New Personal Finance Course Meets Need

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As a new trimester starts at Northwood begins new classes are being introduced to students. One new class being integrated into the Northwood curriculum is Personal Finance. Personal Finance is a course that will focus on teaching students how to make financially smart decisions. The class will specifically look into possible future financial decisions and their outcomes. The course’s objectives are to help students understand career decision making, money management, credit management and the college loan process.  

Prior to this course, Northwood students have never had the opportunity to use their Northwood education to look closer into their personal financial decisions. “This class was added due to high demand for basic finance skills from students and parents alike,” said Ms. Noel Carmichael, the Dean of Academic Affairs at Northwood.  

Carmichael said she heard from parents during meetings she organized last spring. “During the town halls I hosted with the families last year, this was one of the most common things people asked for. I never had a course like this in high school,” Carmichael said, “and I think it put me at a disadvantage as an adult”.  

The new class will help to make sure students have prior knowledge before going to college and making massive financial decisions. If applied correctly, this knowledge will help students save money and understand smart financial decisions which could possibly save them thousands of dollars.  


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