Ring the Bell for Northwood Generates Funds — and Enthusiasm

RTB+Blue+2x3The 2nd annual “Ring the Bell for Northwood” event is currently going on and creating a lot of excitement on the Northwood School campus. Each March, the Northwood family around the world — alumni, students, parents, friends, faculty, and staff — come together for Ring the Bell, a multi-day celebration of Northwood that concludes with a 24-hour online fundraising event.

Ring the Bell for Northwood celebrates students, parents, faculty, and alumni by giving back to the Northwood community.  At any point during the countdown you can check your social media feed and find videos — featuring students, faculty, and alumni — that show just what the Northwood family is about.


Director of Advancement Mr. Alex Niefer

Last year, the first year of the event, “Ring the Bell for Northwood” raised $134,150 in gifts to the Northwood Fund from 313 donors. These gifts contribute to all aspects of life at Northwood, including: academics, athletics, operation, and salaries. When asked about Ring the Bell’s success, Director of Advancement Mr. Alex Niefer  said, “I think it’s really because there’s so much enthusiasm, dedication and gratitude that our alumni, parents, and friends feel for Northwood that made Ring the Bell for Northwood successful. It didn’t take a lot to get people enthusiastic and giving. We just needed to remind people of their time at Northwood with the 10 days of videos.”

Niefer was elusive about this year’s target. “The goal for this year is to obviously beat last year’s,” said Niefer, “but the real goal will be revealed at midnight. Last year we set a goal of $75,000 and I can tell you that our goal is more than that this year.”

In addition to supporting the Northwood family, students who contribute may wear jeans on March 8th as well as having a shot at earning a Headmaster’s Holiday.

“It really is an opportunity to celebrate the generosity of all those who support Northwood, not only students who donate funds, but also those who donate their time and energy and do so much for this place,” said Niefer. “Hopefully, as this grows year after year, people will get more and more enthusiastic about Northwood School and remember their time here.”

For additional information or to donate visit: https://www.supportnorthwood.com


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