New Snack Bar Getting High Marks

Students are enjoying the new snack bar, which operates in the school kitchen from 9:00-11:00 AM and 2:00-5:00 PM. Students can also order food from 5:30- 6:30 to be picked up at 7:30 pm, just before study hall.


Burgers and fries are a popular snack bar order. (Photo:

Assistant Head of School, Mr. Tom Broderick described the origins of the snack bar. “Last year, we changed things to have the servery open throughout the day. We realized that we have athletes who are hungry all the time. The snacks we started providing are very popular,” he said.

The snack bar has a been hit with many students so far. “It’s been a good addition to the school,” said Lukas Klemm ‘22, “and the food has been great.” For students who don’t wake up for breakfast, snack bar options include breakfast sandwiches and yogurt. Other popular options include burgers, chicken tenders, and pizza. Items like soda, chips, and candy have not been selling as well as predicted, even though they are priced below the vending machine.

Broderick said one of the goals of the snack bar is to save students money by decreasing the number of food orders onto campus. Northwood’s snack bar is cheaper and faster than deliveries from town. The most expensive items at the snack bar are only $6.25 as opposed to ordering a pizza from town which would cost around $20.

Some students are unhappy with the prices. “Five mozzarella sticks for $6.25 just isn’t worth it,” said Lexi Hooper ‘20. “I feel like we should be getting more.”

Other students think the pricing is fair. “Five chicken tenders and fries for $6.25 is a deal!” said Owen Pierce ‘21.

Some students are concerned about the lack of healthy options at the snack bar. “Many students at this school are athletes who care about the food that goes into their bodies,” said Sarah Bennett ‘19. “The snack bar shouldn’t just be chicken tenders and cheeseburgers. There should be healthy options as well,” said Bennett.

Director of Food Service Colin Miller said that “the snack bar has been as successful as I thought it would be.” Miller also shared some of his plans for the snack bar, “We just got some wings in that we’re going to start adding on Wednesday nights. We’re thinking about doing a Taco Tuesday Night, where you could get three tacos for $6.”

This is just the beginning of new food options at Northwood. Starting this fall, a food truck will be coming to Northwood campus on the weekends. The ultimate goal, according to Broderick, is “to have fresh on-demand food available to students from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm.”

With its immediate success, it’s safe to say that the snack bar is here to stay and improvements to Northwood dining are just getting started.

Do you have ideas for the snack bar? Send your suggestions to Mr. Broderick or Mr. Miller.


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