Humans of Northwood: Ray Fust ’21

I am from Lussane, Switzerland. Northwood was a great experience; Switzerland was so different than North American’s style, meaning the way you guys do school, hockey and just everything. But it was good to come back to North America. 

I am currently finishing school asynchronously. Doing school asynchronously is definitely weird because we don’t get to talk to teachers, it is a lot of work because we are not in class, so we have to do most of it on our own. Right now, I am playing for the Chilliwack Chiefs in the BCHL. It is a lot different than my time spent on campus at Northwood last year. It is a lot more focused around hockey, most kids on my team have already graduated. It is a lot of time at the rink and you gotta love doing it. You spend more time with the boys at Northwood in the dorms and stuff where here we just see each other mostly at the rink. 

[Ray is one of the best hockey players in Switzerland and was selected to play on Team Switzerland this year where he comp.]  

I recently had the opportunity to represent Switzerland at the 2021 World Junior Hockey Championships in Edmonton, Alberta It was a fun experience. It was not the same without fans but at the same time it was still super cool. We did not get the outcome we wanted but it was still a great opportunity.

As told to Marina Alvarez ’21. Photo provided. 


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