Students Share Spring Break Plans

spring-breakSpring break has arrived at Northwood, and there is a lot of excitement. For most of the student-athletes at school, this is their first full vacation of the year. It will be good for all students and faculty to enjoy a long, 18-day vacation and get time to relax, hopefully somewhere sunny. If not on the beach, then on the couch watching Netflix. I caught up up with fellow students and one faculty member to ask about their plans for break.

Not surprisingly, identical twins Angie and Addie Castillo (both ‘21) will be doing the same thing: “Going home, seeing friends, watching Netflix, and visiting our sister’s college, Ithaca,” said Addie — or was it Angie?

Cameron Plourde ‘18 and Marina Alvarez ‘21 both had similar plans. Cam said, “I am going home for spring break” while Marina said, “I will be going home and then to Boston.” Nothing crazy, but sounds relaxing.

Ms. Ransom, Northwood’s college counseling assistant, said, “I’m going to Jersey. I am going to see my sister and my mother. I am going to the spa and to get my nails done.” Compared to Cam and Marina, Ms. Ransom definitely has the more exciting break.

For Patrick Callahan ‘18, a fellow Northwood student will join him on his break. He said, “I am going to go home [Skaneateles, NY] for a week or so, and then for the second week Sean Bunting ‘19 is coming over from Arizona and he’s gonna tear it up in NY, get a little taste of central NY.” We wish you luck, Patrick, but we question Sean’s judgement: leaving warm and sunny Arizona for Central New York?

Jane Baumer ‘19, who has spent the better part of the winter on crutches, doesn’t have much excitement planned. “I’m going home and doing nothing,” said Jane. We wish Jane a speedy recovery, and hopefully this break can help her heal!

I was able to catch up with Alec Herman ‘18, and his plans for break sound the best. Herman said, “I am flying home to Florida, staying for a week and then getting on a cruise to the Caribbean for the second week of break.” Enjoy the sun, Herm.

On behalf of the Northwood Mirror and all of the Northwood community, we wish everyone a fun, relaxing, and safe spring vacation.



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