Race Recap: U19 Girls in Sunday River and Mt. Tremblant

To start winter break, several U19 girls ski racers had five races in a row at Sunday River and Mt. Tremblant. Chelsea Smith ‘19, Sarah Coombs ‘19, Jane Baumer ‘19, Joanna Rosenbluth ‘19, Sarah Bennett ‘19 and Beth Fisher ‘19 left for Maine on December 16th to attend races at Sunday River.


Northwood and NYSEF U19 girls racers in Sunday River. (Photo: Sarah Bennett ’19)

On the first day of GS, all of the girls DNF (did not finish), except for Beth Fisher who ended in 78th and scored a 266.65. The course was about 1 minute and 17 seconds long, which is longer than usual. The conditions were holding up pretty well, which meant that the girls who started 100th still had an okay track. On the second day of GS, the conditions were pretty similar. Sarah Bennett ended in 30th, scoring a 75.58; Sarah Coombs in 36th, scoring a 89.70; Chelsea Smith in 62nd, scoring a 152.7; Joanna Rosenbluth in 69th, scoring a 164.87; Beth Fisher in 85th, scoring a 258.94; and Jane Baumer DSQ (disqualified).

The course was very short on the first day of slalom, with a time of about 37 seconds. Sarah Bennett ended in 13th, scoring a 53.22; Chelsea Smith in 56th, scoring a 156.92; Joanna Rosenbluth in 61st, scoring a 177.02; Beth Fisher in 70th scoring, a 236.75; and Jane Baumer DNF.


Sunrise at Mt. Tremblant (Photo: Sara Bennett ’19)

Joanna Rosenbluth, Sarah Coombs, and Sarah Bennett left Sunday River after the race to compete at Tremblant while the other girls stayed an extra day. On the last slalom day, Chelsea Smith finished 62nd, scoring a 155.39; Beth Fisher in 82nd; and Jane Baumer DNF.

While in a giant-slalom at Tremblant, Sarah Bennett ended 16th, scoring a 63.60; Joanna Rosenbluth in 32nd, scoring a 87.61; and Sarah Coombs DNF. On the second day of giant-slalom, Sarah Bennett finished 14th, scoring a 56.56; Joanna Rosenbluth in 36th, scoring a 94.04; and Sarah Coombs DNS (did not start)  due to an injury.

On the last day of racing, the team raced slalom in St-Sauveur. Sarah Coombs ended in 38th scoring a 129.91; Joanna Rosenbluth in 57th scoring a 160.48; and Sarah Bennett DSQ.


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