Review: Best Places To Order In Italian Food


“Chicken Parm”is a favorite dish among students.

If you are running late from a sports practice, or are still hungry after dinner, Lake Placid has many restaurants that will deliver food to school.

A very good place to order food in is Bazzi’s Pizza. Not only does Bazzi’s have great pizza, but they also have other options.  Bazzi’s has classic Italian deli sandwiches. They offer appetizers such as wings and mozzarella sticks. The wings are very high quality.  The best thing to order from Bazzi’s is the chicken parmesan dinner, served over pasta.

Another great place to order is Mr. Mike’s Pizza. They have great Italian appetizers such as garlic bread, bruschetta, and breaded mozzarella cheese.  They also offer salads. Mr Mike’s has signature pizzas.  You can order pies such as a grilled chicken pie or a vegetarian pie for the healthier options. It also offers sandwiches, pasta, and chicken dishes such as chicken marsala.

Main Street Pizza is also a good delivery option. Along with the other two, they also serve classic Italian dishes like pasta and chicken parmesan. The best feature is the pizza, for which they have great toppings, like peppers and onions. The best pizza may just be the plain cheese. Another great dish is the ravioli bake.

The Mirror surveyed Northwood students about their favorite places to order in. The options were Bazzi’s Pizza, Mr. Mike’s Pizza, Main Street Pizza, and other, if a student wishes.  Forty-nine students voted, and 28 (57%) voted for Bazzi’s. Mr Mike’s, Main Street Pizza, and Other, all tied with 7 (each 14%).

On Tuesday, October 25, students, Christian DiCesare ‘17, and Kevin Lombardi ‘17, ordered the same dish, a Chicken Parmesan Dinner, from all three restaurants as an experiment. Here is how they compare:

Mr. Mike’s chicken parmesan, pictured below, was not bad.  The pasta was decent.  The chicken was decent as well but a little dry, but the dish lacked a good amount of sauce.  The portion size was not too large either.  The time of call to delivery was 41 minutes. Each of us gave a number rating, and for Mr. Mike’s, the average is a 5/10.


Main Street Pizza’s chicken parmesan was excellent.  The pasta was delicious, and was covered in vodka sauce, a nice twist on the dish.  The chicken was also first class. It was flavorful, thick, and breaded well. The portion was also very full. Main Street took 45 minutes to deliver.  The dish is pictured below. Our average rating: 8.7/10


Bazzi’s chicken parmesan was also very good.  The marinara sauce was excellent, and the chicken and pasta were both great.  The only complaint might be that the cheese itself was not as tasty as Main Street Pizza’s.  Nevertheless, Bazzi’s is still very good.  The portion size is also good; it is the same as Main Street’s. It took 50 minutes to deliver, but we were told it was a very busy night. Our average rating: 7.7/10


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