Soccer Team Competes in Dallas Cup 

While most students and faculty enjoyed their first week of spring break relaxing, the boys’ soccer team took on their biggest challenge of the year. The U17 and U19 teams traveled to Texas to compete in the Dallas Cup, the largest amateur club soccer tournament in the United States and the culminating tournament for the Northwood squads.   

Travel to Texas began early on Friday April 8th as the boys drove to Albany Airport. After a flight to Baltimore, the boys grabbed smoothies in the airport and got ready for their flight to Dallas. Upon arriving, each team went out for Tacos and got settled into their hotels.  

The first few days prior to the games were spent resting and having light tactical training. The tournament is set up with each team put into a group of four teams. To advance past the group stage a team must be one of the two best teams in the group.  

The U19s started the tournament playing Tuesday morning against a Mexican academy team. Unfortunately, the older boys lost the game but fought hard and had plenty of chances. This was a reoccurring theme for the older squad, and they did not get a win in the group stage. The remainder of their games they dominated in possession and chances but could not put the ball in the net.  

The younger squad started off the tournament positively with a 3-1 win on Thursday afternoon. This marked a strong start for the U17s which would have a highly anticipated night game on Thursday evening. However, the rest of the tournament did not bring success for the U17s either.  

Overall, this will be remembered as a learning experience by the players and coaches who hope to improve in the future.  

Luge Athletes Pursuing Their Dreams

 Northwood school is widely known for its athletic success, especially in hockey, skiing and soccer. Two students are following a different path this year and pursuing Luge with the hopes of earning a spot on the junior national team, and eventually the Olympics.  

Luge is a winter sliding sport where athletes (called “sliders”) race down an icy track on a small sled. The fastest time down the hill wins the race. The sport is not unlike sledding children do when they take their plastic sleds and speed feet-first down a snowy hill. But luge sleds weigh 50 pounds and can hit speeds of 90 miles per hour. Clearly bravery and adrenaline are involved in luge. 

Like many sliders, Darryl Cooper ‘24 and Sadie Martin ‘25 had interesting ways of finding the sport. “My parents saw an ad on Facebook to try luge,” said Martin. “The people that I met were nice and they told me that I could be good at it,” she added. Darryl came to the sport when he saw some people trying these plastic sleds one day while skiing. Both students train in Lake Placid, the home of USA Luge and one of only two luge tracks in the country. They occasionally travel to Park City, Utah for training and competition on a different track. They hope to compete internationally. 

Both student-athletes have major goals for this sport. “My goal is to make it to the Olympics,” Martin said. Cooper has his sights set on the Youth Olympics “I am currently training and hoping to participate in the 2024 Youth Olympic Games. Also, I and hoping to be doing Youth World Cup races starting 2023.” 

Overall, this introduction of a new sport at Northwood is extremely exciting and the community cannot wait to see where it takes them! 

Did You Know? Kei Takahasi ‘98 (above, left) competed in Doubles Luge for Japan in the Olympic Games in 1998 and 2002. 

Did You Know? Current faculty member Ms. Raychel Germaine (above, right) is a former member of the USA Luge National Team. She competed internationally for 9 years between 2010 and 2019.  

New Investment Club Generating Interest 

Clubs are an important part of life at Northwood School. They help students diversify from their commitment to sports and academics. A popular new club this year is the Investment Club founded by two seniors and advised by Mr. Kelvin Martinez.  

The idea for the investment club came from Slater Loffredo ‘22 and Berhanu Stevens ‘22. Club advisor Mr. Martinez wears many hats at school: in addition to advising student investors, he is also the boys U17 soccer coach, Spanish instructor, and Dean of Multicultural Affairs.  

“Berhanu and I are really interested in trading and stocks,” Loffredo said. “We found out that Mr. Martinez knows a lot about the topic, so we asked if he would be willing to share some investment and stock tips with students.” 

Now over a year later, the investment club has a regular attendance of around 12 students at each meeting.  

“During the meetings we all get our computers out and login to our TD Ameritrade paper trading accounts,” Loffredo continued. “These accounts are set up so we are not using actual money and we can practice the basics of investing without any risk of financial loss.”  

Mr. Aaron Garvey P’25 speaking to the investment club at the Innovation Hub in February 2022 (photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge).

The accounts use real time data and act as any other account funded with real money would. This allows the students and Mr. Martinez to have open discussions on different investing strategies as well as spotting investing trends.  

Last month, the club welcomed guest speaker Mr. Aaron Garvey P’25 to the Innovation Hub. Mr. Garvey, a parent of a current student, has had a long and successful career in finance. Garvey mentored students on the psychology of a successful investor. Each attendee had an opportunity to create an individualized investing plan and receive feedback. 

Students interested in the Investment Club should reach out to Mr. Martinez, Slater Loffredo or Berhanu Stevens. 

Vegas Dispatch: Off-Pitch Activities Provide Bonding and Fun for Soccer Team

The team enjoying some free time in Las Vegas (Photo: BRFC).

Northwood’s soccer team recently traveled across the country to Las Vegas to compete in the Players’ College Showcase. Both teams had four games over the weekend, competing in front of some of the best colleges in the country.

After a long day of traveling, the Huskies arrived in Nevada late Tuesday night and had a team meeting covering the goals for the trip. For both teams, the goal for the showcase was to go 4-0.

Wednesday morning kicked off the preparations for the weekend with a hike that overlooked all of Las Vegas. The players spent the morning enjoying the sun before training that evening. Training included lots of passing and possessions drills to help the players focus after a long travel day. After dinner, the team went out to get some local Mexican food and enjoyed the hotel’s outdoor heated pool, which would later be used for recovery.

Thursday marked the final day before the games began Friday morning. Players woke up early for a tactical training session. The weather was very windy, which cut the training short, but nevertheless the team was ready for the upcoming matches.

The games would be 80 minutes long and take place on grass fields in the heart of Las Vegas. College coaches from all over would attend, including Stanford and UCLA, making this a huge occasional for Northwood’s uncommitted players.

Soccer Teams Compete at Gillette Stadium

Early in March, the boys’ soccer program traveled to Foxboro, Massachusetts to play a friendly match at Gillette Stadium against the New England Revolution Academy.

First the boys watch an MLS game between the N.E. Revolution and F.C. Dallas. This was a heavily awaited matchup as the MLS was just started back up after a short off season. The match ended 1-0 in favor of the Revolution, much to the delight of the home fans. Black Rock players enjoyed the match and saw it as a wonderful opportunity to see the top level of football in the United States.

Both the U17 and U19s played on Sunday against the Revolution’s Academy U17s and U19s. This match was greatly anticipated, not only due to the high-level competition but also because it was played at Gillette Stadium, home of the N.E. Revolution and the New England Patriots of the NFL. This is an experience that most players will never forget and will motivate them in their journey.

The matches started with the U17s playing at 11 a.m. against the U17 Revs. This game was a challenge for the young huskies as they have many first-year students and sophomores on the squad. The match ended 5-0 in favor of the Revolution, but it was seen as an important learning experience prior to traveling to Las Vegas and Dallas later in the spring.

As for the older Huskies, it was a battle from the staring whistle. The first half ended with the revolution, up 3-0, but the boys were persistent in fighting in the second half. Early in the second half Northwood senior Liam Doyle put the first goal past the Revolution. However, this was followed by another opposition goal leaving the score at 4-2. The match ended 4-2 after Lex Dadmun ‘22 netted the second goal for the Huskies late in the second half.

Although both teams took a loss in Gillett stadium it was a particularly important wakeup call prior to some major tournaments this spring season.

Soccer Squads Undefeated in NYC 

The 2021-22 U19 Soccer Team in NYC in February, 2022. Photo: BRFC.

This past weekend the Northwood boys’ soccer program traveled to New York City to attend a college showcase. The tournament was put on by Manhattan Soccer Club and each game was played in Manhattan against solid opponents. The teams left on Thursday February 4th and traveled to Yonkers where they would stay the whole weekend. That Friday the team enjoyed a rest day full of healthy food and planning for the matches ahead.  

The U17s started the weekend positively with a 2-1 win against Amityville SC Cosmos. The U19s faced their first challenge, winning 3-0 over East Meadow U19s. Goals came from Kyumin Shin ‘22 and Liam Doyle ‘22. The younger Huskies were soon called back into action playing East Meadow U17s and coming out of the game with a tie at zero. The final match on Saturday was between Northwood’s U19s and Beachside FC. The Huskies finished the day with a decisive 3-0 keeping another clean sheet for the weekend. 

Sunday marked only one game for each of the Husky squads, but they were the marquee matches for both sides. The U17s would play Manhattan Soccer Clubs younger group who were highly ranked nationally. This matchup did not disappoint, as each team battled to create scoring opportunities. The match ended 2-1 in Northwood’s favor with goals from Jace Donowa ‘25 and Lakoah Paye ‘24. The U19s took on Manhattan SC’s older team, which was also unbeaten in the tournament. The first half was a deadlock with multiple chances from each team just missing their mark. It was not until Pablo Obrador ‘22 slotted the only goal in the game.  

This marked a great weekend for both teams that was celebrated with burgers and milkshakes on the way home.  

New Personal Finance Course Meets Need

Photo “Personal Finance” by CafeCredit is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

As a new trimester starts at Northwood begins new classes are being introduced to students. One new class being integrated into the Northwood curriculum is Personal Finance. Personal Finance is a course that will focus on teaching students how to make financially smart decisions. The class will specifically look into possible future financial decisions and their outcomes. The course’s objectives are to help students understand career decision making, money management, credit management and the college loan process.  

Prior to this course, Northwood students have never had the opportunity to use their Northwood education to look closer into their personal financial decisions. “This class was added due to high demand for basic finance skills from students and parents alike,” said Ms. Noel Carmichael, the Dean of Academic Affairs at Northwood.  

Carmichael said she heard from parents during meetings she organized last spring. “During the town halls I hosted with the families last year, this was one of the most common things people asked for. I never had a course like this in high school,” Carmichael said, “and I think it put me at a disadvantage as an adult”.  

The new class will help to make sure students have prior knowledge before going to college and making massive financial decisions. If applied correctly, this knowledge will help students save money and understand smart financial decisions which could possibly save them thousands of dollars.  

Northwood Alum Drury has Sights Set on Gold in Beijing

Kevin Drury ’06 (Photo: Getty Images)

Northwood graduate Kevin Drury ‘06 is competing in the Winter Olympics Games in Beijing, China. Drury is 33, competes for Canada and was born and still resides in Toronto, Ontario.

Drury competes in ski cross, a freestyle event where skiers must race through a challenging course at top speeds against 4 other competitors. Drury was a talented alpine racer at Northwood and later found success on the ski team at University of Vermont as he got second in the giant slalom in the 2011 NCAA championships.

This will be his second time competing for Canada in the Olympics. He also competed in PyeongChang in 2018 where he finished fourth, just shy of the podium. More recently, Drury has gained a lot of success and respect after receiving silver in the 2020 world cup for ski cross. This makes Drury won of the top competitors in the world for his sport and a favorite to podium or win this year’s Olympics.

All of Drury’s heats will take place on Friday, February 18. A complete schedule of his competition is available here.

Soccer Team Goes 3-1-2 in Albany Showcase

On February 6, Northwood’s soccer programs traveled to Albany to compete in a college showcase. Both the U17 and U19 teams participated in the event. This was a great opportunity to play on a full-length pitch since the players have been training on Northwood’s small indoor field for several months.

Calem Tommy ’22 in action at home on Northwood’s new turf field (photo provided).

Games were only 40 minutes long with only 2 minutes between games, which resulted in each Northwood team playing three games on Sunday.

The games kicked off when the U17 team played a hard-fought game against Quick Strike FC. This match ended 0-0 with strong effort from the young Huskies. Next up the U19s started their weekend with a demanding 3-0 win against the NY Alleycats. Goals came from Liam Doyle ’22 and Junior Happi ’23.

The U17s bounced back with a strong 2-0 victory with goals coming from Gonzalo Munoz ’25 and Saquiel Ming ‘24. Shortly after the older Huskies entered the pitch again to take on New York Elite. The final score was 4-0 in favor of the U19s, with goals coming from Calem Tommy ’22, Doyle and Noah Ledell ’23.

Each squad had now played two games with one remaining. Both teams would play against Hoosac school in the afternoon. For the U19s, this was a highly anticipated matchup, considering Hoosac had beat them in a friendly back in December. Unfortunately, U17s lost 2-0 but they did show strong character by playing until the last minute. The older squad played an extremely close game by they could not avenge December’s loss and the score ended with no score. Each team had plenty of chances to score but the most prominent example would be a Hoosac breakaway that Senior Aristide Gry saved.

This rounded out a strong showing for the Huskies who will now rest up before a busy spring schedule.

Kelting, Wissler Compete in Nordic Super Tour

Graphic: Northwood Athletics

Two Northwood student competed in the Lake Placid Super Tour for Nordic skiing. Bella Wissler ’23 and Sophia Kelting ’23 skied against some of the top competition in the country recently. The first day of skiing incorporated sprints using the classic technique. Each skier would have to race in a heat and they only would advance if they were one of the top two skiers in that race. Kelting ’22 moved through her first heat and qualified for the quarterfinal. Unfortunately, that was as far as she made it, but considering her competition it was an outstanding result.

The second day of racing incorporated a different technique called skate skiing. This form of Nordic skiing is similar to ice skating but still with the use of poles and longer skis. The race was a 10 kilometer mass start, which means every racer starts at the same time. This form of racing can be more confusing and is more likely to result in exciting finishes. The Northwood girls represented the school well as Kelting finished 37th and Bella Wissler finished 97th overall. This rounded out an intense and challenging weekend for skiers of all ages.

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