Opinion: Tom Brady is the GOAT

The NFL has had many star quarterbacks in the past. Joe Montana for the 49ers, Dan Marino for the Dolphins, and Peyton Manning for the Colts all stand out. None of these quarterbacks manage to top the legend that has been Tom Brady’s career. [Read more…]

Many Students Want Border Security – Few Support Trump’s Plan

U.S. President Trump participates in tour of U.S.-Mexico border wall prototypes near Otay Mesa Port of Entry in San Diego, California

President Donald Trump participates in a tour of U.S.-Mexico border wall prototypes in San Diego, California. (Photo by Kevin Lamarque/Reuters)

President Donald Trump just gave his second State of the Union speech, which included a forceful call for a new wall along the nation’s southern border with Mexico.  The country just faced the longest government shutdown in the history of the United States because of the President’s dispute with Congress over funding for the wall.

The Northwood School community, like America, is divided over President Trump’s plan. Many students support the idea of border security and a border wall, but there isn’t much love for Mr. Trump’s strategy to achieve his vision. Owen Pierce ‘21 asked students their opinion. Here’s a collection of student voices on the topic:


“I think [the wall] is outlandish, but it does bring up the question of border security.”
– Noah Pittman ‘21 (New York)


“Securing the border is important, but the way Trump is doing it is not effective.”
– Olivia Paul ‘21 (New York)


“It’s not necessarily a bad idea, but the issue lies with the lack of funding and government support.”
– Peter Tcheleshev ‘21 (Connecticut)


“It’s the U.S.’s fault that they are in this situation, so instead of trying to fix the problem with the border they should first try to fix the problems in their own government.”
– Rintaro Akasaka ‘20 (Japan)


“40% of immigrants fly in on planes, and most don’t cross the border, so the wall is pointless.”
– Charlie Purcell ‘21 (New York)


“I think it’s unnecessary to shut down the government, although the idea behind the wall and border safety is a good one.”
– Cisco Delliquadri ‘20 (New York)


“Honestly the wall is unnecessary. Most immigrants are just coming to seek asylum.”
– Morgan Broderick ‘19 (New York)


“I think it’s nonsense because there are many other ways immigrants can come into the States. A wall isn’t going to prevent them. Plus, Mexicans aren’t the only immigrants.”
– Fran Castillo ’19 (Dominican Republic)


“The reason behind immigrants bringing guns, drugs, and ammunition into the country is Americans demand for them. Before fixing the border problem we have to fix the problem with our citizens.”
– Kyle Bavis (Ohio)


“I believe Trump is incongruent in his statements. His ambitions are too far off from what the U.S. represents as a nation.”
– Mateo Rodriguez (Mexico)


Rec Skiing Offers Good Times for Many


One of the Rec Skiers at Whiteface recently (Photo: Ms. Marcy Fagan).

Every Tuesday thru Thursday, at 7:45 am, the “Rec” (short for “recreational”) skiers pile into two Northwood buses headed for Whiteface Mountain. The ride is bumpy, with most people half asleep. Once at Whiteface, everyone heads into the lodge to get ready for a morning of skiing or snowboarding. People split off into groups with their friends and head for the lifts. Some people ski for the whole morning while some people only do a few runs and then head inside for the lodge life. Skiing usually lasts until 10:45 when we head back to school.

Rec Skiing provides some funny stories (usually because of crashes) to laugh about on the bus back to school. Just last week I was skiing with a group of guys when I went off a hill and crashed face first into the ground. It was hilarious! Most days, Orion Torrance ‘19 says, “Let’s find a new trial,” which usually turns out badly with people crashing through the woods and causing some fun.

Usually once per winter, the Rec Skiing group skips classes for the day and everyone goes skiing at Stowe or Gore or Whiteface. Last year, we spent the day at Whiteface. This year Mr. Dingle says he is trying to get a fun day of skiing for all of the “Rec kids” at a mountain that most of us haven’t skied at.

Humans of Northwood: Lando Egan ‘20


Lando Egan ‘20 (Photo: Owen Pierce)

My name is Lando Egan. I’m sixteen years old. I currently live in Elmhurst, Massachusetts. I used to live in San Jose, California, and I love it there. My parents moved to Massachusetts because of jobs, and they like the cold.

I like skiing, cross country (running), and climbing. I’ve liked to ski since I was young. I enjoy freestyle skiing because it helps me relieve my stress. I like Northwood because I can play lots of sports and the people here are chill.

As told to Owen Pierce ’21

Humans of Northwood: Calder Pierce


Calder Pierce (Photo: Ms. Aerie Treska)

My name is Calder, and I’m eight. I go to Lake Placid Elementary School. I really like it because I can hang out with my friends. I like the projects at school because we have a few days to turn them in.

My favorite thing to do is drawing. I like to draw monsters and comics that are graphics and information comics. I like to collect trading cards and listen to audiobooks. I really like to play soccer and golf, which I do in the summer at camp. I love skiing because of the “agility rush” and the really cool hills where you get to go up and down, up and down, up and down. That’s why I go to Whiteface a lot. I also like the 46ers, which are books that you have to read, and then you get a limo ride, popcorn, and movies.

The things that matter to me are my family, Halloween, and Christmas because I get free stuff. I drink water in my spare time. My dog Seamus is important to me, but my cat Poe [he makes a weird noise that is hard to describe], I don’t know. I’m just kidding. Poe is really nice and soft.

As told to Owen Pierce ‘21 (Calder’s older brother)

Many Awkward Moments When Your Parent is Your Teacher

At the end of last year, as I was signing up for classes, I realized that I would have both of my parents as my teachers in the coming year. My dad, Mr. Chris Pierce, who is the Math Department Chair, now teaches my Honors Pre-Calculus class, and my mom, Ms. Aerie Treska, the English Department Chair, teaches 11th Grade English. Since my parents are always at school, my personal and school lives tend to overlap, and it can get awkward. [Read more…]

Six Northwood Students Will Compete in Children’s Olympic Games


This winter, Lake Placid will again be an Olympic Village. In January the tiny village that hosted the 1980 and 1932 Winter Olympic Games will host the 2019 International Children’s Olympic Games. With more than forty cities from sixteen countries, these games will welcome young winter sports athletes from all over the globe, including six student-athletes from Northwood School. [Read more…]

Students Get Ready for Winter Schedule

As the trimester comes to an end, so too does the fall schedule. Beginning after Thanksgiving break, Northwood School will be on the winter schedule: classes go from 12:30 until 6:15 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. On Mondays, classes start at 9:00 am and last until 3:45 pm, with flex going until 4:15. Friday is the “squish day” schedule, with each class shortened by five minutes and no flex.

Winter Schedule

Winter Schedule begins on Tuesday, November 27, the beginning of the second trimester.

Co-curricular activities, including athletics, don’t meet on Mondays and take place in the morning Tuesday through Thursday; Friday co-curricular activities happen after lunch and school meeting.


Senior Sarah Bennett (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge)

Senior Kevin Quinn describes Winter schedule as being “game time,” when the school community is most-focused on both their extracurricular activities and schoolwork. This view is shared by others who feel that the schedule is beneficial. Senior Tommy Boulais said, “I appreciate the extra time [winter schedule] gives me to sleep.”

Some winter sports athletes find that they lose free time with the change to the winter schedule. Senior ski racer Sarah Bennett said, “We have no free time in the winter to relax. Class ends at 6:15 pm, then we have dinner, and then we work out from 6:30 – 7:30 pm, which is right before study hall starts. It’s a grind.”

The first two weeks of the new schedule often require some adjustment to the later classes.

Humans of Northwood: Orion Torrance ’19


Orion Torrance ’19 (Photo: Kevin Quinn ’19)

“I like to ski. It’s nice to be able to hang out with a lot of my friends. People are crashing all the time. I like to play Fortnite. Shout out to Northwood Chips. I bounced around a lot of schools. I was at Lake Placid elementary then St. Agnes. Then I moved to Syracuse and went to a school called Cherry Hill. Then I moved to Dewitt in Syracuse in Onondaga County and went to Holy Cross. Then I moved to Saranac Lake and went to middle school there. After that, I did a couple years back in Lake Placid. I came to Northwood freshman year and I’ve been here ever since. At Northwood, I have friends I hang out with every day. One of my favorite skiing memories is when we took Paul Han, who just ‘learned’ how to snowboard, up the gondola and then left him halfway up the mountain because he was walking down. Another time we did the same thing to Alan. I work at McDonald’s, part of the McDonald’s gang. I flip and sell burgers. If Reno and Mr. Loud tried to give me a McDonald’s application I’d just roll up and be like ‘I already put mine in.’ I also just got my license so I love to drive around.”

As told to Owen Pierce

Humans of Northwood: Kevin Quinn ’19


“I’m Kevin Quinn. I’m seventeen, and I was born and raised in Lake Placid. I’ve been here my whole life. I grew up outdoors; rock climbing, hiking, and skiing. I finished my Adirondack 46 when I was ten. I make up one-hundred percent of the Northwood freestyle team, and it’s cool to be original. I have two dogs, a brother, and a restaurant called Desperados. Before Northwood, I went to North Country school. I had to kill chickens there, I feel like it made me more resilient. I feel like I’m a typical Adirondack kid. I used to work at Whiteface as a ski instructor, but I wanted to do something more competitive, and freestyle fit the bill. I like that I don’t have to focus on team success, only my personal success. I hurt my back last year and it took out half of my ski season and all of rock climbing. The doctors didn’t really know what the problem was, so I had to spend a full day in the E.R, and over three months recovering. I later learned that it was a spinal contusion and it basically made me have the mobility of a  grandpa. I walked like a grandpa and was able to pick things up like a grandpa. Next year I’ll miss Northwood a little bit, but I’m really looking forward to college. I want to study in the communications field, either journalism or advertising. I watch a lot of TV, which probably wouldn’t make my teachers happy, but I feel like it makes me smarter.”

As told to Owen Pierce ’21

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