Senioritis Spreading at Northwood

Senioritis: A condition in which a high school senior starts to care less and less about school and wishes for everything to be over already.

Symptoms may include: an unusual amount of “sick days,” loss of homework, shortened attention span, frequent rolling of the eyes, prolonged due dates, and excessive Fortnite playing.

Northwood Pic 3

Some seniors have come down with “Senioritis.”

Northwood is now well into the third and final trimester, and for many seniors, school is the last thing on their minds. With graduation, going to college, getting a job, starting a family, having kids, and becoming an adult to look forward to, they lose interest in studying and become rather lazy.

To learn how Northwood students are fighting (or happily accepting) Senioritis, I asked several Northwood seniors how they have kept themselves productive during their final few months at Northwood.

Cole Leal ‘19 said, “To be honest, it’s tough to continue working as hard as I have in the past few years. And I’m sure that all [seniors] are ready to get out of here.” He added, “Sort of luckily for me though, I don’t know right now where I’m going to college, as I’m going to play junior hockey after this year. This gives me a reason to keep my grades up as best as I can so that I can keep all of my options open going forward.”

Alexander Ray ‘19 said, “Towards the end of the year, it’s always a bit tough to stay on track with school, but my advice to all of the other seniors at Northwood is to just keep grinding because no matter what, grades are always important to maintain.”

Post-Graduate Alex Van Schalkwyk ‘19 is actively trying to fight off Senioritis. Van Schalkwyk said, “I am feeling [Senioritis] a bit. However, I know there isn’t too long to go, so I’m going to stay motivated to finish this life test rather strongly. Regarding my grades, I’m as concerned with my grades right now as I was at the start of the year, mainly because the school that I want to go to, Dartmouth, is still monitoring my grades. I have to keep my grades up to keep the admissions office there happy.”

I reached out to five other Northwood seniors via text message, and all of them told me that they would get back to me very soon, but none of them ever did. I suppose that Senioritis is already in full force at this school.

Of course grades are always very important, but it’s also hard to blame the seniors for this drop in attentiveness. After all, they have been in school since they were four or five years old. As the 2018-2019 academic year is winding down to its end, and seniors begin to see the light at the end of their tunnels, it’s understandable why some seniors try to just take a knee and run out the clock.

Northwood Pic 2

A Visual Representation of Seniors This Last Trimester

But what Northwood seniors do need to keep in mind is that Graduation Day is still a long way away. Up until that day, why not push through to the end of their high school lives and make their time well spent?

Soccer Team Tries Their Luck In The Sin City


The soccer team competed in Las Vegas recently.

It was a very exciting weekend for Black Rock FC, who made a journey to Las Vegas, Nevada, to try their luck in a highly-scouted showcase with college coaches from all around the country.  The adventure for the Northwood teams started Thursday morning at 3 A.M. when a charter bus picked up both the U19 and the U17 teams and drove over two hours to Burlington International Airport in Vermont. The teams then caught a 7 A.M. flight to Las Vegas, with a connection in Chicago, arriving at Sin City at 2:50 P.M. Matches started the next day, and over the course of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, the U19’s and U17’s each played a gruelling 4 games against elite competition from all over the United States. The fixtures for these games can be found below.

U19 Results

Game 1: Black Rock FC V.S. Strikers FC
Score: T 1-1
Black Rock FC Goal Scorers:
Matías Valenzuela ‘19 (1 goal)

Game 2: Black Rock FC V.S. BEACH FC ECNL
Score: W 3-2
Black Rock FC Goal Scorers:
Petro Paggi ‘19 (1 goal)
Cory Booth ‘19 (2 goals)

Game 3: Black Rock FC V.S. DTFC DESA
Score: W 2-0
Black Rock FC Goal Scorers:
Cory Booth ‘19 1 goal)
Diego Dutilh ‘19 (1 goal)

Game 4: Black Rock FC V.S. BYSC CORONA
Score: W 4-0
Black Rock FC Goal Scorers:
Diego Dutilh ‘19 (2 goals)
Abdou Samb ‘21 (1 goal)
Matías Valenzuela ‘19 (1 goal)



Game 1: Black Rock FC V.S. Laguna United FC
Score: T 0-0

Game 2: Black Rock FC V.S. ECNL 00B Pride SC
Score: L 0-4

Game 3: Black Rock FC V.S. RIVERSIDE CITY FC
Score: L 4-7
Black Rock FC Goal Scorers:
Alvaro Garcia Pascual ‘21 (1 goal)
Kenji Mboma ‘20 (2 goals)
Marc Wharfe ‘21 (1 goal)

Score: L 1-2
Black Rock FC Goal Scorers:
Luke Smith ‘21 (1 goal)


The highlight from this slew of games was the U19’s second game against BEACH FC ECNL. After about 30 minutes of play, Black Rock FC was down 2-0, but Petro Paggi ‘19’s stellar goal pulled the game to within one, and with two later goals by Cory Booth 19’, Black Rock FC was able to rally the troops and pull off the win in exciting comeback fashion. Once the final whistle blew, Booth realized that he had won his team the game. He said, “I thought to myself that it was a much harder game than it needed to be, but in the end, I was also just glad that I could bring one home for the team.”

In addition to the games, the boys had some fun off the pitch as well. They got to visit the Las Vegas Strip not just once, but twice. There was even a roller coaster on the strip that some of the players got to ride. The roller coaster was a hit especially among many of the international players, who had never seen a roller coaster dead smack in the middle of a city before. A few of them were quite confused, though, when they saw the re-creation of the Statue of Liberty right next to the coaster, wondering how and why the Las Vegas strip was borrowing one of New York City’s greatest monuments.

For the Northwood’s soccer teams, this past week was exciting indeed. But the adventures for Black Rock FC are far from over. In fact, in just one month, both teams are heading to Dallas, Texas to try their luck yet again against some of the best U20 soccer teams in the country.


Skyline of Dallas, Texas – Where Black Rock FC Will Be Heading To Next Month.


Update: Northwood’s School Safety Plan

On December 12, 2018, Kevin Quinn 19’ published an essay in The Mirror about how Northwood should prepare its students in an event of a school shooting. Quinn had suggested that Northwood adopt the same safety measure used by Oakland University–to equip all students with hockey pucks so that they can throw the pucks at the shooter. Now, of course, this is a bit of a long shot, but any plan is better than no plan at all. So what steps has Northwood School gone through to assure the safety of its students? To figure this out, I sat down with the Assistant Head of School Tom Broderick.


Assistant Head of School Mr. Tom Broderick (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge)

My first question for Mr. Broderick was what he thought about the idea of students at Northwood carrying around hockey pucks. He said, “What I’ve learned over my time studying the Fort Hood massacre, studying Newtown, and studying other active shooter events, is that when students flee, they often have a greater chance at survival.” He added, “Also if you are confronted with an active shooter, distraction is a major thing. In reality, though, you don’t need to carry around hockey pucks to create a distraction for the shooter. Any object, say, a stack of paper, can be enough of a distraction to disrupt a shooter’s accuracy.”

I then asked Mr. Broderick if there is a reason why Northwood has never conducted drills to prepare for the possible event of a school shooting. He replied, “The school has tried to come up with the best way to run an active shooter drill. The problem is that right now, our school does not have at its disposal a warning system for this sort of thing. Northwood’s safety task force has been looking into purchasing an appropriate warning system.” He continued, “We can’t use the fire alarm for this sort of thing because a shooter might use it as a way to access more targets all at once. And since we are so efficient with fire drills, within two minutes an active shooter could have all the students and faculty out in the field. So using a fire drill would actually put people at greater harm. We are going to have some meetings with students as we go into the spring to talk about these sort of things, and hopefully, determine our plans of action rather soon.”

fire-alarm-systemFinally, I asked Mr. Broderick what current steps the school is taking to secure school buildings. He said, “At this point, the school has been authorized to secure most of the [entry] doors in the Allen building, in Bergamini, and in the Uihlein classroom building, and the Friedlander science center. Next year, when students return to campus, all students will be required to carry around what is called a fob, which is a small electric key that can open doors. They will not be able to enter school buildings without one.”


The school safety plan will call for more locked doors, which may mean more keys and fobs (Photo: Kyle Bavis ’19).

“Now, all this being said, Lake Placid is a very safe place. I still leave my house unlocked. I still leave my car unlocked. The problem with the age that we live in today, though, is that we can not assume our safety. And so that is why these new measures and many more still to come, plan to be implemented here at Northwood School,” Mr. Broderick said.

We are living in a dangerous world. With the recent rise in the number of school shootings, school safety has never been more important. But with many school faculty like Mr. Broderick looking out for us, the Northwood community can all breathe a little bit easier.

How To Prevent And Treat Frostbite

frostbite-treatment-featured-image-1-750x420It may be the end of February, a month that saw the famous groundhog see his shadow indicating an early spring, but Lake Placid is still in the grips of winter. The Adirondacks is one of the coldest regions in the United States. Both locals and tourists enjoy outdoor activities here in Lake Placid even when it’s freezing. But spending many hours in the cold increases the risk of getting frostbite, which can not only interfere with your winter fun but also damage your body.

Frostbite is a condition in which the tissue below the skin freezes. Since humans are composed mainly of water, when exposed to cold for too long, cells that make up our skin tissues can actually freeze solid, leading to both pain and possibly permanent damage to the tissues.

Luckily, frostbite is easily recognizable. The skin first turns pink and then red. Once the tissue actually freezes, the skin turns white. If the frostbite is serious enough, it can even turn black, meaning that the skin tissue has actually died. If you think that you have frostbite, let your body warm up naturally. Never put warm or hot water on the area affected, as this will further damage the tissues.

However, frostbite can be avoided by simply wearing hats, gloves, scarves, and warm boots, as it usually occurs on areas of open skin, such as fingers, ears, necks, and on extremities.

Even though you may not look “cool” wearing layers, if you stay safe and warm, at the end of the day, you’ll be able to enjoy the winter of the Adirondacks longer.

Northwood’s Favorite Super Bowl Commercials


Well, the Super Bowl came and went this past Sunday, and by all accounts, the game itself was very boring to watch. Even the Halftime show felt strangely stale. There was one saving grace that night, though: the commercials. Some were funny, some were exciting, and some were touching, but there is no doubt that they were entertaining. Here are some Super Bowl ads that Northwood students found most appealing.

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Soccer Splits Series Vs Oakwood SC

aaaaaaaaaaaIt is the middle of Winter in Lake Placid, but for Northwood’s soccer teams, Black Rock FC, it is still soccer season.  This past weekend both teams traveled to Glastonbury, Connecticut, near Connecticut’s Capital City of Hartford, to play teams from the Oakwood Soccer Club program.  Both teams left it all out on the fields, with the U17 team ending the weekend with a victory and the U19 quad falling short. Here are the quick facts about the two games.

Black Rock FC U19 V.S. Oakwood Soccer Club U19

Final Score: Black Rock FC: 3     Oakwood Soccer Club U19: 5

Black Rock FC Goal Scorers

Abdou Samb ‘2021 (1 goal)

Diego Dutil ‘2019 (1 goal)

Mateo Rodriguez ‘2020 (1 goal)


Black Rocks FC U17 V.S. Oakwood Soccer Club U17

Final Score: Black Rock FC: 2     Oakwood Soccer Club U17: 1

Black Rock FC Goal Scorers

Jalen Commissiong ‘2020 (1 goal)

Luke Smith ‘2021 (1 goal)

When both teams got back to school, some of the players were rather discouraged by the way that the weekend panned out. U19 striker Alex van Schalkwyk ‘19 said regarding the U19 game that “We lost, which is obviously frustrating, but I think that we improved in our performances from earlier weeks. But I also know that we can do better if we stay more disciplined, and show more passion as a team.”

Black Rock FC’s U17 Heach Coach Mr. Martinez saw the game as well, and when asked about the game, said that “In my opinion, the U19s had a tremendous start. The game was actually tied up at 2-2, and I think that they controlled the game pretty well up to that point.  Things just got a little bit out of hand when they scored again and went up 3-2. But overall, after the game, I still felt pretty good about the way that we played, and I don’t feel like the scoreline truly reflected how they played as a team.”

Mr. Martinez praised his U17 team’s play this weekend as well, saying that “The U17’s had a great start, and they were dominate throughout the game.  They had most of the possession through the first half, and if they could have put away their breakaway and the shot off the post, they could have scored a lot more than just 2 goals in the game.  But overall, it was just a great weekend for them.”

Although Black Rock FC’s teams might have split their games this weekend, it was overall still a great weekend of soccer for the students of Northwood School. This weekend, the boys travel to Philadelphia to play the Philadelphia Union’s U19 and U17 academy teams. These are supposed to be two tough opponents, but if this season has already taught us anything, it’s that no team is too much for Black Rock FC.

Humans of Northwood: Him Sum Wong ’20


I am Him Sum Wong, and I’m from Hong Kong. I play center midfield for Black Rock FC. My favorite thing about Northwood is the campus because it’s rather small, which makes it very convenient for me to get from place to place. Walking from the dining hall to the gym takes less than a minute Other than school and soccer, I love to relax in my room and watch either Netflix or NBA basketball.  My favorite school subject this year has been Geology because it’s very interesting to learn. I also like that I take that class with a lot of other soccer players. After living in America for half a school year now, I feel like the biggest difference between the United States and Hong Kong is that Hong Kong always feels busy, whereas America feels a lot more laid back and calmer. While this type of lifestyle certainly feels different, America is still slowly beginning to feel like home to me.

As told to Kyle Bavis ’19

Humans of Northwood: Joona Havia ’20


I am Joona Havia, and I am a soccer player from Helsinki, Finland. My favorite things about Northwood are my friends and soccer…but soccer comes first. I think the biggest difference between living in Finland and the United States is the people and the food. I can’t really describe how the people are different, but as for the food, American food is just so less healthy in general. I do love American hamburgers, though. Yummy! My favorite subject in school this year is English because I love to improve my English vocabulary. When I get older, I want to be a professional soccer player, but if that doesn’t work out, then I want to become a personal trainer. But for right now, I am a happy center back for Black Rock FC at Northwood School.

As told to Kyle Bavis ’19

Winter Weekend Features Hockey Tournament and Much More

shddhdThere is little doubt that the best part of winter at Northwood is Winter Weekend, when the school community — including students, parents and alumni — comes together to celebrate winter sports, catch up with friends, and appreciate unique experiences available in Lake Placid.

Winter Weekend is also the year’s largest sporting event at the school, featuring the 40th Annual Northwood Invitational hockey tournament, in which thirty-six teams will compete in four divisions.


Northwood and Shattuck-St. Mary’s players in the handshake line after a Northwood INvitational game in 2017 (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge).

The Junior Team will have three games this weekend in the Showcase Division, which features some of the best U20 hockey teams in North America. On Saturday, January 19th, the Junior Team will play Nichols School. On Sunday, they face St. Andrew’s College, one of Northwood Hockey’s biggest rivals, and on Monday they take on Albany Academy.


Junior team action at the 2018 Northwood Invitational Tournament (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge).

The Prep Team will play in the Invitational Division against NH Avalanche and North Broward Prep on Saturday, and against Islanders Hockey Club on Sunday.

For some Northwood athletes, this weekend will be an opportunity to be scouted by junior and college teams and rise to a higher level in their hockey career.


Aimee Headland ’19 celebrates a goal in the 2018 Northwood INvitational (Photo: Mr. Aldridge).

Girls’ Hockey will also be in action this weekend, playing in the Girls’ Invitational Division, with games against Walpole Express and OHA on Saturday, and Rice Prep, the girls’ most bitter geographical rival and league foe, on Sunday.

Complete tournament schedules and results are available on the tournament website.



Pond Hockey on Mirror Lake.


The hockey tournament isn’t the only Northwood event in town this weekend. There will also be receptions for alumni ski racers and for all alumni and parents, a cross country ski outing, and even a pond hockey tournament. A schedule of events is available here.

So no matter if you live and breath ice hockey, or just want to experience beautiful Lake Placid in her winter glory, this weekend at Northwood is the place to be.

Fun Things to do Outside During the Lake Placid Winter

With the air crisp and cool, the mountains layered with fresh powder, and the pond frozen thick enough to skate on, the winter of Lake Placid is magical. While most Lake Placid locals and Northwood students take advantage of the wonderful winter environment by skating, skiing, snowboarding, tobogganing, and many others, some of us students who are new to the village may not know how to enjoy these winter activities. I am here to tell you first-timers how to have fun while staying safe here in Lake Placid. [Read more…]

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