22 David Garvey ‘22 Tomas Restrepo Gaviria ‘21
Benedetta Caloro ‘21 Emma Goldberg ‘23 Ryan Rutley ‘23
John Cielo ‘21 Sean Kgwakgwa ‘21 Austin Scheine ‘21
Kira Cook ‘23 Lars Kroes ‘21 Abigail Sinclair ‘23
Meggan Cramer ‘21 Michael Leone ‘21 Lily Spiegel ‘22
Maisie Crane ‘23 Ruby Lewin ‘22 Ainsley Tuffy ‘24
Nora Dawood ‘23 Ruby Maiore ‘22 Roman Winicki ‘22
Carter Day ‘23 Cole Mathews ‘23 Nolan Woudenberg ‘22
Connor DeAngelis ‘22 Ashlyn McGrath ‘21 Natalie Zarcone ‘22


Attained at least three “excellent” grades, with no effort grades below “good.”

Suhaib Ali ‘22 Macie Eisenhart ‘23 Paige Melicant ‘22
Marina Alvarez ‘21 Ella Fesette ‘22 Brendan Merriman ‘21
Kaiya Belisle ‘21 Tate Frantz ‘23 Luc Mikula ‘21
Tyler Boudreau ‘22 Ray Fust ‘21 Seth Moores ‘24
Amelia Brady ‘21 Alvaro Garcia Pascual ‘21 Keith Mutunga ‘21
Brian Brady ‘24 David Garvey ‘22 Cilla Nee ‘22
Omiel Brito ‘21 David Green ‘22 Christie-Ann Nelson ‘23
Katherine Broderick ‘22 Ashley Guevara ‘24 Iva-Amanda Nelson ‘23
Sierra Butler ‘21 Kathryn Hagness ‘21 Calil Neme Filho ‘21
Adelia Castillo ‘21 Carson Hall ‘22 Quy-An NguyenLe ‘21
Angelia Castillo ‘21 Caroline Harrison ‘22 Lincoln Norfolk ‘24
Andrew Centrella ‘22 Audrey Higgins-Lopez ‘21 Maximilian Oechsner ‘21
Ryan Cielo ‘21 Mackenzie Hull ‘21 Chase Ormiston ‘21
Ellie Colby ‘21 Turner Jackson ‘23 Anna Pavlasova ‘23
Kira Cook ‘23 Lealani Kidd ‘21 Caroline Purcell ‘24
Gabrielle-Catherine Cote ‘21 Colin Kis ‘24 Robert Renner ‘21
William Cruickshank ‘21 Jadenlin Klebba ‘21 Joaquín Sánchez Kornfeld ‘21
Nora Dawood ‘23 Jan Korec ‘22 Sophia Schupp ‘24
Ava Day ‘21 Madison Kostoss ‘21 Evelina Sheridan ‘22
Carter Day ‘23 Lars Kroes ‘21 Abigail Sinclair ‘23
Leah DeFilippo ‘22 Hillary Larsen ‘22 Lily Spiegel ‘22
Benjamin DeGirolamo ‘21 Aiden Lasky ‘22 Adeline Swanson ‘24
Peppi DelliQuadri ‘22 Madison Lawrence ‘23 Adria Tebo ‘23
Norah Dempsey ‘21 Junyeop Lee ‘23 Calem Tommy ‘22
Drew Donatello ‘24 Jazlyn Lluberes ‘23 Kara Wentzel ‘22
Haley Donatello ‘21 Elise Loescher ‘21 Kennedy Wilson ‘22
William Donato ‘21 Slater Loffredo ‘22 Chuer Zhang ‘21
Liam Doyle ‘22 Anja Martin ‘22


Humans of Northwood: Su Hae “Jessica” Jang


When I was younger, I had a fear of talking to people older than me. Even people I’d known for basically my entire life, like my grandparents. It was more than just shyness. For example, I could never order food at restaurants. It was not easy challenging myself. It was only when I was in the eighth grade that I began to feel okay talking to my teachers one-on-one. I think Northwood has really helped me overcome my fear.

At first, I tried hiding my fear. I wanted to appear calm and not let others know the panic I was feeling inside. But as I got more and more opportunities to voice my opinions, I actually began feeling comfortable enough to push myself further. As I got involved in the rowing team, the Sustainability Committee, the Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program, the student councils, The Mirror, and other activities, I became more and more confident interacting with teachers and other adults. This was one of the reasons why I chose Northwood. I’d always wanted to go to a boarding school to learn to be more responsible for myself and to be more independent. Now, after four years of Northwood, I’m not even afraid of public speaking. I’m really thankful for how the Northwood community has always been supportive and loving all along.

Another reason why I decided to go to Northwood was the winter activities. I love skating and snowboarding. I’m sad that I had to leave Lake Placid in the middle of winter. I was getting better and better at snowboarding and was planning to learn skiing from my friends as well. Now that I’m back home in Korea, I don’t get much time to spend on outdoor activities. I’ll never forget all the hiking I did in the Adirondacks.

I’ll also miss my friends and teachers. They believed in me more than I did and always encouraged me to trust myself even when I doubted what I could achieve. Without them, I would’ve never been able to listen to myself. I can’t say I loved every single moment I spent at Northwood. There were days when it was a struggle to get through study hall or times when I missed my family and friends in Korea. But the good moments overshadow the bad ones. I’m glad to be a four-year survivor at Northwood. It means that I got to enjoy almost all the opportunities the school has to offer. Regardless of what I do or where I go in the future, the support of the Northwood community will always stick with me and be a part of who I am.

Su Hae “Jessica” Jang was the editor-in-chief of The Mirror for two years (2018-19 and 2019-20). This profile was published on her originally-scheduled graduation day. The ceremony was postponed until May 20, 2021 due to the global pandemic.

Humans of Northwood: Andrew Goldberg ’20


Andrew is a post-graduate student from Fayetteville, New York. He was involved in rock climbing and skiing and was a key member of Northwood’s FIRST Robotics Team. He is undecided about his plans for next year.

Humans of Northwood: Chao Wang ’20


My name is Chao Wang, but people call me Kevin. I am from Dongguan, China. I am a “four-year survivor” of Northwood. I enjoyed skiing at Whiteface and the school’s Adirondack setting. I plan to attend university in the United States, but I am currently undecided about where I will study.

Humans of Northwood: Mingwei Zhou ’20


Mingwei is from Yiwu, China. At Northwood, he participated in Rockets and Robotics. He’s currently undecided about his university plans for next year.

Humans of Northwood: Christophe Garon ’20


Christophe, from Saint Augustin de Desmaures, Quebec, Canada, was an alpine ski racer during his time at Northwood. He plans to attend the University of Ottawa.

Humans of Northwood: Braelyn Tebo ’20


I have been at Northwood for 4 years. I’ll remember all of the amazing experiences that my time at Northwood has offered, and a passion to always be open to trying new things. Mrs. Van Slyke helped spark my passion for painting and supported me every step of the way in all the time I spent in the art room. Next year I am going to attend Skidmore College with plans to major in Environmental Studies.

– Adapted from a senior spotlight.


Humans of Northwood: Gesangdanda ’20


My name is Gesangdanda, but people call me Gesang. I am from Tibet. I enjoy basketball and listening to music. I also like to cook.


DelliQuadri Receives Distinguished NYSSRA Don Jugle Memorial Award

Mr. Terry DelliQuadri (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge)

Recently at the NYSSRA Board Meeting, annual awards were announced and Northwood School’s Terry DelliQuadri received the New York State Ski Racing Association Don Jugle Memorial Award.

This annual award is presented to an outstanding individual or organization who exhibits hard work, dedication, unselfishness, and/or sponsorship to preserve fairness in ski racing in order that those racers that start at the end have as equal a chance as those starting first.

This is the quote from his nomination and he was selected by the NYSSRA Awards Selection Committee:

“Terry DelliQuadri is the Northwood Program Director and ideally should always be looking out for the top athletes to recruit and develop. He, of course, does this but what makes him so outstanding is that he spends equal (if not more) amounts of time making sure that ALL athletes are receiving the same amount of attention, coaching, and fairness at training and on race day. He is always paying close attention to every race day detail, rule, and regulation. Anyone that knows Terry knows that his best word to describe him is selfless. He spends every free moment he has helping all Northwood students, not just skiers! Whether it’s countless hours in the tuning room or rides to Starbucks, he is the most dedicated individual to this sport I have ever met.”

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