Humans of Northwood: Paul Hao

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“My name is Paul Hao. I am a 16 year old junior from Beijing. In my free time I like watching movies but what I mostly enjoy doing is playing video games, especially CS GO, with my friends. I chose coming to Northwood because its academic program but also because of the opportunity that students must interact with the natural environment. Something different here compared to China is the food and people. It is calm here with fewer people, although I still like it, but I miss my friends and the gastronomy from China. My main goal after Northwood is getting accepted into a good college in the US and continuing to studying here. So far, I have been liking Lake Placid. It’s a good place where people are friendly, and we have an awesome environment.”

As told to Francisco Castillo ‘19 (Photo: Fran Castillo ’19)

According to the Admissions Office, this year Northwood has 72 international students from 23 different countries and 6 different continents, breaking records for the number of international students and countries represented in the school. Close to 40% of Northwood students are from outside the United States. Throughout the first trimester, The Mirror will profile a number of new international students, so that our community can learn who they are, where are they from, and some interesting things about them. See all student profiles here.


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