What I Did During My Spring Break: Northwood Edition

At Northwood School, teachers aren’t likely to assign the classic essay, “What I Did Over Vacation,” so The Mirror asked Wyatt Friedlander to channel his inner elementary school student to write this report:


Lars Kroes ’21 in Vieux-Fort, St. Lucia (Photo: Facebook).

I went kite surfing and normal surfing with my family. I played golf with my mom and dad. I also hiked the Pitons, which was awesome! I got a concussion over break too which isn’t awesome.

– Lars Kroes ’21


Over the break, I went home to Chicago. I played hockey for a couple of different teams. I relaxed a lot over the break and hung out with some friends. I also worked out a lot.

– Trent Seger ‘20



Charlie Purcell ’21 in Squaw Valley (Photo: Instagram).

My break was Fantastic! I stayed home for a bit, worked, and went on a vacation with my dad. We went to California to ski. I got really sunburnt then came home.

– Charlie Purcell ‘21


I went to Tokyo over the break and saw some really cool stuff. They have interesting toilets. I went to Hawaii and caught some really big fish. I also got the tan on.

– Rowen Norfolk ‘22


Over break, I went to Germany to visit my friends and family since I had lived there for a year. It was super cool. I got to see my little cousins that I haven’t been able to see in a while and hang out with friends I haven’t talked to in a couple of years. I worked on my German too!

– Cisco Delliquadri ‘20


Over break, I played hockey in the Senior World Championships. We came in 2nd. I got DB Sports Club Player of the Tournament. We played Mexico, Australia, Spain, North Korea, and Slovenia. I also got to spend time with family. I went to Canada with my sister and hung out with friends.

– Aimee Headland ‘19


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