Northwood to Offer Aviation Science Course Leading to Pilot License

Northwood School will offer an Aviation Science program beginning the second trimester. Students enrolled will learn to fly single-engine airplanes. The course will prepare students for the Ground School Certification and Private Pilot’s License Exam.


Students will learn to fly single-engine planes like this one (Photo: Adirondack Flying Service)

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Humans of Northwood Andrew Van Slyke ‘20

IMG_1762 3

Andrew Van Slyke ’20 (Photo provided)

My name is Andrew Van Slyke. I was born and raised in Lake Placid and have lived here ever since. I came to Northwood to join the Alpine Ski Team. I have been skiing ever since I was one year old. I’ve been to Colorado, California, all over the East Coast, Alberta, and other parts of Canada for ski racing. Ski racing is something I really enjoy doing, and I hope I can do it for a long time. I like to fly drones, fix old boats, water ski, run and take photos in my free time. [Read more…]

Students Question $300 Book Fees

With students regularly adding money to their accounts to pay for snack bar charges, there is a new awareness of account activity, and some students are concerned about the charges they see. On September 19, the Business Office charged every student account $300 for the use of books in the 2018-2019 school year. [Read more…]

Humans of Northwood: Carson Hall ‘22


I am from York Pennsylvania, and I’m 15. I came to this school for hockey and that’s the only reason. I also play tennis and golf, which I play at home with my parents. I have a dog named Cooper. He’s a swiss mountain dog and he’s two years old. I like Northwood, especially getting rowdy with the boys every night. All of them are beauties. I really hate how Northwood chooses to shut the WiFi down at 10:30 every night. It’s pretty rough. Im also am very tired from all the classes after a big weekend of hockey.

As told to Wyatt Friedlander ’19

Humans of Northwood: Grey Pfefferkorn ‘19



Grey Pfefferkorn ’19 (Photo: Wyatt Friedlander ’19)


I am an 18-year-old senior at Northwood school. I play ice hockey, and I am thinking about going to college at Saint Lawrence, Clarkson or NC State, but Saint Lawrence is my #1 choice. I would like to pursue Business and finance with a minor in accounting to try and be an investment banker. I have a dog, a kitten, and two older cats. I like to build things. I built my own desk at home, I built a go-cart and I just built my own computer here.

As told to Wyatt Friedlander ‘19

42nd Mountain Day a Success [Photo Album]

Mountain day, in its forty-second year at Northwood, is one of the school’s oldest traditions. On this day, celebrated in the first weeks of the school year, students and faculty take a break from classes, are grouped together and assigned to climb one of the hundreds of mountains in the Adirondacks. [Read more…]

Broderick Back Behind Bench

Mr. Tom Broderick will return to his head coaching roots after a 10 year hiatus, filling a hole created when Prep Team coach Mr. Jeff Silengo left Northwood for a coaching opportunity at Union College. Broderick’s coaching career includes 30 years at Can-Am as well as 31 years at Northwood as a head coach or power skating instructor. Silengo’s late-summer departure “was a bit of a shock,” said Broderick. [Read more…]

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