Twenty Students Take Home Co-Curricular Awards

Twenty students received 21 awards at the annual co-curricular awards ceremony on May 19, which was held online for the second year in a row. For Northwood’s co-curricular activities and sports, the “Coach’s Award” is given to the student who characterizes the notion that there is no “I” in “team.”  Both on and off the field, rink, hill, etc., they lead by example. They are a consummate team player who goes above and beyond to make a difference for their team. Their leadership, ability to communicate with teammates and coaches are critical to the team’s success. The award is given to the student that best demonstrates the true spirit of activity throughout their season. It is provided for hard work and personal improvement and for a willingness to understand and learn to achieve one’s potential. The following students are the 2020-2021 recipients:

Rock Climbing
Haley Donatello ’21


CARE Service Award
Haley Donatello ’21


Chase Ormiston ‘21

Ellie Colby ‘21


U18 Soccer
Sebastian Green ‘22


U19 Soccer
Andrew Mazza ‘21


Boys Alpine Skiing
Wyatt Wardlaw ‘24


Girls Alpine Skiing
Audrey Higgins-Lopez ‘21


Freestyle Skiing
Maximilian Oechsner ‘21


David Phelps/Kimbal Award/ Ski Awards
Caroline Purcell ‘24


Ski Jumping
Adeleine Swanson ‘24


David Garvey ‘22


Prep Hockey (formerly Juniors)
Mark Monaco ‘21


Lars Kroes ‘21


Varsity Hockey (formerly Prep)
Ryan Cielo ‘21


Lars Kroes ‘21



Girls Hockey
Olivia McLean ‘21


Mountain Biking
Macie Eisenhart ‘23


Zach Zientko ‘21


Anja Martin ‘22


Kaiya Belisle ‘21


Rec Skiing
Eli Jean-Francois ‘21

Hillary Larsen ‘22



Congratulations to these recipients!


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