Kelting, Wissler Compete in Nordic Super Tour

Graphic: Northwood Athletics

Two Northwood student competed in the Lake Placid Super Tour for Nordic skiing. Bella Wissler ’23 and Sophia Kelting ’23 skied against some of the top competition in the country recently. The first day of skiing incorporated sprints using the classic technique. Each skier would have to race in a heat and they only would advance if they were one of the top two skiers in that race. Kelting ’22 moved through her first heat and qualified for the quarterfinal. Unfortunately, that was as far as she made it, but considering her competition it was an outstanding result.

The second day of racing incorporated a different technique called skate skiing. This form of Nordic skiing is similar to ice skating but still with the use of poles and longer skis. The race was a 10 kilometer mass start, which means every racer starts at the same time. This form of racing can be more confusing and is more likely to result in exciting finishes. The Northwood girls represented the school well as Kelting finished 37th and Bella Wissler finished 97th overall. This rounded out an intense and challenging weekend for skiers of all ages.


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