Humans of Northwood: Ïu Pentinat Llurba ‘22 

I was born in Barcelona, ​​Spain, where I have lived all my life. I am 18 years old and I am the second of four brothers. At 16 I arrived at Northwood School to achieve my goal of studying and playing soccer at the highest level in college. In my free time I like to spend time with my friends, play video games and watch Formula 1. Thanks to the experiences of life, I have matured, which has helped me to have goals in my life and work for them. I am very passionate about football and my dream is to become a professional footballer and find something that makes me happy. I enjoy living at Northwood and the friendships I have made here will be for a lifetime.” 

As told to Pablo Obrador ’22. Photo by Mr. Michael Aldridge

Humans of Northwood: Karleigh Hollister ’22 

“I’m originally from Old Forge, New York, but I live in Lake Placid during the academic year. I came to Northwood to ski race and to better my education from my prior school. I live in Lake Placid and it’s easy to commute, even on snowy days. It’s not too unsafe or too far to drive. I love the friendships we all have on the ski team, and the traveling to all these beautiful places like Austria and Colorado along with our races in New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont. Skiing is an individual sport, so it gives each skier great opportunities to develop skills. We also get to ski in Colorado in November when we’re still waiting for the first snow in the East. I love traveling for the experience of seeing another country and just to have some great training. My plans include going to college, possibly at Castleton University. I plan to major in business as well and racing for the ski team.”

As told to Angelica Gonzalez ’22. Photo by Michael Aldridge 

Northwood Alum Drury has Sights Set on Gold in Beijing

Kevin Drury ’06 (Photo: Getty Images)

Northwood graduate Kevin Drury ‘06 is competing in the Winter Olympics Games in Beijing, China. Drury is 33, competes for Canada and was born and still resides in Toronto, Ontario.

Drury competes in ski cross, a freestyle event where skiers must race through a challenging course at top speeds against 4 other competitors. Drury was a talented alpine racer at Northwood and later found success on the ski team at University of Vermont as he got second in the giant slalom in the 2011 NCAA championships.

This will be his second time competing for Canada in the Olympics. He also competed in PyeongChang in 2018 where he finished fourth, just shy of the podium. More recently, Drury has gained a lot of success and respect after receiving silver in the 2020 world cup for ski cross. This makes Drury won of the top competitors in the world for his sport and a favorite to podium or win this year’s Olympics.

All of Drury’s heats will take place on Friday, February 18. A complete schedule of his competition is available here.

Growing Lettuce Without Soil: Advanced STEM Research

Peppi DelliQuadri ’22 with his Advanced STEM research project (photo: Conrad Katzander ’22)

In the Friedlander Science Building you can find an interesting room with ongoing independent scientific research projects. As you walk into the classroom, you see romaine lettuce growing without soil inside large tents. This is for the Advanced STEM Research class at Northwood. It’s a scientific research class where each student picks their own research project. Students are doing research on drones to collaborating with a local Orthopedic surgeon on a case report for a patient had knee replacement that got infected. The STEM program at Northwood allows students to work on hands-on projects of their choice and learn about the scientific research process.

Staff writer Conrad Katzander ‘22 interviewed Peppi DelliQuadri ‘22 about his research project.

KATZANDER: What Is the name of your project?
DELLIQUADRI: “Effects of Photoperiod on Growth of Baby Romaine Lettuce Using Ebb and Flow Hydroponics.”

What are you trying to learn? What’s your goal?
For my project I’m learning how to grow romaine lettuce without soil. Using water with Hydroponics in the room, we are determining the specific effects of photoperiods on the growth of little gem romaine lettuce growing inside grow tents using ebb and flow hydroponics.
The goal is to use the research process as I go, collecting data along the way, and documenting my whole process.

How long will this project take?
I did lots of research and found out that lettuce grows great in a hydroponic system. I decided growing lettuce for 45 days was a perfect amount of time, so that way I could test the results and harvest. It also is short enough that I could have another trial.

What are you using for materials?
The project is located in the science building, and it’s a closed system so we can control the humidity and temperature of the room for the lettuce. I am using hydrofarm megagarden systems with one LED in each tent. I use Masterblend 4-18-38 complete combo fertilizer for nutrients which I mix into the closed system. I started the seeds in rockwool before transplanting them into the system after 5 days of growth. I Check the pH every 3 days and I adjust the pH depending on if it’s too low or too high. And I track their growth.

Will you take research process with you wherever you go next?
Yes, I will take the research process with me as I plan to study agriculture in college.

Humans of Northwood: Shashwath Sunkum ‘22

I spontaneously decided to come to Northwood and change the trajectory of my future, but little did I know that I would find a place half-way across the world I can call home. The experience has been a surreal one, with delightful surprises each day. The remarkably amicable community has been so welcoming, making my transitions from life in India seamless. Nestled in the Adirondacks, the sky is both metaphorically and literally the limit. The opportunities available to explore one’s varied interests are seemingly infinite. I have been intellectually challenged by esoteric men, the likes of Mr. Reed, Mr. McCauley, Mr. LeBlanc & Mr. Emery. Unexpectedly, I found a passion for recreational skiing. Ms. Fagan expertly taught us beginners this skill, making us all fall in love with it. Although my short time at Northwood, is approaching its completion, I can proudly say that Northwood School & the town of Lake Placid, are an integral part of my identity.

As told to Conrad Katzander ‘22 (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge)

Humans of Northwood: Henry Gibson ’25

“I was born in North Carolina, near Ashville. I grew up with a passion for soccer and I enjoyed playing for my local club. My dream is to play professional soccer because I love it. In my free time I enjoy learning about cars, reading and watching Netflix. I also spend time with my 3 brothers and 2 sisters. I decided to come to Northwood because I heard really good things about the soccer program here, I also heard the academics were good as well; it was exactly what I was looking for. So far, my time has been good. I am really enjoying the high level of soccer and am looking forward to the rest of the season.”

As told to Mitchell Baker. (25. Photo by Mitchell Baker ’25)

Art Teacher Goes Back to School for MFA 

Northwood’s art teacher Ms. Van Slyke is going attending graduate school at the Savannah college for Art and Design to get her Master in Fine Arts (MFA) in painting. She is pursuing this ambitious goal while she is still teaching her art classes at Northwood. 

Staff writer Conrad Katzander ‘22, and artist himself, spoke to Van Slyke about her experience.


Katzander: Why did you decide to go back to art school? 

Van Slyke: I’ve been a professional artist for many, many years, but I always wanted a deeper understanding of why I do the art that I do. I also believe that no matter what your age, you should never stop learning and growing as an artist.


How has grad school changed your art?  

My art has changed a lot because I am now working much larger and working with one cohesive body of work.


Do you like being a student and a teacher? 

Yes, because the best way to learn something is to teach it as well.


What types of things are you learning at school? 

Every semester I take a painting class. I’ve also taken graduate drawing, art history, art criticism, and MFA self-promotion. Next year I will start working towards my thesis. I have also had two internships.


Ms. Ingrid Van Slyke working on a painting. (Photo provided)

What things have you learned in your school that you have been applying to the classes that you teach?  

In painting specifically, it is that as painters you need to have a plan before you start your painting. Having drawings and sketches as well as color studies and then developing it on the canvas is very useful.

As I student, I have learned how valuable it is when teachers make expectations clear for their students. I’ve learned from seeing how other art teachers teach differently.


How far along are you with your MFA and how do you take your classes? 

Its online schooling. I’m four years in and I have one more year to go. I take one course at a time during the schoolyear and two classes in the summer.

Humans of Northwood: Turner Jackson ’23

I was born in Charlotte, North Carolina but grew up in Hong Kong. Growing up in Hong Kong was fantastic, I experienced different cultures and religions.  It was a safe environment that allowed me to run through the streets independent and free. I matured and became independent because of these past experiences. I decided to come to Northwood at 15 to challenge myself in a new environment and to develop on and off the [soccer] field. In my free time, I speak to family and watch college or NFL football. My favorite subjects are Physics and History. I am extremely passionate about, soccer but my main goal in life is to find something that makes me happy and live a fulfilling life. My time here at Northwood has been pleasant; everyone has made me feel welcome, I have made lifelong friendships and I am really enjoying it here.

As told to Mitchell Baker ’25. Photo by Mr. Michael Aldridge.

Humans of Northwood: Kyumin Shin ’22

“From I young age my passion has always been football. Being born in Seoul, South Korea I had the environment and opportunity to play high level football and play for good teams. Besides for sports I enjoy certain academics like science and mathematics. As a post Graduate student, I chose to come to Northwood after I learned about the Black Rock soccer program and met Coach Moodey. He did a great job explaining how attending Northwood could help me achieve my goals of becoming a Division I student-athlete. In my free time I like to sing and participate in the open mics offered at the Hub on Main Street.”

As told to Colter Cheney-Seymour ’22

Humans of Northwood: Suhaib Hussein Ali ’22

I’m from Somaliland, it’s a country in East Africa. A lot of people confuse it as Somalia but the countries divided in 1991 as an independent state. Even though we come from similar backgrounds, ethnicity, language, religion, it’s a totally different country.

Where I’m from the culture and lifestyle are vastly different. In Somaliland, the popular traditions we have are pottery, music, wood carving, and architectural things. A lot of our arts and traditions are based on pre-Islamic mythology and Muslim beliefs.

Something that is completely different in Somaliland that may be a shock to many people is the number of siblings in a family, in our country the household is much large than the average US family. I have 9 siblings, and I am the youngest. Living in a house with 9 siblings can be a challenge sometimes as you can imagine, but it’s something normal where I’m from. And it was shocking for me when I came here because most people would have 1 or 2 siblings; sometimes not even any.

There has been a lot of cultural shocks coming here. For example, my first time experiencing snow. It wasn’t pleasant but I’ve gotten used to it. But moving here was great I was able to learn another language which is something I am really passionate about. Currently, I speak 4 languages, Arabic, English, Somali, and Hindi.

I moved to the United States and Northwood School so I could pursue my education and maximize my opportunities. I for sure miss my home, but experiencing a different culture and new lifestyle has been a good experience for me. I plan to attend college here in the US but I am excited to finally go see my family back in Somaliland during the summer.

As told to Jacob Shain ’22. Photo provided.

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