Humans of Northwood: Jacob Guevin ’21

 I am a senior from QuebecCanada. I really love Northwood because in Quebec it is a much bigger school with bigger classes and when you are at school you have “school friends” then you go back home and kind of just forget about them where at Northwood you build friendships that will last forever. I really loved living in a dorm with the boys it was fun. I really loved my hockey experience at Northwood, what made it so great was having the opportunity to be coached by a great coach like Coach Chadd Cassidy. 

I am currently finishing school asynchronously and playing with the Muskegon Lumberjacks in the USHL. Online school is hard, as it gets later into the week when I get busier with hockey practice and games it is hard to find times for my homework, but I try to use my off day and get my homework done. 

I was fortunate to represent Team Canada last year at the U17 World Championships in Swift Current, Saskatchewan and Medicine Hat Alberta. I met new friends and it was really fun even though the outcome was not what we wanted; it was still a great experience. 

As told to Marina Alvarez. Photo provided.


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