Soccer Team has Sights Set on Showcases

The 2021-22 Soccer Teams. Photo: Mr. Michael Aldridge.

The Northwood school U-17 and U-19 boys’ soccer teams are working hard to prepare for the upcoming Dallas Cup, a showcase tournament that has been played since 1980, making it one of the most coveted soccer showcases at the national level. This year, the event will be played from April 9 to April 17.

As a tune-up before Dallas, the Huskies recently played at the Manhattan Showcase and this weekend they will play at Gillette Field in Massachusetts against New England Revolution Academy in preparation for the big championship in Dallas.

Dallas Cup is a very difficult and competitive tournament for which all the teams train hard for a long time to achieve good results. Teams from all over the world come to show that they are the best.

Nearly half of the teams are international, another 40% come all over the United States, and 20% are local teams. In addition, the spectators will exceed 100,000 people during the week of the event.

The coaches of both teams expect very good results from their teams. Coach Moodey will be in charge of taking the U-19 to the top while in the U-17s will be Coach Martínez.

Coach Moodey knows that he has a team with great players, so his expectations are very high and he believes that the Northwood team could be at the top of the Dallas Cup It will not be easy, Moodey said, but they will work hard for the good results.

Before Dallas, the squads head to Las Vegas for week for the Players Showcase, another highlight of the team’s season.


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