Humans of Northwood: Ellie Colby ‘21 

I grew up in Lake Placid, and after attending the local elementary and middle schools here I was ready for a change. I chose Northwood for the opportunity to meet new people from around the world, and for the abundance of opportunities the school offers both inside and outside of the classroom. After being here for four years I could not be happier about my decision to attend. In my time here I have met some of my best friends, created lifelong memories, and have grown as a person. One of my favorite things about Northwood is that students are encouraged to try new activities. While I arrived as a freshman with a love for horseback riding, I am leaving as a senior who spends much time practicing yoga, all because of the school’s after-school activity selection. Besides horseback riding and yoga, I have also done volleyball, golf, and rec skiing, and have dedicated a lot of time to various Northwood clubs, including CARE and the Blue Key society. Although my time at Northwood has been great, I am excited to attend Boston College next year where I will begin a new chapter in my life. I will miss the living room gossip, being at a place where I know the names of nearly all of my peers, and most of all, I will miss attending an institution that makes me look forward to going to school in the morning. Northwood will forever hold a special place in my heart.  

– As told to Marina Alvarez ‘21. Photo provided 

Humans of Northwood: Meggan Cramer ‘21 

I came to Northwood from Cicero, New York to play hockey at an elite level while also getting a topnotch education. This is my second year at Northwood, and it has been an experience I will never forget. I really loved the hockey program because I got to be with my friends on the ice every day and compete in the highest level of competition. Northwood has taught me how to manage my athletics and schoolwork appropriately and get everything finished on time. I am super excited to go to SUNY Cortland where I will be continuing my hockey career. What I will miss the most about Northwood is being with the girls every day and making unforgettable memories. 

As told to Marina Alvarez ‘21 

Girls’ Hockey Heads Off Campus for Series of Games 

Members of the Girls’ Hockey Team celebrates a goal in the 2019-20 season. (Photo provided)

The Northwood Girls’ Hockey team left campus yesterday to play a series of games over the next few weeks in March. The last time the girls’ team has played games was in the second week of January 

Over these next few weeks, Northwood’s Girl’s Hockey Team will face some of the topranked teams in the nation, includingHoneyBaked, NAHA, Jr. Flyers, Selects Academy and many more. Between games the girls will go to their homes or stay with a teammate and take classes remotely. 

The girls began the month by dominating play against Nichols yesterday and winning 5-1. Goals scored by Marina Alvarez ’21, Ella Fesette ’22 (two), Ana Pavlaslova ’23, and Madison Lawerence ’23, who netted her first ever Northwood goal. 

The girls are currently in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where they will face off against Selects Academy (ranked #8 in the nation) on Friday morning at 11:00am, and Friday afternoon against NAHA (ranked #5 in the nation) at 6:15pm. On Saturday they face off against HoneyBaked (ranked #6 in the nation) at 2:00pm and from there depending on their record they can compete in the playoffs for some more hockey. 

The following weekend, the girls will be making their way to Syracuse the weekend to play against Valley Eagles and possibly the Jr. Flyers (ranked #12 in the nation) for a solid weekend series.  

The weekend of March 20th the Huskies will be in Rochester, NY to face off against Selects Academy in a series of games against their intrastate rival 

Finally, the girls will end their run of games in Buffalo the weekend of March 27th playing a few games against Nichols School. 

Four Huskies Earn Women in Tech Honors

Northwood NCWIT honorees, from left to right: Angie Castillo ’21, Kate Hagness ’21, Nora Dawood ’23, and Anja Martin ’22.

Four Northwood female students recently won recognition for their computing-related achievements. This is the third straight year Northwood’s girls have received such recognition. Fourteen girls have been honored in the past three years. 

The NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing (AiC) honors 9th-12th grade students who self-identify as women, genderqueer, or non-binary for their computing-related achievements and interests and encourages them to pursue their passions. Award recipients are selected based on their aptitude and aspirations in technology and computing, as demonstrated by their computing experience, computing-related activities, leadership experience, tenacity in the face of barriers to access, and plans for post-secondary education. 

The multi-tiered award structure includes Winner, Honorable Mention, Rising Star, and Certificate of Distinction designations at National and Regional Affiliate levels, serving all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and all U.S. overseas military bases. Regional Affiliate Award programs are hosted in 79 locations nationwide by NCWIT Alliance member organizations—a powerful, national network of universities, companies, non-profits, and government organizations working to increase the influence and meaningful participation of girls and women from every community. 

The Northwood School winners at the regional affiliate award level include: 

  • Anja Martin ‘22 – Winner 
  • Angie Castillo ’21 – Honorable Mention 
  • Nora Dawood ’23 – Honorable Mention 
  • Kate Hagness ’21 – Rising Star 

Congratulations to the amazing young women for this accomplishment as well as to their teacher, Mr. Jeff Martin, robotics team coach and chair of Innovation, Engineering, and Entrepreneurship at Northwood. 

Humans of Northwood: Jacob Guevin ’21

 I am a senior from QuebecCanada. I really love Northwood because in Quebec it is a much bigger school with bigger classes and when you are at school you have “school friends” then you go back home and kind of just forget about them where at Northwood you build friendships that will last forever. I really loved living in a dorm with the boys it was fun. I really loved my hockey experience at Northwood, what made it so great was having the opportunity to be coached by a great coach like Coach Chadd Cassidy. 

I am currently finishing school asynchronously and playing with the Muskegon Lumberjacks in the USHL. Online school is hard, as it gets later into the week when I get busier with hockey practice and games it is hard to find times for my homework, but I try to use my off day and get my homework done. 

I was fortunate to represent Team Canada last year at the U17 World Championships in Swift Current, Saskatchewan and Medicine Hat Alberta. I met new friends and it was really fun even though the outcome was not what we wanted; it was still a great experience. 

As told to Marina Alvarez. Photo provided.

Humans of Northwood: Ray Fust ’21

I am from Lussane, Switzerland. Northwood was a great experience; Switzerland was so different than North American’s style, meaning the way you guys do school, hockey and just everything. But it was good to come back to North America. 

I am currently finishing school asynchronously. Doing school asynchronously is definitely weird because we don’t get to talk to teachers, it is a lot of work because we are not in class, so we have to do most of it on our own. Right now, I am playing for the Chilliwack Chiefs in the BCHL. It is a lot different than my time spent on campus at Northwood last year. It is a lot more focused around hockey, most kids on my team have already graduated. It is a lot of time at the rink and you gotta love doing it. You spend more time with the boys at Northwood in the dorms and stuff where here we just see each other mostly at the rink. 

[Ray is one of the best hockey players in Switzerland and was selected to play on Team Switzerland this year where he comp.]  

I recently had the opportunity to represent Switzerland at the 2021 World Junior Hockey Championships in Edmonton, Alberta It was a fun experience. It was not the same without fans but at the same time it was still super cool. We did not get the outcome we wanted but it was still a great opportunity.

As told to Marina Alvarez ’21. Photo provided. 

Student Enjoy Skating on the Olympic Oval 

Kara Wentzel ’22, Natalie Zarcone ’22, Evalina Sheridan ’22, and Abigail Sinclair ’23 enjoyed an evening skate on the oval recently. (Photo: Northwood’s Instagram)

This weekend students got the opportunity to get off campus and skate on the infamous speed skating Oval that was used in the 1980 Olympic Winter Games when speed skater Eric Heiden won five gold medals 

For many students like Sophomore Turner Jackson, it was their first-time ice skating “It was nice to try something new and it was a cool experience to be able to skate on such a nice and historic oval!”  

Junior Natalie Zarcone also enjoyed her time skating at the oval. “Skating on the historic oval was definitely exciting. When I toured campus, I didn’t get a chance to skate on it, so having the opportunity to get there and skate with my friends was fun.” she said. “The oval is in town, so it was also nice to get off campus,” she addedEven though it was below freezing, I wasn’t fazed because of how excited I was to be there with everyone. It was an awesome experience.” 

Skating on the oval was such a fun weekend activity that everyone who went enjoyed. Hopefully we can do it again! 

NY State Finally Allows Hockey Games 

Northwood hockey players received good news on January 31st: Essex County will allow high-risk sports, including ice hockey, to play. Mr. Gino Riffle, Athletic Director and Junior Team assistant coach, sent a mass email with the confirmation stating, “The county we are in, Essex County, released information Friday that they will allow high-risk sports to begin at the youth level on February 1st.”  

Members of the 2019-20 Northwood Girls’ Hockey team celebrate at the 2020 New York State Championships (Photo: Kara Wentzel ’22)

The news has Northwood hockey players ecstaticBeneath all the excitement many of us had questions about the fine print. Governor Cuomo stated that in order to be able to train and play games, county health departments must first approve it and provide guidelines, which came from Essex County late last weekMr. Riffle’s message indicated that the school has more work to do before games could be scheduled. “The countyhas included procedures, protocols and stipulations about playing these high-risk sports. We are working through the document and with Essex County officials to figure out what we can and cannot do based upon the guidance. We will have another update this week as we gain more clarity. 

Hockey players are left wondering what the protocols will be. We do not yet know, but we assume they pertain to spectators coming to watch and whether masks will have to be worn while playing or not. Questions remain about how it will work if Northwood wants to play teams in other counties, considering there are no teams to play in Essex County. On top of that, Husky hockey players are curious to see how thnew UK strand of COVID-19 will affect us, since it has made its way into the area.  

Northwood Alum Excited to be Back for Pro Hockey Bubble 

Cailey Hutchinson ’15 of the New York Riveters (Photo provided)

The National Womens Hockey League is squeezing a full hockey season into only two weeks. Due to COVID-19, teams traveling all over the place to play against each other did not sound like the safest idea. So, the NWHL had to figure out a safe plan to salvage a 2020-2021 season. The NHL had a bubble in Toronto over the summer to finish out the season and uphold the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It was very successful, so the NWHL saw this as an opportunity to have a bubble of their ownas they compete for the Isobel Cup.  

Luckily for Northwood students the bubble is located right where we call home, Lake Placid, NY. From January 23rd to Friday February 5th, over the 2 weeks, the 6 teams in the league will play 24 games at the famous Herb Brooks Arena (where the 1980 USA Olympic hockey team beat Russia for the first time to win gold in the Miracle on Ice). This is a round-robin tournament, and the best teams will end up playing a “final four” round of games at the end to determine who will go to the championship 

Having the bubble held in Lake Placid, is not only a thrill for Northwood students but it is also super exciting for Northwood Alum Cailey Hutchinson. She is competing in the tournament for the New York Riveters and wears number 13. Cailey graduated in the class of ‘15 and then went off to The University of Maine where she played division 1 college hockey in the Hockey East conferenceCailey is not only an exceptional hockey player but she is an exceptional leader. At UMaine, she was a leader as an assistant captain and is also an assistant captain for her New York Riveters team nowShe inspires so many people, especially young girls who look up to her and want to follow in her footsteps  [Read more…]

Girls’ Hockey Starts the New Year with Five Games in Ohio 

Mackenzie Hull ’20 in action at the Olympic Center (Photo : Mr. Michael Aldridge)

After two months of not playing any games, the Northwood Girls Hockey team traveled to Cleveland, Ohio to plagames during a worldwide pandemic. The team played a series of five games (two Friday, two Saturday, and one Sunday). In addition to the games, the team also had an additional hour practice on Friday morning. The girls got plenty of ice time to say the least. Their record for the weekend was 2 wins and 3 losses 

With all the game times being so close together the girls did not have much time in between to recover. They had to go straight from one game to the next with maybe an hour or two break in-between 

“I thought we did really well,” said senior forward Mackenzie Hull, especially for not being used to these quick turnaround times, and not having played like that in almost a year, I thought we handled it well and did what we had to do to be ready for the next game.” Hull was also pleased with the team’s preparation. Everyone did what they needed to dohydrate and eat proper food in-between. We all stretched and got loose before we had to go back on the ice,” added Hull 

After losing both games on Friday, the team bounced back Saturday, winning their first game of the weekend against Little Caesars 19u8-0. Sierra Butler ‘21, Natalie Zarcone ‘22, Brooke Kelley ‘23, and Kami O’Brien ‘23 all scored their first Northwood goals in the win. Evie Sheridan ‘22 played goalie and had her first Northwood shutout 

That night things got even more exciting. The girls played the 19u Chicago Young Americans, and the game went into overtime. During overtime, defenseman Natalie Zarcone ‘22 placed herself in front of the opposing goal and buried the puck in the net to win the game 1-0. After a long game of no goal from either team, putting the game winner away was definitely very exciting,” said  Zarcone. “We just came off a big win against Little Caesars and the team effort to pull away with this win against CYA was good to keep our momentum going for the rest of the weekend,” Zarcone addedAnother highlight of the overtime win was the performance of goaltender Ainsley Tuffy ‘24 who had her first Northwood shutout in goal; she is only 14 years old playing at the highest level of 19u hockey, so this was a big moment for her as well! 

Overall, it was a pretty good way to put 2020 behind us and start the 2021 part of the seasonWhile the rest of the season is still a question mark, the girls are hopeful they will experience more weekends like their trip to Cleveland. 

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