Famous 1980 Scoreboard Comes Down

The famous Lake Placid scoreboard that was used in the 1980 Olympic hockey game between the powerhouse Soviet Union’s Red Army hockey team and the young United States Olympic hockey team has been taken down. February 6th was the last time that the scoreboard was in use. The scoreboard update is a part of a number of modern upgrades to the facility that the Olympic Regional Development Authority hopes will allow the venue to attract major sporting events.

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Each of the four panels to the historic scoreboard will be given away. One panel will go to the Lake Placid Olympic Museum. Another panel will go to the headquarters of Daktronics, a South Dakota-based company that made the new “jumbotron” scoreboard. Another panel will go to the New York State Museum in Albany.

In addition to the 1980 Olympics, the historic scoreboard has been involved in numerous hockey games, including ECAC, Division III and NCAA hockey championships, professional and peewee games.

Although the historic scoreboard no longer keeps time and score in the Olympic Center, it will still serve the community in area museums, allowing us reflect on the history made in the famous arena.


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