Interim Girls’ Hockey Coach Gino Riffle Named Permanent Head Coach


Head Coach Gino Riffle behind the bench with Assistant Coach Leigh Getz.

On Wednesday, Head of School Mike Maher announced that Gino Riffle, interim Head Girls’ Hockey Coach, has been appointed permanent Head Coach. Coach Riffle had taken on the role of Head Coach of the girls hockey team after the departure of Coach Schodel late last summer. Schoedel took a coaching position at Harvard. Since then he has worked side-by-side with Assistant Coach Leigh Getz to lead the girls to their current 25-9-5 record.

Mr. Maher stated in his announcement:

“Northwood School is pleased to announce that interim Head Girls’ Hockey Coach Gino Riffle has been appointed permanent Head Coach. Additionally, the school will begin a national search aimed at hiring an Associate Head Coach who will join the current coaching staff to assist with recruiting efforts and coaching responsibilities…Given Gino’s success, the school would be hard pressed to find a coach who is both versed in the nuances of independent boarding school life and capable of leading a high-level hockey program.”

The announcement comes with excitement building around the team as they gear up for the final stretch of the season with the confidence that they will continue to have a strong coaching staff backing them. Current players are happy with the decision:

“I’m excited for the upcoming season. I feel like based on what we’ve heard there will be a lot of success. I like him as a coach. He’s helped me improve throughput the season, and he’s going to help me progress over the next few years. Even with his busy schedule he finds a way to make time for us and helps us with whatever we need. He never gives up on us winning or losing and always finds a way to motivate us to go out and do our best. Personally, I’m looking forward to it and he has so much to bring to the table. Based on the progress we’ve made, next season could be even better!”

– Marina Alvarez (Defense, 2021)

“I think that the school’s decision to keep Riffle as the head coach is the best one given the situation.  Coach Getz and Coach Riffle are both fantastic teachers and coaches, and are helping our team become the best we can be, and I’m very excited to see how we progress these next few years.”

– Courtney Fairchild (Goaltender, 2020)

When Coach Riffle was asked about his permanent role as Girls’ Head Coach he commented:

“I am very excited for this opportunity. Northwood has had a strong history of girls’ hockey since its inception. I am thrilled to take the lead and look forward to the challenge of building upon the foundation laid before me. It is our goal to have this program consistently at the top nationally and, with help from Coach Getz, we will work tirelessly to make this happen. We take great pride in having the opportunity to help impact the girls’ lives on and off the ice during such formative years.  We want this Northwood experience for the girls to be one they will remember for the rest of their lives.”

Coach Riffle’s permanent role was not the only news that came from the announcement. It was also confirmed that Coach Getz would return for her second season as assistant coach of the girl’s hockey team. Getz was happy that Coach Riffle would continue as Head Coach. “Based on our success this season, I had a hunch that Coach Riffle would stick around,” said Getz. “He’s great at what he does and I look forward to continuing to coach with him next season.”



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