Winter Weekend Features Hockey Tournament and Much More

shddhdThere is little doubt that the best part of winter at Northwood is Winter Weekend, when the school community — including students, parents and alumni — comes together to celebrate winter sports, catch up with friends, and appreciate unique experiences available in Lake Placid.

Winter Weekend is also the year’s largest sporting event at the school, featuring the 40th Annual Northwood Invitational hockey tournament, in which thirty-six teams will compete in four divisions.


Northwood and Shattuck-St. Mary’s players in the handshake line after a Northwood INvitational game in 2017 (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge).

The Junior Team will have three games this weekend in the Showcase Division, which features some of the best U20 hockey teams in North America. On Saturday, January 19th, the Junior Team will play Nichols School. On Sunday, they face St. Andrew’s College, one of Northwood Hockey’s biggest rivals, and on Monday they take on Albany Academy.


Junior team action at the 2018 Northwood Invitational Tournament (Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge).

The Prep Team will play in the Invitational Division against NH Avalanche and North Broward Prep on Saturday, and against Islanders Hockey Club on Sunday.

For some Northwood athletes, this weekend will be an opportunity to be scouted by junior and college teams and rise to a higher level in their hockey career.


Aimee Headland ’19 celebrates a goal in the 2018 Northwood INvitational (Photo: Mr. Aldridge).

Girls’ Hockey will also be in action this weekend, playing in the Girls’ Invitational Division, with games against Walpole Express and OHA on Saturday, and Rice Prep, the girls’ most bitter geographical rival and league foe, on Sunday.

Complete tournament schedules and results are available on the tournament website.



Pond Hockey on Mirror Lake.


The hockey tournament isn’t the only Northwood event in town this weekend. There will also be receptions for alumni ski racers and for all alumni and parents, a cross country ski outing, and even a pond hockey tournament. A schedule of events is available here.

So no matter if you live and breath ice hockey, or just want to experience beautiful Lake Placid in her winter glory, this weekend at Northwood is the place to be.

Fun Things to do Outside During the Lake Placid Winter

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Dean’s List Students Share Study Habits

classroom-2093744_960_720Athletics are big at Northwood School, so it is a big accomplishment if you are recognized for your athletic achievement.  But there is a select group of Northwood Students who have reached an even more exclusive accomplishment: they have earned a spot on the Dean’s list.  To make Dean’s List, Freshman and Sophomores must achieve a minimum GPA of a 3.7, and for Juniors and Seniors, the minimum GPA is a remarkable 4.0, each with no grade below a B+. Remarkably, despite these lofty requirements, 36 students are on the Dean’s List for the first trimester.

The Mirror spoke with a few of these special Northwood Students to find out how they achieve such high marks, and what advice they would give student aspiring to make the Dean’s List.

Alex van Schalkwyk ‘19, of South Africa, is a striker on the soccer team. He said that he usually spends about 2 hours every day studying.  “I stay motivated because I want to get into a good college, and those schools have high expectations academically. Also, I like to push myself to improve in life every day.”

Aleksei Rutkovski ‘19 is from Russia and plays hockey. “I usually spend about 4 hours at my working space, but I don’t study that entire time.  Work time for me is probably only about 2 hours a night maximum.” Aleksei balances his school work with other commitments or responsibilities. “I have a list of priorities that often switch around, making me spend more or less time on different things.  For me, successfully managing my time mainly comes down to just understanding my goals, and deciding if what I want to do at any given time is worth it in the long term or not,” said Rutkovski.

Aiden Smith ‘19, a ski racer from New Jersey, stays motivated to do so well in school in part by competing with his twin sister Chelsea, also a senior. They are constantly trying to one-up each other in their grades. He also said that, aside from this sibling rivalry, he also wants to put himself on a good track for life.

Aiden was asked, “what one piece of advice that you would give to students who are aspiring to make Dean’s List next trimester?”

“Just understand that what works for me might not work for you,” advised Aiden. “So study as much as you can, and go to teachers for any questions you have,” he added.

All of these students may have come from different parts of the world, possess different backgrounds, and see the world in different ways, but in the end, one thing applies to all of them: They are all very accomplished students who have bright futures ahead of them.

Seattle Gets New NHL Team

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Northwood Robotics GEARing Up For The New Year

Northwood School is known around the region for its brilliance and ingenuity in the field of robotics. Even though robotics is officially listed as a class at Northwood, it is considered less of an academic discipline and more of a respected sports team due to the numerous competitions the Robotics Team attends.


Robotics Compitition

The Robotics Team at a competition during the 2017-18 school year (Photo: provided).


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