Humans of Northwood: Orion Torrance ’19


Orion Torrance ’19 (Photo: Kevin Quinn ’19)

“I like to ski. It’s nice to be able to hang out with a lot of my friends. People are crashing all the time. I like to play Fortnite. Shout out to Northwood Chips. I bounced around a lot of schools. I was at Lake Placid elementary then St. Agnes. Then I moved to Syracuse and went to a school called Cherry Hill. Then I moved to Dewitt in Syracuse in Onondaga County and went to Holy Cross. Then I moved to Saranac Lake and went to middle school there. After that, I did a couple years back in Lake Placid. I came to Northwood freshman year and I’ve been here ever since. At Northwood, I have friends I hang out with every day. One of my favorite skiing memories is when we took Paul Han, who just ‘learned’ how to snowboard, up the gondola and then left him halfway up the mountain because he was walking down. Another time we did the same thing to Alan. I work at McDonald’s, part of the McDonald’s gang. I flip and sell burgers. If Reno and Mr. Loud tried to give me a McDonald’s application I’d just roll up and be like ‘I already put mine in.’ I also just got my license so I love to drive around.”

As told to Owen Pierce


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