Students Prepare For AP Exams and Finals


It is coming down to the final few weeks of the academic calendar here at Northwood, and for the students, that means finals. Sure, the weather is finally nice outside, and the end-of-year festivities are starting to kick in, but these aren’t stopping students from finishing off their academics of this year on a high note. Now, I’m a senior myself, and I know how hard I’ve been working for the past few weeks to prepare for my AP exams and course finals. But to see how other students around campus are preparing, I interviewed a few of my fellow students about how they are coming down the home stretch of this school year.


Tommy Boulais ’19

Tommy Boulais ‘19 said, “Right now, I’m studying extensively for my AP Biology exam. I’ve been reviewing the main concepts and doing numerous practice exams to prepare. It’s tough as a senior to find the motivation to continue to succeed in my academics this late in the year, but it helps that I’ve always had a mindset that I want to be the best in everything I do. But I am nervous about the tests because of the language barrier since French is my native language. Overall, I’m excited to complete the tests and get them over with so that I can enjoy my final days here at Northwood.”


Adelia Castillo ’21

Sophomore Adelia Castillo has one AP exam and finals for the four other courses coming up. “I’m studying for AP World History, Honors Chemistry, Algebra II, English 10, and Spanish 10. I’ve been practicing for my AP exam by taking practice AP exams that Mr. Nemec has been providing and by reading my textbook,” Castillo said. She added, “I’m very nervous because number one, this will be the first AP exam than I’ve ever taken, and number two, I find Chemistry challenging, so I can only imagine how hard the exam for that class is going to be.”


Ben DeGirolamo ’21

Ben DeGirolamo ‘21 doesn’t take any AP courses but still needs to prepare for his finals. He said, “ I like to use Quizlet to get to know vocabs. And at times, flash cards can be useful as well. I will say, I am nervous about my exams in History, English 10, and Chemistry, mainly because I have a hard time with the subjects, and they take me longer to understand. But I’m sure that with enough time studying, I’ll be well prepared for the finals.”

No matter what, one thing is for sure. It has been a great school year thus far, with lots of fun and lots of learning.  And to all of the students here at Northwood, The Mirror wishes all the best of luck in the end-of-year exams and the final few weeks of the school year, until we can all enjoy the much-deserved summer break.


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