Norfolk and Klebba Win at Belleayre; Zientko Takes Second

Ten Northwood students competed in the Giant Slalom Race at Belleayre Mountain. Three out of the ten earned a spot on the podium and seven racers finished top ten. Rowen Norfolk and Zach Zientko finished 0.54 apart, with Rowen taking the win. The next closest racer was three seconds behind them. Sophomore Jaden Klebba won the ladies’ event.

norfolk at cg

Rowen Norfolk competes in the 2019 International Children’s Games (Photo:


U16 Empire Cup Giant Slalom Race at Belleayre Mountain on January 13, 2019.


Ladies’ Results

Place Competitor
1 Jaden Klebba ’21
4 Ava Day ’21
5 Audrey Higgins-Lopez ’21
6 Gabrielle Cote ’21
7 Madison Kostoss ’22
16 Kate Broderick ’22


Men’s Results

Place Competitor
1 Rowen Norfolk ’22
2 Zach Zientko ’21
57 Matthew Brady ’22
DNS Ben DeGirolamo ’21


Complete results

What Northwood Students Did on Their Vacation

The Mirror sent senior Wyatt Friedlander to the living room to interview students about what they did during the recent vacation. Here’s what he learned.


Senior Francisco Castillo (back right) spent the break with Junior Devon Jolley (at the steering wheel). The spent some of their vacation in Florida.

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10 Things You Might Not Know About Lake Placid


The “Welcome to Lake Placid” signboard in front of the Lake Placid Horse Show Grounds (Photo: Whiteface Mountain)

1. Northwood is actually not in Lake Placid. Most of what we consider “Lake Placid” is actually not in the small lakeside village of Lake Placid, but rather in the surrounding town of North Elba. Northwood School’s property line is a few hundred yards outside the Village line. [Read more…]

Students Rave About Whiteface Conditions


Early season conditions are outstanding at Whiteface Mountain (Photo: @whiteface_mt on Instagram).

Whiteface got more than two feet of snow for great early season skiing conditions. Last year there was very little precipitation this early.   Orion Torrance ‘19 said, “I dream of snow like this.” Northwood seems to have a promising year for their winter sports because of the prime conditions. Owen Pierce said, “ I wish I had been there for Tuesday since there was fresh powder. If we keep getting lots of snow, it would be great, but you never know.” Since Sunday, November 25, the temperature hasn’t gone above 40 degrees. The ski team is grateful for the excellent training conditions and excited for the race season to get going. Races begin this weekend.

Photo: Whiteface Mountain

First-Time Skiers Enjoy Whiteface

Students and faculty came back to a winter wonderland after Thanksgiving break. Lake Placid got 20 inches of fresh snow while students were away. With Whiteface open for the season and abundant snow to ski, many students took advantage of the opportunity, including several first-time skiers. [Read more…]

Prep Team Gets Double Dose of Dingle


Mr. Dingle behind the bench at the Olympic Center (Photo: Fran Castillo ’19)

After a 5 year break from coaching hockey at Northwood, Mr. Dingle returned to the rink to help coach the prep team last weekend. The team traveled on Friday, November 30th to Canada to play Ulysses Academy and had a rematch on the 2nd of December at home. Mr. Dingle told players he misses coaching and would like to return full time if he had fewer classes. Mr. Dingle teaches in the social sciences department and works with the outdoor program. Mr. Dingle coached beside acting head coach Mr. Jeff Miller because head coach Mr. Tom Broderick was unable to attend both games. In the second game, Mr. Dingle helped lead the team to a  3-1 victory at home and was awarded the game puck.

Northwood to Offer Aviation Science Course Leading to Pilot License

Northwood School will offer an Aviation Science program beginning the second trimester. Students enrolled will learn to fly single-engine airplanes. The course will prepare students for the Ground School Certification and Private Pilot’s License Exam.


Students will learn to fly single-engine planes like this one (Photo: Adirondack Flying Service)

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Humans of Northwood Andrew Van Slyke ‘20

IMG_1762 3

Andrew Van Slyke ’20 (Photo provided)

My name is Andrew Van Slyke. I was born and raised in Lake Placid and have lived here ever since. I came to Northwood to join the Alpine Ski Team. I have been skiing ever since I was one year old. I’ve been to Colorado, California, all over the East Coast, Alberta, and other parts of Canada for ski racing. Ski racing is something I really enjoy doing, and I hope I can do it for a long time. I like to fly drones, fix old boats, water ski, run and take photos in my free time. [Read more…]

Students Question $300 Book Fees

With students regularly adding money to their accounts to pay for snack bar charges, there is a new awareness of account activity, and some students are concerned about the charges they see. On September 19, the Business Office charged every student account $300 for the use of books in the 2018-2019 school year. [Read more…]

Humans of Northwood: Carson Hall ‘22


I am from York Pennsylvania, and I’m 15. I came to this school for hockey and that’s the only reason. I also play tennis and golf, which I play at home with my parents. I have a dog named Cooper. He’s a swiss mountain dog and he’s two years old. I like Northwood, especially getting rowdy with the boys every night. All of them are beauties. I really hate how Northwood chooses to shut the WiFi down at 10:30 every night. It’s pretty rough. Im also am very tired from all the classes after a big weekend of hockey.

As told to Wyatt Friedlander ’19

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