Student Enjoy Skating on the Olympic Oval 

Kara Wentzel ’22, Natalie Zarcone ’22, Evalina Sheridan ’22, and Abigail Sinclair ’23 enjoyed an evening skate on the oval recently. (Photo: Northwood’s Instagram)

This weekend students got the opportunity to get off campus and skate on the infamous speed skating Oval that was used in the 1980 Olympic Winter Games when speed skater Eric Heiden won five gold medals 

For many students like Sophomore Turner Jackson, it was their first-time ice skating “It was nice to try something new and it was a cool experience to be able to skate on such a nice and historic oval!”  

Junior Natalie Zarcone also enjoyed her time skating at the oval. “Skating on the historic oval was definitely exciting. When I toured campus, I didn’t get a chance to skate on it, so having the opportunity to get there and skate with my friends was fun.” she said. “The oval is in town, so it was also nice to get off campus,” she addedEven though it was below freezing, I wasn’t fazed because of how excited I was to be there with everyone. It was an awesome experience.” 

Skating on the oval was such a fun weekend activity that everyone who went enjoyed. Hopefully we can do it again! 


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