Race Recap: Cochran’s Holiday Night Slalom


Cochran’s Holiday Night Slalom (Source: skivermont.com)

The Cochran Slalom is well-known for its low point penalty. The penalty was 15.00, which means it is a very high-quality points race. Northwood ski racers were going up against national team members who have raced multiple World Cups. The field consisted of 159 male competitors and 122 female competitors. The first runs for both men and women were done under the sun, but by the time the second run started the lights were turned on and many competitors switch their lenses to a clear lens to help navigate the illuminated course.

Northwood Women
Jane Baumer ’19 in 18th
Joanna Rosenbluth ’19 in 33rd
Ava Day ’21 in 46th
Amelia Brady ’21 in 106th

Top Northwood Men
Ben DeGirolamo ’21 in 29th
Andrew Van Slyke ’20 in 31st


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