Cum Laude Inductees Announced at Virtual Ceremony

14 students were added to Northwood School’s chapter of the Cum Laude Society in a virtual ceremony on May 20. The Cum Laude Society is the single highest form of academic recognition at Northwood School.

The Cum Laude Society is an academic honor society in college preparatory schools. The inductees are chosen through a highly selective process and include up to 20% of the senior class, and 10% of the junior class who have demonstrated academic excellence.

These students have taken a rigorous academic course load including Honors and AP courses. They are self-motivated and dedicated students who have pushed themselves academically throughout their high school careers.

The objective of the Cum Laude Society is to promote learning and sound scholarship in secondary schools. The recipients are expected to uphold the values of our school, maintain a strong academic work ethic, and serve as examples of motivated and diligent students. They should also encourage others to work to their highest potential to achieve their personal academic goals.

Inducted in 2020

  • Amelia Veronica Brady ’21
  • Ellie Catherine Colby ’21
  • Ava Elizabeth Day ’21
  • Norah Hunt Dempsey ’21
  • Andrew John Mazza ’21

From the Class of 2021

  • Angelia Nicolina Castillo ’21
  • Ryan Gregory Cielo ’21
  • Gabrielle-Catherine Anna Veber Côté ’21
  • Haley Ritchie Donatello ’21
  • Kathryn Layne Hagness ’21
  • Lealani Grace Kidd ’21
  • Jadenlin Oceana Klebba ’21
  • Chase Fisher Ormiston ’21
  • Chuer Zhang ’21

From the Class of 2022

  • Liam Shuntaro Doyle ’22
  • David Sebastian Green ’22
  • Caroline Bancroft Harrison ’22
  • Jan Korec ’22
  • Cilla Jade Nee ’22




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