Humans of Northwood: Matias Valenzuela ‘20


My name is Matias Valenzuela Matic. I’m from Santiago, Chile, and I’m 20 years old. I chose to come to Northwood principally for the soccer program but also for the academics. I like the friends that I made at Northwood; they are like a family for me, so I will miss them a lot. I’m grateful to Northwood for helping me grow as a person.

– As told to Imani Hawman ‘20

Humans of Northwood: Eitan Rosen


I am bilingual as I speak both English and Spanish. I chose Northwood because I knew the opportunities it provided both in the academic and footballing realm. The soccer program here I knew could really help me improve as a footballer, and training hard every day would help prepare me for the next level. What I love most about the school are the sense of community and the people. With it being such a small school in a remote area, you get to know everybody, and I made some really good friends throughout my year here. Some of my hobbies are freestyle juggling, maybe a little cooking, and film. My goals for the future are to win the league title at Boston University and after that play professionally. Another goal of mine is to start my own successful company. My dream is to play in the World Cup. One of my favorite experiences ever was when I was invited to train in England with two professional clubs Brentford and Sunderland. I had the opportunity to not only train with the team but watch matches at the stadiums as well. Next year I will attend Boston University and play soccer. Unfortunately, my one year at Northwood was cut short due to the pandemic, but I enjoyed it and will miss everyone!

– As told to Bernardo Simões

Humans of Northwood: Eric Swartz ‘20


I like making funny noises with my friend,s and when we go skiing, I usually try to do stupid things. I’m Erik Swartz and I’m from Brookline,Massachusetts. I came to Northwood because it has a smaller learning environment, where the teachers can focus on the students more one on one. Plus it’s in a beautiful environment. My experience was very good, I made friends that I still keep in contact with even though we are in quarantine.

Northwood also opened me up to trying new things. I had never skied before and Northwood taught me how to ski pretty well. A major difference is the student to teacher ratio, because there are far fewer students at Northwood compared to my old school. Another difference is the personality of everyone because people at Northwood are a lot more friendly than people at my other school.

I did miss having great meals in Boston and sleeping in a comfortable bed. I would like to attend college and probably go into the computer science world or the financial world. I won’t forget all the great times I had skiing with friends and going out to dinner over the weekends on Main street during my time at Northwood.

– As told to Luke French ’20

Humans of Northwood: Devon Jolley ‘20


I’m from Massena, NY. I decided to come to Northwood for the hockey program, which has opened up many opportunities that I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t come to Northwood. My experience has been amazing: the community at Northwood is something I’ve never experienced before and I’ve made some really good friends along the way. I’d say the biggest difference is definitely how close everyone is at the school. At my old school, there are a lot of people that I didn’t really know. At Northwood, everyone is so close, you really become friends with everyone. While at Northwood, I missed hanging out with my friends from home that I’ve grown up with. Next year I will actually be returning to Northwood for a PG year. I will never forget the hockey trips we’ve had and all of the good times with the boys.

– As told to Luke French ‘20

Student Achievement Honored in Virtual Co-Curricular Award Ceremony

Every year at this time commencement is just around the corner, which means events celebrating the academic and athletic achievements of Northwood students. This special time has always begun with a Co-Curricular Awards Banquet, the opportunity to recognize the outstanding athletic achievements for each co-curricular sport. However, with this year ending very differently and suddenly compared to every other year since the opening of Northwood, students were sent home early and classes are currently taking place online, the faculty community has worked hard to ensure that all co-curricular achievements are still recognized.


Under normal circumstances, the entire Northwood community would get ready for the Co-Curricular Awards Banquet, a formal dinner followed by the co-curricular awards presentation. This is where the students are identified for their accomplishments surrounded by their friends, teammates, all other coaches, and the rest of the community. One member from each activity is selected by the faculty to receive the award on this night, sometimes making it very challenging for the coaches. However, for all co-curricular activities in the 2019-2020 season and all the student-athletes to be recognized received their award differently. Jaden Klebba ‘21 winner of the Alpine Skiing Girls award talked about how she felt; she said, “I was definitely caught by surprise when I heard my name in the video, I expected it to be one of my teammates. I personally believe any girl on my team could have won but it definitely made me feel good about myself, especially after a season that wasn’t quite as rewarding as I had wished”. Another award winner, Daniel Colabufo ‘20, winner of Junior Boys Hockey award, said “It was an honor and I appreciate the kind words Coach Cassidy said about me. It was not the same experience as in-person but given the circumstances, I thought the ceremony was really good.”

It was definitely a different style of an award presentation, but Northwood made sure to do their best and Klebba reflected upon it, “part of me wishes that the award ceremony could have happened in person but I know that there are much bigger things that everyone is missing out on right now, besides I wouldn’t have known how to act”.

All coaching staff got together on a video call from their own homes to announce their chosen winners, which were announced publicly on Wednesday 6th May 2020. The video was released to allow all students a part of the Northwood community to see the appointed award winners in their specific sport and many congratulation messages were sent all over the world.

2019-2020 Co-Curricular Awards from Northwood School on Vimeo.

Humans of Northwood: Alvaro Galan ‘20


I’m from Spain, where I lived for 12 years. Then we moved to Chile, because of my dad’s work. In Chile, I played soccer for a club called One Sports, which is a program that connects Chilean players with American prep-schools and universities. I met Jon Moodey, head coach of the Northwood soccer team, and he offered me an opportunity to go and play for Northwood School. I chose Northwood because Northwood is a very good school to have good academics and also good sports. My first impression was that Northwood was a small community with a lot of people around the world. At first it was tough. New country, new friends — it was difficult. But I think that all the teachers and students receive people very well, which made me feel part of the community. Also, having many people who speak Spanish helped a lot.

My favorite memory is my first goal for Northwood. We were on a road trip to Philadelphia, and we were playing against a very good team, and won 6-1. The thing I dislike about Northwood is the food without a doubt.

I miss all the people, from my close friends, classmates, and some teachers. Although I just stayed for 7 months at Northwood, I made some good connections with a lot of people.

I’m exploring my options to study back in the States, but I’m not sure if that is going to be possible because of the coronavirus. I’m admitted to a university here in Spain, so if my other plans don’t work, I’ll study in Spain.

There are seven siblings in my family. Some people can’t believe that. Having so many brothers has it’s good and bad things. I’m the oldest, so I have an extra responsibility to guide them.

– As told to Hadley Swedlund ‘20

Humans of Northwood: Patrick Doyle ‘20


I want to go to business or law school after college. I decided to go to Northwood because of the hockey program. I am going to miss being around my teammates all the time, living in the dorms, and the community as a whole. Going in, I wasn’t sure how I was going to like Northwood because it’s such a small school and I’m a big city kid. At this point, I miss Northwood a ton and wish I could go back. I’m so thankful that I had the opportunity to attend and hope my younger brother gets the chance to go as well.

– As told to Olivia Paul ’21

Humans of Northwood: Rintaro Akasaka ‘20


I am from Tokyo, Japan, and my last name is a palindrome. I am a “four-year survivor.” I have been playing hockey and robotics for four years. In the springtime, I have been doing whitewater kayaking for three years and, if not for COVID-19, I would have done it for the fourth time.

I was considering two schools to attend. Compared to the other school, Northwood was focused both on academics and athletics, so I chose to go to Northwood.  The tight connection between students and that of teachers was something I have never seen before in any of my previous schools. Northwood’s unique aspect of community is still preserved to this day and it should be something that should remain.

I had a great time at Northwood. Every day was busy. It gave me a chance to change the way I approach matters. The fact that Northwood is situated in the middle of the Adirondacks is the best part in my opinion. The nature surrounding Lake Placid is something I can never see in Tokyo.

It is a shame that the completion of the Innovation Hub was delayed. The Hub is something I came to appreciate after spending a lot of time there in the winter and early spring.

– As told to Hadley Swedlund ‘20

Humans of Northwood: Marty McDonough ‘20


During my junior year, about a week into the school year, I had a freshman come up to me and say, “I just want to thank you, Marty. You’ve made this place feel like my home and we’ve only been here for a week. I love it here”

I’m from Lake George, New York,  but I also live in New York City for some parts of the year. I’ve been at Northwood for four years. I was a member of the Ski Team at Northwood doing Alpine Ski Racing. I also played lacrosse. I was a member of the legendary cheese club for a couple of years.  I chose Northwood because all three of my siblings went to Northwood before me and it was just natural for me to follow their paths.  I was unsure about Northwood going into freshman year. Leaving my old school and friends behind was a big step for me. I now think of Northwood as my home. After just a couple weeks of being there during freshman year, I loved the place and the people.  I have never been more glad than how glad I am that I decided to go to Northwood School. It is and always will be my home.

– As told to Hadley Swedlund ‘20

DelliQuadri Receives Distinguished NYSSRA Don Jugle Memorial Award

Mr. Terry DelliQuadri (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge)

Recently at the NYSSRA Board Meeting, annual awards were announced and Northwood School’s Terry DelliQuadri received the New York State Ski Racing Association Don Jugle Memorial Award.

This annual award is presented to an outstanding individual or organization who exhibits hard work, dedication, unselfishness, and/or sponsorship to preserve fairness in ski racing in order that those racers that start at the end have as equal a chance as those starting first.

This is the quote from his nomination and he was selected by the NYSSRA Awards Selection Committee:

“Terry DelliQuadri is the Northwood Program Director and ideally should always be looking out for the top athletes to recruit and develop. He, of course, does this but what makes him so outstanding is that he spends equal (if not more) amounts of time making sure that ALL athletes are receiving the same amount of attention, coaching, and fairness at training and on race day. He is always paying close attention to every race day detail, rule, and regulation. Anyone that knows Terry knows that his best word to describe him is selfless. He spends every free moment he has helping all Northwood students, not just skiers! Whether it’s countless hours in the tuning room or rides to Starbucks, he is the most dedicated individual to this sport I have ever met.”

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