Rec Skiing Offers Good Times for Many


One of the Rec Skiers at Whiteface recently (Photo: Ms. Marcy Fagan).

Every Tuesday thru Thursday, at 7:45 am, the “Rec” (short for “recreational”) skiers pile into two Northwood buses headed for Whiteface Mountain. The ride is bumpy, with most people half asleep. Once at Whiteface, everyone heads into the lodge to get ready for a morning of skiing or snowboarding. People split off into groups with their friends and head for the lifts. Some people ski for the whole morning while some people only do a few runs and then head inside for the lodge life. Skiing usually lasts until 10:45 when we head back to school.

Rec Skiing provides some funny stories (usually because of crashes) to laugh about on the bus back to school. Just last week I was skiing with a group of guys when I went off a hill and crashed face first into the ground. It was hilarious! Most days, Orion Torrance ‘19 says, “Let’s find a new trial,” which usually turns out badly with people crashing through the woods and causing some fun.

Usually once per winter, the Rec Skiing group skips classes for the day and everyone goes skiing at Stowe or Gore or Whiteface. Last year, we spent the day at Whiteface. This year Mr. Dingle says he is trying to get a fun day of skiing for all of the “Rec kids” at a mountain that most of us haven’t skied at.


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