2021 Senior Athletic Awards

Normally reserved for the Senior Awards ceremony at the annual senior banquet held the night before commencement, the 2021 Senior Athletic Awards were announced during the Co-Curricular Coach’s Awards ceremony today in a virtual ceremony.

The following are the awards and recipients.


This plaque is presented in recognition of outstanding achievements in academics and in women’s sports.  The recipients are chosen for their accomplishments and enthusiasm in developing both their intellectual and physical beings.


Norah Dempsey ’21


Kathryn (Kate) Hagness ’21


This is an award given each year by Mr. & Mrs. F. Stillman Hyde and his family, in loving memory of Tim Hyde, who graduated from Northwood in 1962.  It is given to the hockey player who, in the opinion of the coaches, best exemplifies Tim Hyde’s love of the game and his “never quit” attitude, no matter how stiff the opposition.

Marina Alvarez ’21


Charlie Holt served as a teacher and coach at Northwood School from 1955 to 1962. After Northwood, Charlie was hockey coach at Colby College and the University of New Hampshire.  Considered one of the “true gentlemen” of the game, Charlie Holt embodied the best qualities the game has to offer.  A plaque is awarded annually by Northwood School to the members of the boys and girls hockey squads who have shown the best sportsmanship in practice and in games.

Ashlyn McGrath

Michael Leone ’21


The permanent trophy was given by the late Herbert L. Malcolm, former Headmaster of the Lake Placid School now Northwood School, and the individual plaque is awarded each year to the male and female students who, in the opinion of the faculty Athletic Committee, have shown the best sportsmanship in athletics throughout the year.  The award recognizes qualities of character that enhance the excellence of the teams on which the individuals participate and that reflect positively on Northwood as an institution during athletic competition.

Gabrielle-Catherine Cote ’21

Calil Neme Filho ’21


Mark Driscoll, Class of 1970, was the complete skier, competing in cross-country, jumping, and alpine events.  His legacy is one of extraordinary enthusiasm and dedication.  As an athlete, a student, and a student leader, Dill was one of the school’s most positively influential characters.  The school named the premier ski team award in his honor.

Benjamin (Ben) DeGirolamo ’21


This award is given to the student-athlete of the North Country who best displays Tim Smythe’s leadership and courage and who inspires their teammates to rise to any challenge.

Madison (Maddie) Kostoss ’21


The Warren Witherell Award is the top award given to a member of the soccer program. Like Mr. Witherell, the recipient of this award has consistently represented Northwood and the program in the finest manner possible as an athlete, student, community member, and leader. This player embodies the full spirit of the Northwood community and the soccer program and has consistently endeavored to improve himself while always setting the highest standard possible for his teammates and classmates to follow.

Tomas Restrepo Gaviria ’21


(All photos by Mr. Michael Aldridge)


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