Humans of Northwood: Calder Pierce


Calder Pierce (Photo: Ms. Aerie Treska)

My name is Calder, and I’m eight. I go to Lake Placid Elementary School. I really like it because I can hang out with my friends. I like the projects at school because we have a few days to turn them in.

My favorite thing to do is drawing. I like to draw monsters and comics that are graphics and information comics. I like to collect trading cards and listen to audiobooks. I really like to play soccer and golf, which I do in the summer at camp. I love skiing because of the “agility rush” and the really cool hills where you get to go up and down, up and down, up and down. That’s why I go to Whiteface a lot. I also like the 46ers, which are books that you have to read, and then you get a limo ride, popcorn, and movies.

The things that matter to me are my family, Halloween, and Christmas because I get free stuff. I drink water in my spare time. My dog Seamus is important to me, but my cat Poe [he makes a weird noise that is hard to describe], I don’t know. I’m just kidding. Poe is really nice and soft.

As told to Owen Pierce ‘21 (Calder’s older brother)


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