Northwood’s Favorite Super Bowl Commercials


Well, the Super Bowl came and went this past Sunday, and by all accounts, the game itself was very boring to watch. Even the Halftime show felt strangely stale. There was one saving grace that night, though: the commercials. Some were funny, some were exciting, and some were touching, but there is no doubt that they were entertaining. Here are some Super Bowl ads that Northwood students found most appealing.


A waiter asks a customer what she would like to drink, and she replies, “Coke.” The waiter then asks “Is Pepsi okay?” Steve Carell, who was sitting behind the woman, starts comparing Pepsi to puppies and shooting stars, followed by rappers Lil Jon and Cardi B endorsing the product as well. After all this commotion, the woman suddenly wants to have a Pepsi real bad.

Lars Kroes ‘20 said, “[The commercial] was really funny. It was also really well put together and included a lot of big-name stars.” Jalen Commissiong ‘20 loved this ad as well, though when asked why, his only response was, “Because I am a thirsty individual.”


Bud Light/Game of Thrones

This commercial depicts a jousting battle where Bud Knight takes on an unknown competitor. After defeating Bud Knight and sending him flying to the ground, the unnamed jouster gets off of his horse, walks over to the Bud Knight, and twists his head. A fire breathing then flies in and breaths fire on the entire medieval arena. The commercial ends with an ad for the final season of the show Game of Thrones.


Trevor Souza ‘19 commented, “The commercial did a great job at marketing the beer, but also got me hyped for the new season of Game of Thrones at the same time.”



In the commercial, Microsoft creates controllers that allow kids with physical disabilities to play video games. This left its viewers with a warm feeling inside, knowing that Microsoft is striving to give every child, no matter their situation, the ability to still be a kid.


“It was very emotional,” Wyatt Friedlander ‘19 said. “We are all human beings regardless of our differences,” he added.


NFL 100th Year Anniversary

The Super Bowl ad that seemed to steal the show this year though was the NFL 100th Year Anniversary commercial. This commercial features 44 current and former NFL players, 19 of which were Hall-of-Famers, having a banquet and celebrating 100 years of the NFL–that is, until a golden football falls to the floor, and one of the players in the room yells “Fumble!” The banquet room then becomes a madhouse as people start tackling each other and throwing the football around the room.


Michael Leone 20’ said, “It was just cool how they brought in all of the best players of all time and made them hit each other. It was pretty funny.” Tommy Boulais ‘19 added, “it showed grown men tackling each other, and that gag was really funny.” Drew Rose ‘19  liked the commercial because when the commercial first started out, it seemed all prim and proper, but then all of the tackling and yelling came out of left field, which was a refreshing twist to a commercial that was intended to ring in the 100th year of NFL.

So in the end, even though the game didn’t turn out to be as exciting as everyone had hoped, at least the commercials succeeded in giving viewers a little bit of enjoyment as they watched the two teams fail to score for the first 53 minutes of the game.


(If you didn’t watch the Super Bowl, or want to relive the commercials, here’s a link to the playlist of all of the 2019 Super Bowl commercials.


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