Northwood Spring Sports Preview

It’s been a great school year thus far, and as the snow melts, Northwood turns its attention to the short but sweet spring sports season. This spring, Northwood is fielding boys’ and girls’ lacrosse teams, a golf team, and a tennis team. In addition to these spring sports, both of Northwood’s soccer teams and its crew team are finishing up their seasons this spring as well. And as if all of this wasn’t enough, Northwood is also offering a rock climbing club, a mountain biking club, a whitewater rafting club, a water activities club, a basketball club, an art club, and a music club. Every Northwood student must participate in one of these activities.

Now, many of the athletes who only play spring sports are expressing disappointment about the short length of the spring sports season. But while Northwood’s spring sports schedule may only stretch from April 23 to May 11, these three weeks are sure to be packed with excitement. If you don’t believe me, then read on, as I break down what is to come for all of our Northwood sports teams and clubs in the next few weeks.

Boys’ Lacrosse

Boys’ Lacrosse has six games scheduled, with three home games and three road games:

4/30/19 – @ Lasalle – 4:30 PM

5/1/19 – Plattsburgh – 4:00 PM

5/3/19 – @ IHC – 6:30 PM

5/4/19 – @ Massena – 6:00 PM

5/10/19 – Northwood – 4:00 PM

5/11/19 – Northwood – 10:00 AM


Girls’ Lacrosse

Girls’ lacrosse has three games scheduled, with one home game and two away games:

4/30/19 – Ogdensburg – 5:00 PM

5/4/19 – @ Massena – 4:00 PM

5/9/19 – @ Canton (Partridge Run) – 5:00 PM



The Golf Team has a three-game schedule, with one home game and two away games:

4/30/19 – @ Massena – 3:15 PM

5/2/19 – @ Canton (Partridge Run) – 3:00 PM

5/3/19 – Massena – 4:00 PM



The Tennis Team doesn’t have any games planned, but Mr. Donatello is currently working on scheduling the team some matches.


Crew Team

Crew Team will be closing out their season with two final meets:

5/4/19 – Scrimmage on Hudson River in Mechanicville, NY – 5:00 PM

5/11/19 – 5/12/19  – New York State Scholastic Rowing Championships on Fish Creek, Saratoga Springs, NY


U19 And U17 Soccer Teams

4/28/19 – Both the U19’s and U17’s will be taking Leadership Training and competing in Friendly Games at Roots Sports Complex in Westfield, MA)

5/5/19 – Both the U19’s and U17’s will be competing in the BRFC Prep Academy Spring Showcase – Location TBD

5/11/19 to 5/12/19 – End of Year Retreat


It certainly is shaping up to be another fantastic sports season here at Northwood. So if you want to show your school pride and cheer on the Huskies this spring, I highly suggest coming out to some of the games and events these next few weeks.


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